Thursday, August 23, 2007

Maryscott OConnor Knew and Defended MAMZ's CIA Connections

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MAMZ at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, June 2, 2006.

On June 6, 2006, Markos C. A. Moulitsas Zúñiga confessed in an address at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco that he had been motivated and applied to work at the CIA in 2001, at the same time that he was starting DailyKos and involving himself with Howard Dean. MAMZ confessed that he applied to be a CIA agent while building a blog that he hoped would attract anti-war activists. Did he apply to be a mole? Did he become a CIA asset in 2001?

On the same day, on June 6, 2006, a diarist named "Raines" at DailyKos published a diary in which he published MAMZ confession at DailyKos. The response was muted. It seemed there were just as many people willing to come forth and agree that the CIA was a "liberal institution" as there were commenters willing to publicly doubt the motives of MAMZ, even obliquely.

Among those who apparently saw no problem with anti-war activists being infiltrated by CIA applicants was Maryscott O'Connor. She registered her presence and confirmed her knowledge of the contents of the diary by commenting, but she did not comment at all about the revelation that MAMZ's CIA connections. She was evidently more concerned about MAMZ position on Al Gore than she was with the possibility that MAMZ might be a CIA-asset infiltrating the anti-war Left.

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Maryscott OConnor on MAMZ / CIA Diary, June 6, 2006.

In spite of her knowledge that MAMZ's connection to the CIA was posted at DailyKos in 2006 and remains uncontested, she has accused me of "lying" for reporting MAMZ's involvement with the CIA. And she has also offered to revoke my banning from MyLeftWing, but ONLY IF I STOP DENOUNCING MAMZ's participation in CIA activities. The following is posted with after permission from Maryscott O'Connor to publish this e-mail:
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 17:32:18 -0700
From: "Maryscott OConnor" View Contact Details View Contact Details Add
To: "Francis L. Holland"
Subject: My Left Wing

Mr. Holland,

As I have stated before, if you wish to be reinstated as a member of MLW, you need only ask -- and promise to leave you MAMZ posts at your own site(s). I have no quarrel with criticism of Markos Moulitsas or Daily Kos; as I have stated repeatedly, it is merely critcism using FALSE claims that I disparage. As is plain for anyone who does a word search for it, I have NEVER attempted to censor or ban ANYONE for criticising Moulitsas and Daily Kos and I have NEVER even SAID anything REMOTELY to the effect that such criticism is discouraged, let alone BANNED, at My Left Wing.

There is no point in going around in circles about this; I know you disagree with my belief that you practise dishonesty in your posts about Moulitsas et al, but that is how I feel and that is that. I am also VERY much offended by the dishonesty with which you have decribed me and my rationale for your banning; you have variously accused me of being racist (in OTHER words, as you do not seem to believe in the actual word or concept as most people understand it) , cowed by pressure from Moulitsas's winged monkeys and -- MOST offensive of all -- of censoring and ultimately banning you in an attempt to regain favour (and reinstatement at DKos) with Moulitsas and his followers.

HOWEVER, I DO think you have much of value to contribute to MLW and its readership when you're not writing about Moulitasas and his site -- so if you wish to be reinstated under my conditions, you need only write to me and request it.


Maryscott O'Connor

Rage, rage against the Lying of the Right at...
the Liberal Community of My Left Wing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So, there you have it. If I stop denouncing MAMZ's relations with the CIA at MyLeftWing, then I can participate at MyLeftWing. If I stop denouncing DailyKos as an all-white pressure group, then I can participate at MyLeftWing. Presumably, if I write instead about my cat's fur balls, then I can participate at MyLeftWing. This is how the government-sponsored pseudo-Left controls the flow of information and advocacy in pseudo-progressive blogs, like DailyKos and MyLeftWing.

I responded as to Maryscott OConnor as follows:
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 19:36:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Francis L. Holland"
Subject: Re: My Left Wing
To: "Maryscott OConnor"


You have talked about a "belief" that I practiced dishonesty, but you have NEVER, EVER specified the FACTUAL BASIS upon which you base that belief, even though I have asked you to do so many times. I conclude that, like the MAMZ minion, you really have no factual basis for that belief and it is but a pretext for a decision to stop me from campaigning against the career of a "progressive" whose connection to the Central Intelligence Agency is not yet well-enough defined.

