Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DailyKos Acknowledges The Truth About Kos

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"Kos is alleged to be shilling for the CIA, etc."

I have often wondered whether DailyKos views itself as a newspaper for the Left or a campaign organization for Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) who, in turn, functions as an agent or "asset" for other forces who are not publicly identified? For clues to solve this mystery, I have been following the response at DailyKos to the revelation by The Truth About Kos blog that Kos spent six months at the CIA.

Listen to the speech now.

Look at the Truth About Kos citation list posted here. Over four dozen leftist blogs have reported the news that MAMZ was at the CIA. Yet, there has been a virtually complete news blackout about this story at DailyKos and at other blogs affiliated with DailyKos ("minion blogs"). As DailyKos member Delver stated above, in the face of allegations that MAMZ is an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, "a clarification would be in order," at the very least.

Here is the link to the audiotape of MAMZ's confession.
Listen to MAMZ confessing.

However, DailyKos and the affiliated minion blogs are not reporting progressive news; they are only reporting MAMZ's self-serving and self-defensive propaganda, dressed up as news.

In response to the observation that people outside of DailyKos are accusing MAMZ of being a CIA agent, one DailyKos participant, (going by a user name, "FoundingFatherDAR," that strongly implies he is a white supremacist), says that, "Kos commented yesterday."

Here in the graphic is MAMZ's "comment." This comment offers rationalizations for spending his youth as a Republican, but it does not acknowledge at all the proof that MAMZ was strongly motivated to join the CIA in 2001, at the same time that he was starting DailyKos.

Hear MAMZ confess now.

Even if MAMZ offered a "clarification," it's hard to imagine what sort of "clarification" would convince the Left that a man who simultaneously applied to work for Howard Dean and secretly applied to the Central Intelligence Agency didn't choose the latter over the former. If he is working for the CIA, will the CIA authorize him to acknowledge that fact publicly? Will we EVER get a straight answer out of Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga? Or will he necessarily dissemble, spin, rationalize and distract the public in a vain effort to retain some facsimile of credibility among the terminally stupid and fatally credulous Kos minions?

If there is a even a 5% chance that MAMZ succeeded in becoming a CIA asset, can ANYONE on the Left afford to take that chance?

Listen to the MAMZ speech now.

Don't we need leaders who CERTAINLY are not now and never were in the pocket of the CIA? I think we do. I KNOW we do!

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Kos Acknowledges Truth About Kos.

MAMZ says, "I've made no effort to hide my youthful indiscretions." If so, why did MAMZ spend six months at the CIA in 2001, and then wait FIVE YEARS to publicly acknowledge it, in his speech to the Commonwealth Club on June 2, 2006? And why has MAMZ made no effort whatsoever to explain what he did during those six months at the CIA and why? In what ways did his experience at the CIA motivate and facilitate his efforts at DailyKos? When he went to the CIA, did he believe they could help him with his new blog? Did they help him? Do they help him? What contacts does he retain and why and with whom?

Listen to the confession now.

As news that Kos was strongly motivated to join the CIA works its way into the public consciousness, along with the news that MAMZ actually spent SIX MONTHS at the CIA, the public and the news media, including blogs, will divide into clear categories: (This is already happening.)

(1) Those who never trusted MAMZ anyway and see their distrust and dislike for him confirmed. This group includes virtually everyone in the AfroSpear;

(2) Those who believed in MAMZ when he they did not know his CIA connections, but can never believe fully in him again, because they have a deep and abiding distrust and hatred for the works of the Central Intelligence Agency;

(3) Those who are simply stupid and cannot see the truth when it is presented to them on a platter, and

(4) Those formal and informal, direct and indirect prostitutes who will do ANYTHING at all to retain access to the DailyKos forum, and the influence that MAMZ seems to offer, even if they conclude that he IS an asset.

Only the people in groups (1) and (2) above are going to be honest about their beliefs and intentions. The people in groups (3) and (4) are going to use any lie and rationalization they can invent to protect the cover of Kos. And when that is no longer possible, they are going to rationalize the cover of Kos.

As you debate this issue with the MAMZ minions, keep this in mind: Most of them don't know the truth either. If someone is CIA, they are not authorized to tell all of their friends about it, much less their supporters. So, have some human empathy for the MAMZ minions and collaborators. Regardless of their state of knowledge today, the more we find out, the more embarrassed they are going to feel.

I recently asked whether DailyKos functions effectively as a white supremacist group. Look again at the user name "FoundingFatherDAR" and ask yourself where ELSE but in a white supremacist group a participant would choose this user name and still be accepted by his peers?
Eleanor Roosevelt the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and a niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, was one of the most active first ladies in American history. Mrs. Roosevelt won fame for her humanitarian work on behalf of poor and oppressed people everywhere, and became a role model for women in public affairs. In 1939, the Daughters of the American Revolution [DAR] would not let black concert singer Marian Anderson perform at Washington's Constitution Hall. A public outcry followed, and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, along with several other distinguished women, resigned from the DAR.

Mrs. Roosevelt arranged Anderson's concert outdoors on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The concert drew an audience of 75,000 people. Mrs. Roosevelt was a board member of the NAACP and was criticized for integrating White House state functions and gatherings. From 1945 to 1952, she was a delegate to the United Nations General Assembly.

In 1947, as chairperson of the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission, she helped draft the U. N. Declaration of Human Rights. The document was designed to protect people throughout the world from abuses of power, emphasizing equality and nondiscrimination. It was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. In 1961, she was reappointed to the U.N. as the first chairperson of the President's Commission on the Status of Women. KidsNet.Org
Black people do not forget this history, and we're not stupid. Like Jewish people, we say "NEVER AGAIN!"

I don't care WHAT excuses FoundingFatherDAR and other inevitably offer for his using this screen name. The purpose and the effect of this name is to help create a whites-only DailyKos , to drag the Democratic Party and the nation in a more Republican and reactionary direction.

Think about it! Black people have a history of radical politics -- from abolition to Malcolm X to the Black Panther Party. What better way to make the Democratic Party LESS radical AND less potent, then by severing it from its most politically radical component - Black people?

Listen to the MAMZ confession now.

The two percent Black membership of DailyKos is not an accident. It is part of a conscious strategy to fracture the Left, neuter the Democratic Party, and frustrate truly radical efforts for change.


Anonymous said...

"Don't we need leaders who CERTAINLY are not now and never were in the pocket of the CIA?"


Francis Holland said...

The more I think about it, the more I think the US really is F***d. But, at least people don't have to waste their time volunteering in CIA disinformation campaigns. It's bad enough to get paid to work for the CIA, but imagine doing it as a dupe volunteer on somebody's idiot-asset pseudo-leftist blog! What a waste of life energies!