Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Automatic Preference Slams MyLeftWing Banning of Francis L. Holland

MyLeftWing Bans Francis L. Holland
Report the Automatic Preference Blog

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Here’s Francis Holland’s post on the subject, What I Learned at My Left Wing. He links the announcement by the blog’s owner, Maryscott O’Connor.

Francis Holland’s conclusion is chilling and irrefutable:

No one promised us that Black revolutionary thinkers and political activists would we welcomed by whites with open arms. History tells us that the opposite is true, that they only deify Black change advocates when we are dead and no longer present the risk of change.


Often, banning is imposed on people who disrupt a blog. Francis disrupted things all right. He disrupted the unimpeded flow of ingrained white-centric thought patterns. He disrupted the view that Daily Kos proprietor Markos Moulitsas is above serious criticism.

Censorship is more effective when the rules aren’t clear. We’re allowed to say that we hate reading DKos. We may not be allowed to say – as even the Washington Post did — that the Yearly Kos convention was a “sea of middle-aged white males,” or to cite reports that Markos Moulitsas admits working for the CIA for six months in 2001, or to cite this op-ed piece written by Markos Moulitsas in 1993 recommending the exclusion of gays from the military.

Perhaps anyone who makes these criticisms is considered to be disrupting the mission of certain large mainstream blogs. Maybe so. What’s their mission?

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These blogs appear to have a more restrictive editorial policy than the mainstream media; they claim to support certain values; the largest of them are accumulating profitability and political power as well. I’m no expert, but one or another of those things may be a clue to their mission.

I’m reproducing the My Left Wing masthead. You can see for yourself that the site has liberal values:






We have them.

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