I am sure that if you could point to a "lie" or inconsistency that supported the drastic action of banning, then you would do so. More than four-dozen blogs have given credence to my reports about MAMZ by republishing the allegations as facts. So, there is no consensus whatever that anything I said was said with the intention of misleading anyone. Nor has anyone stated a specific fact which they want me to change in the Indictment.

When Markos Moulitsas is discredited by his own history, you too will be discredited because you will be remembered as the woman who tried to prevent me from disseminating what ultimately will be acknowledged as only a small part of a much larger and much uglier truth.

If ONE person can disprove ANTHING that I printed in my reports, then I will edit and republish the report with corrections as the price of my readmission to MyLeftWing. Indeed, so important is this issue, that I challenge you to assume as a community task the work of developing a consensus about which of my assertions are true and which are not. I will not expect you to believe anything I say without citations to government and business records, and I likewise will NEVER accept to be called a liar without EVIDENCE that something I said was incorrect, or at least that it was insufficiently supported.

Everyone, including yourself, who has read my reports has acknowledged that they are indisputable in every substantial respect. They doubt the significance but cannot punch a single meaningful whole in the underlying facts.

If you will accept the responsibility for providing a forum in which we can develop a consensus about which MAMZ facts are undisputed and which remain debatable, then I will accept your offer. I believe we [should] present our citations side by side and let the intelligent public decide for themselves which facts are true, which facts are important, and which are not.

Francis [L. Holland]
People who want to stop the Iraq War and who oppose CIA infiltration of the Left in America and overseas should take note and learn a clear lesson from this exchange of e-mails and from the DailyKos response to the revelation of MAMZ's involvement with the CIA. If you are still hanging out at the Government-approved progressives blogs, including DailyKos, MyLeftWing, MyDD, and the sites collaborating with these sites on condition of hiding the truth, then you are at the WRONG sites and you are being manipulated. Your participation may well be used to legitimize a Government-sponsored effort to control, manipulate and neutralize the political Left.

I am amazed at the number of people at DailyKos and MyLeftWing who acknowledge having personally been an undercover agent or having known others, in the past and/or present, who are undercover agents. This is, perhaps, another example of what distinguishes Blacks from whites in America. Blacks normally do not have any personal friends who are infiltrating organizations on behalf of the CIA. If we know people like that, we do not associated with them because we do not and NEVER WOULD OR COULD trust them.

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People for Truth at DailyKos, July 29, 2006

And yet, look at DailyKos and MyLeftWing. Throughout their threads, they acknowledge that they DO NOT KNOW whether the man they regard as their leader is a CIA agent or not, and they do not care.

IF MAMZ is a CIA asset, then many others of his associates must be CIA assets as well, knowingly or unknowingly. The readers of DailyKos are CIA assets, knowingly or unknowingly, if MAMZ is a CIA asset. Can they and their judgment and their advocacy EVER be trusted by those who don't trust the Central Intelligence Agency? Are they dupes of the US Government or agents of the US Government?


Anonymous said...

You know that's very interesting. Why wouldn't the CIA want to monitor Daily Kos by using asset posters...It would be interesting to know if this people ....Jerome, Hunter et al. have or have had any background in "intelligence" or lack of intelligence orgainizations.

Yes there is a paucity of curiosity about Moulitsas involvement with the CIA and that's more disturbing to me than the fact that he says he was ready to become a spy in Washington D.C. for the CIA.

No one I am friends with would ever associate with CIA or even the Chicago Police...its' very uncomfortable. Actually I did have a drummer I played with who was a was kind of surreal...eerie.

Police typically associate with other police anyway...they are not trusted.

But the CIA...that's really spooky. And you are right a number of people on My "Left" Wing have spoken up about the CIA and the people they know in it.

Booman Tribune features to ex CIA people Larry Johnson and Pat Lang. Larry Johnson apporves of torture for people arrested but not charged as terrorist...sleep deprivation.

Stu Piddy

Francis Holland said...

That the sites are infiltrated is obvious. But that they would INITIATE sites for the purpose of drawing in progressives like a fly trap? Makes sense to me!