Friday, August 10, 2007

If Kos Was CIA, This Is What I'd Say:

This excellent poem comes courtesy of Thunt.Net, a member of the "Truth About Kos" family of blogs. (If you hate white supremacist apartheid blogs and CIA applicants, then your blog is a member of this family too.) This poem wins our "Truth About Kos" Poems Contest, at least until another one is submitted. Because, "The truth is mightier than the Kos."

If Kos Was CIA, This Is What I'd Say

So you didn't know
Kos was CIA
another shill
who gets his pay
from corrupt folks
who run this show
they must control
what you know


momma don't let your babies
grow up to be sellouts
their hand enlarged
their brain poured out


the biggest political site on the net
was controlled by government

it's no big deal
our leaders say
creative finanacing
is normal these days

and should be ignored
by many it will
it's tough to swallow
such a pill

the biggest lies
are always true
but you will take
a different
point of view


so the blogosphere's leader
is a horrible fraud
it's just another
act of god

so please ignore
this corrupt mess
your media
has failed its test

even in the backwoods
of the blogosphere
the time is near
for unending fear


you used to worry
about bandwidth bills
now you're a puppet
of bill and hill's


we sold netroots
to the highest bidders
at least this way
we'll be with winners


money money money
kills all it touches
wipes away all goodness
and replaces it with farce
your free media
is now ours


you can't have
sites tell the truth
we'll buy them out
and make them moot


you cannot allow
the people to think
even for a minute
or half a week

you must control
all they know
and that is why
they run the show

the show's for us
to keep us in line
and make sure that
we have a good time

truth is for those
who are rich
not for you
you sorry bitch

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