Monday, July 20, 2009

New Videos Address Markos Moulitsas' Opposition to Gay Service in the Military

The YouTube videos below include the text of Markos Moulitsas' letter opposing ALL gay service in the US military, with commentary and context added by the Truth About Kos Blog. These videos address the question, "Is Markos Moulitsas homophobic because he's gay, or is he terrified of gays because he's homophobic?

Listen to his letter opposing ALL gay service in the US military and tell me which of these three videos addresses the issue better. I really appreciate your input.

Video, Take I

Video Take II

Video Take III

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear Anonymous: The CIA Truth About Markos Moulitsas (DailyKos) Will Come Out

Cross-posted verbatim at Now Public.

Dear Anonymous:

What you're saying makes a lot of sense. The "mainstream media" won't touch Truth about Kos (TAK), except about lack of diversity in the whitosphere, which is a topic they can address. But, the press has a sometimes tacit and sometime explicit agreement with the Government not to "out" CIA agents, assets, trainees and programs until and unless they become public knowledge.. That's why you still see discussions of Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) in the mainstream media, without them mentioning his contact with the CIA, even though he confessed in an audio interview to having been trained for two year by the CIA at the same time he was starting DailyKos.

Still, the mainstream media will not address the 24,500 hits for "Moulitsas" + "CIA" at Google. [UPDATE of 3/13/2010: There are now "approximately" 190,000 pages searchable at Google that address Moulitsas and CIA.] Normally, the press loves controversy with facts to back it up, but this in an exception with a reason.

As the US Congress outs these programs, then it will become possible for the press to talk about them, and then the Truth About Kos story might be told. The story of Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga will eventually told, and then WhitesRoots Nation will disappear as quickly as Co-Intel-Pro. Have you noticed that as the Congress begins to investigate "torture," the New York Times and Washington Post have begun to use the word "torture" and to abandon the Bush-years euphemism of "harsh treatment"?

However, MAMZ may still part of an ongoing program that the Government has perhaps no intention of stopping. In fact, without having read the details, the headlines say that President Obama is talking about a widened "cyber-security" effort. Who knows if that will include people like MAMZ or not?

Anyway, like Co-Intel-Pro, this story will eventually be told and become of common knowledge about the facts of this era. I spoke with the press about Iran-Contra a few years before it became front page news. I told them the Contras were funded by the US Government. They didn't want to touch it. I told them Israel was providing advanced helicopters to the military in Guatemala after the US Congress had forbidden that. They wouldn't publish my letters to the editor making that accusation. That eventually was widely acknowledged to be true.

The important thing is that with the Internet we can spread these stories far and wide long before the mainstream press is willing to touch them. In fact, the more we discuss them in the blogosphere, the more the media is compelled to discuss it in the mainstream media, if only because our "chatter" become major news. (Of course Government-sponsored chatter will always become major news much more quickly.)

Sometime probably paid online assets stalk those of us who tell the truth and try (mostly in vain) to discredit us or distract our audience from the facts. I would worry about them. I know I've been cyberstalked because the people who have done it have proudly admitted it. But you can leverage the attention they give you into more attention for the realities you're talking about, as you have seen in the comments at DailyKos and MyLeftWing.

One of the reasons that people have spread the news of Truth About Kos far and wide is that it's obvious to them that I'm not a Republican who would be stalking Kos. I'm coming at him from the left, and my record of leftist activism goes much further than the public advent of the Internet. It's much easier to believe that I am a leftist than it is to believe that Ronald Reagan-supporting, Henry Hyde activist, Salvadoran oligarchy, fake immigrant, two-years CIA-trained, virulently homophobic, Latino denying MAMZ could be a leftist. LOL :)

The idea that MAMZ could be a leftist is absolutely farcical, as if it were part of a script for that 1960's television series, Get Smart! In fact, MAMZ is a lot like Don Adams, when you think about it, not because he's funny but because he's laughable.

One thing I've learned about the American public, however, is that most people believe that whatever they read in a newpaper must be true, unless they are shown indubitable facts to the contrary. And the press has been telling the public that MAMZ is a "liberal" "leftist" while ignoring all of the copious facts above to the contrary. (This sort of coverage has slowed as the real facts about him have become known in great detail.) I believe the glowing storie have slowed because any "journalist" who presents MAMZ as a "leftist" now is headed for the sort of embarrassment that that female writer from the New York Times received for knowingly parroting Bush's lies about Iraq.

I encourage online journalists to ignore their stalkers, those intentionally stupid government employees, assets and agent provocateurs. Do your research and find someplace to print what you find, even if it's only at your own blog. I've learned that as much as many white people don't believe in Blacks, they can't resist the explosiveness of the Truth About Kos reality and they don't care about the skin color of the person whose research has revealed this reality.

I only get an average of 35 hits a day at Truth ABout Kos (TAK), but Kurt Nimmo gets many more hits on my information, as does The Hollywood Liberal and the at-least-six-dozen other blogs who have quoted The Truth About Kos. (See sidebar for partial list.) Sometimes people mention my name or my blog when they out MAMZ in the comments at other blogs, and sometimes they don't. Since I'm not motivated by money or even fame, I don't care as much about the hits I get at TAK; I care much more about the hits that "Moulitsas" + "CIA" get at Google, which is up to 24,500 so far, and many more if you search for Kos and CIA or DailyKos and CIA.

I continually challenge the media to discuss MAMZ and the whole TownHouse thing.

Atty. Francis L. Holland

Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome, CounterPunch.Org Readers!

Markos Moulitsas,DailyKos,,CIA

I have noticed over the last twenty-four hours that perhaps one hundred CounterPunch.Org readers have come directly from the homepage of CounterPunch to an article I authored and posted here, entitled, CIA-Trained Blogger Disbursing Money to "Progressives"

I am very happy that others are as concerned as I am that the whitosphere and the afrosphere have been infiltrated, but I cannot seem to figure out HOW the CounterPunch readers are finding this particular article. Can anyone explain it to me. (I have included CounterPunch in the list of blogs and websites that have referenced the Truth About Kos because it's clear that, for whatever reason and at whatever time, CounterPunch must logically have referenced the article in question.)

I have searched at the homepage of CounterPunch for a link to this article, but I can't find one. I have googled the article to see if it has been mentioned in conjunction with CounterPunch, but I can't see that it has. So, I am at a loss as to how CounterPunch readers are finding this article, with about a hundred reading the article in one 24-hour period.

Any information you can provide to help resolve this fortuitous mystery will be greatly appreciated.