Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can't Hold My Tongue Blog Addresses MAMZ and CIA

Kos In Uniform

Francis Holland of MyLeftWing writes about the CIA connections of Daily Kos founder and current operator, Markos Moulitsas.

Holland is immediately attacked by other MyLeftWing posters as having written something unverifiable, distorted, untrue and damaging to the reputation of the blog, MyLeftWing. I find it interesting how little consideration is given to the notion that a supposed leftist that sees no problem with the CIA or with even working for them (both of those things are admitted by Kos in the interview upon which the story was based) might actually be working for the CIA or had worked for the CIA. They are claiming that Holland’s assertions are ridiculous?

Is it ridiculous to suggest that if Kos did work for the CIA at some point that he might be forbidden to admit as much?

Is it ridiculous to suggest that the CIA has undercover agents and that if Kos is currently under the employ of the CIA that he might not be able to admit it?

I can’t prove these things but are these ridiculous assertions to make about a prominent political figure that voluntarily approached the CIA and went through the training program? Far from ridiculous, these are sensible guesses to make. However, they remain guesses.

If only the desire for the truth and not some mainstream corporate respectability was the driving force of communities like MyLeftWing, and others, we wouldn’t be having this discussion about Kos because he’d be made irrelevant by serious political forces. As it stands, conservative netroot movements like DailyKos and this followers have been ordained as the serious political force themselves. A situation, CIA directed or not, that should worry anyone serious about Left politics in the United States.


Anonymous said...

Anothe excellent post!

Here's a diary on Francis if you haven't seen it Francis.


Here is the original diary written by someone...that I saw that alerted me to the whole CIA thing with Moulitsas... There were 23 comments on Daily Kos to the news he worked with the CIA...with the diarist main focus as to whether the CIA was liberal or not and not what the implications were that Markos had said that he applied and was offered a position to Spy on people in Washington D.C...that is what spies do...isn't it? They spy on people...


Stu Piddy

Francis Holland said...

Thanks, Stu. I'm going to read those diaries and comments, to see if reality is setting in yet over in the orange cesspool.

Francis Holland said...

The first diary by Pinche Tejano is entitled, "Francis Holland jumps the shark to smear Markos."

I don't see why they consider it a "smear" when we publish a link to a speech made by Markos himself. Was he hoping that no one would hear the speech? If so, he doesn't understand the power of the Internet.

Maybe they consider it insulting that someone would draw the conclusion that MAMZ wanted to work at the CIA from the mere fact that MAMZ applied to work at the CIA? I still think that people apply at places where they care considering working. At the CIA, if they are accepted then they can no longer tell the truth to anyone about where they work and what they do.

Then there's the CIA discussion at DailyKos on June 7, 2006 when, apparently, many people at DailyKos became aware of MAMZ's CIA connections and there was a collective yawn, accepting and defending his explanation that the CIA is a "liberal institution." Are those people noses that far between MAMZ's buttocks over at DK, or are they really that stupid?!

There were those present who differed, but they clearly knew better than to argue virulently against the position of the Fuhrer.

People for Truth's diary of July 29, 2006 was far more critical, within the limits of what is possible at DailyKos.

What amazes me is the number of DK participants who come forward to say they are, were or have friends who are or were CIA agents. It may all be bullshit, but how many of us really are personal friends with CIA agents and know about it. It seems to me that, if their declarations are true, there is an overabundance of CIA agents at DailyKos.