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How I Became Aware that Kos Was at the CIA in 2001

On May 25, 2007 long before I became aware that Kos had spent six months at the CIA in 2001, Stu Piddy, who blogs at MyLeftWing, broke the story on his Bush Planet Blog on May 25, 2007 in a story entitled "KOS and the CIA," cross-posted at MyLeftWing. In that article Stu Piddy revealed that:
Markos Moulitsas spent 6 months in 2001 interviewing with the CIA. He was accepted by the CIA, went through the entire interview process (talking to dozens of people including “psychologists and people in the leadership” ) and given his first assignment to work in clandestine services. His assignment, he says was to act as a “spy” in Washington D.C. for the CIA. He was told by the CIA that this particular assignment in Washington D.C. would last for at least 6 years before he would be given the overseas assignment he preferred. Moulitsas spoke to the CIA about his “blog”.

Moulitsas had been an active blogger at the time of his 6 month CIA interview process with My DD. He discussed his blogging with the CIA and the viewpoints he expressed in posts in what he referred to as “his blog”. He said he found the CIA receptive, and in general, in agreement with his views.

Moulitsas started Daily Kos on May 26th, 2002.

Mouitsas believes that the CIA is a “liberal” organization. An organization made of up liberals who are opposed George W. Bush Stu Piddy, MyLeftWing
Stu Piddy based his reporting on a speech that MAMZ gave at the Commonweath Club in San Francisco, on June 2, 2006, in which MAMZ astoundingly confessed both that he had spent six (6) months in an application process at the CIA (implying that he went there for the money) and also stating that the CIA was a "liberal organization" whose "heart is in the right place."

When I listed to this speech, I saw the same red flags or red banners or red highway billboards warning and advising me that MAMZ is not what he has presented himself to be. After additional research, I published at MyLeft Wing an article entitled "Markos Moulitsas Admits Working for the CIA in 2001," revealing additional facts.

The word "working" has been a matter of intense debate between myself and the Markos minions since the publication of that article. Based on the transcript that I prepared of his comments at the Commonwealth Club, in which MAMZ said he went to the CIA at a time when he was "unemployed, underemployed," and because he needed money, I concluded that MAMZ was paid for his efforts during his six months at the CIA, because it doesn't make sense that a person who is in need of money "for next month's rent" goes to an employer, spends six months in training, and doesn't get paid for it.

If so, how did he pay "next month's rent"? MAMZ had never explained that, but one reasonable interpretation of what he DID say is that he, in fact, resolved his need for money by going to the CIA for that money. But, he doesn't explicitly say that. He only strongly implies that in his comments at the Commonwealth Club, without denying in then or later.

Did Markos Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA
"Work" at the CIA During His Six Months There?

We cannot give Markos Alberto C. Moulitsas the benefit of the doubt in matter so important as whether or not he received payments from the Central Intelligence Agency. Rather than give him the benefit of the doubt, we need to conclusively resolve the debate one way or the other. If we conclude that he did receive payments from the Central Intelligence Agency at a time that he was blogging about progressive politics, then MAMZ cannot be a leader of progressive forces now or at any time in the future.

If we conclude that he did not receive payments from the Central Intelligence Agency, then we have to ask ourselves how he supported himself during those months when he interviewed(?),trained(?),worked(?) at the CIA. We need to know how a person who claims that he came from a poor family nonetheless was able to spend six months in Washington at the CIA without compensation, if such is the case.

Today, I have invited Stu Piddy of Bush Planet Blog to be a co-editor of the Truth About Kos Blog, and Stu Piddy has graciously and enthusiastically accepted. At a critical time, on July 10, 2007 when I was under heavy criticism from Kos minions at MyLeftWing for discussing these facts at all, and they were demanding that I be banned for having done so, Stu Piddy intervened with a tongue in cheek article that republished the facts, accepting responsibility for being the first person to raise them at MyLeftWing, and also explaining in an ironic way why the facts are so important. See "Francis Holland Stole My Idea on Marcos and the CIA"

As of today, Stu Piddy is a co-editor of the Truth About Kos, because in first publishing and revealing the truth about Kos' CIA involvement back in May, Stu Piddy showed that he has the independence of thought, the courage and independence to perceive and report the truth, even in an atmosphere where some believe obeisance and blind loyalty are the epitome of the progressive personality.

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