Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Strange Death of Liberal America Predicts Blog Scandal in 2007

Is this the most "progressive"
leader the blogosphere Left has to offer?

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The Indictment of Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA
by Justice and History

The Strange Death of Liberal America blog says, in a list of predictions to come true in 2007:
Prediction Eleven: Blog Scandal

My fellow blogger Francis Holland believes this prediction has already come true. See “The Indictment of Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA by Justice and History” As Field Negro says, “Markos, if this is true you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do!” The bigger question is why is it blogs in the AfroSpear who are posting this information while so-called Whitosphere progressive blogs have said little? The Strange Death of Liberal America

There was a large omission in the Indictment of Markos Moulitsas by Justice and History: When I first wrote the Indictment, I was not aware that MAMZ had strongly opposed all service by gays in the military, and MAMZ had ridiculed president Clinton for his efforts to treat military gays equally.

Some people believe that MAMZ has changed and no longer opposes progressive values. I believe that MAMZ has changed his packaging and is effectively opposing progressive values by subverting them from within the Left.

There are two groups of people who disagree with me:

(1) Those who are actively part of MAMZ's scheme and will do anything to protect their nefarious endeavor, and

(2)Those who are simply too addle-minded to perceive that someone who tries to join the CIA and lies about his family history doesn't suddenly metamorphose into the best progressive leader that America has to offer.

It's not impossible that someone can change 180 degrees. But if those who believe this are wrong, then our "plane" has been hijacked and there's a "political terrorist" in the cockpit.

If MAMZ had disavowed his CIA and military and oligarchy history, then the matter would be on a different footing. But, MAMZ has said publicly that he credits his military history for his political success, and he may well credit his connections with the CIA as well.

If I interviewed Markos, I would ask him, "In what ways did your experience at the CIA encourage and help you to become a leader in the American progressive movement?"

People who look at life philosophically believe that none of our efforts are entirely wasted and that we always learn something from our experiences. I believe that is particularly true with Markos Moulitsas' six months at the CIA. It certainly doesn't seem to have hurt him any in his drive to take over the American Left and the Democratic Party.

But, normally CIA involvement, past or present, must remain a secret, lest the person who has engaged with the CIA lose all credibility among intelligent people. So, this really is also a test of whether the American Left is intelligent or not. Some of us have already failed that test.


Anonymous said...

Man, the whole expose' has been worth it. Thanks!

Francis Holland said...

Thank you, Mike!

Francis Holland said...

Some people value their membership in a particular blog more than they value their freedom and their Constitutional rights. I hope I can never be suspected of being one of those people.