Thursday, August 30, 2007

"The Last Bastion of Free Speech," by Jammie Wearing Fool

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This article about DailyKos comes courtesy of a blogger named, Jammie Wearing Fool, confirming a report about MAMZ that was posted at The Jawa Report:

"The Last Bastion of Free Speech,"
by Jammie Wearing Fool

Much is said about the First Amendment to the Constitution, especially by those claiming to be the last best hope for its preservation.

While they shriek about their status of being the true defenders of free speech, it's done so while hoping that activities done otherwise slip under the radar.

We saw this Monday morning:

Then we saw this:

Then there was this piece of brain surgery a month ago:

Which shortly became:

Until this past weekend, The Northern Star, student newspaper of Northern Illinois University, had a letter written by then-student Markos Carlos Alberto Moulitsas [Zuniga], today's new face and voice of the Democrat Party.

So, why would Zuniga's letter disappear, only to be found by Orlando?

Perhaps it's the subject matter.

Or, it's merely damage control so the Salvadoran oligarch doesn't come off as a wild-eyed loon.

Just a little bit late for that, doooood.

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Some screenshots: Kokonut Pundits, Orlando/Ft. HardKnox

Other screenshots courtesy: Stasi, StB & KGB

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