Monday, July 20, 2009

New Videos Address Markos Moulitsas' Opposition to Gay Service in the Military

The YouTube videos below include the text of Markos Moulitsas' letter opposing ALL gay service in the US military, with commentary and context added by the Truth About Kos Blog. These videos address the question, "Is Markos Moulitsas homophobic because he's gay, or is he terrified of gays because he's homophobic?

Listen to his letter opposing ALL gay service in the US military and tell me which of these three videos addresses the issue better. I really appreciate your input.

Video, Take I

Video Take II

Video Take III


Anonymous said...

Not sure you're pronouncing Kos correctly. I always say it like "Cos" not like "Kauss".

try to make the video louder. The mic looks pretty close to your mouth, so maybe you could change the settings to increase the mic volume. Also you have some strange lines down the left side of the video.

get to the point, shorter video - 3 mins or less

First line of video "I'd like to read a letter..."

read the entire letter without interruption.

might be best to call him Kos, from the Daily Kos. (say it over and over, Kos, Daily Kos, nobody knows who Markos Moultias is -- you might want to make a short video about his name, his attempts to change it and hide his past/family connections, if you want to spread that information.)

new format:

1. Introduce the Letter

2. Read the Letter (or a key section)

3. Tell people to ask Kos to disavow the letter and apologize. Point them to the " petition".

Don't mix the anti-gay letter with the CIA stuff.

Your goal is to motivate the gay community to rise up and move against Kos.

Just mention the name of your blog (at the end) and they'll learn about the CIA stuff later.

Might even be nice to put the address for the petition and your blog on a title card and put the card at the end. Definately put it in the youtube video description.


Take 2:

Don't give Kos too much credit for leading an anti-gay movement. One letter to a campus newspaper is not a movement.

Stop calling Kos stupid. He's a bigot, he hates gay people, but he's not stupid. Being a racist or bigot is backwards primitive ignorant thinking, but it's no reason to resort to name calling.

Don't mention that he's Undecided or a Freshman. Makes him seem youthful and uninformed, makes excuses for him.

"first of all I think it's stupid" -- don't say that. You think it's backwards thinking... Come on, you're a lawyer, choose a better word, don't resort to name calling.

again, don't mix the CIA/anti-gay argument together. Don't try to do it all in one video. If you want to make the CIA point, do it in a short video talking only about the CIA issue.


Take 3:

don't bother with "special investigative news report" or your name. Just get to the point.

Unless you say Kos of Daily Kos, nobody knows who he is.

dog in background. I can see the sailboat on your shirt. Maybe you should dress up. Dunno.

holding up the letter doesn't help. We can't see it.

1:50 in, and you're just now getting to the letter. Gotta start with that. Within the first ten seconds you should be reading his words.

Context is unnecessary. Just read his words, show him to be a homophobe and then ask him to apologize and disavow his hateful words.

Looking at his letter again, I'd say just read the third paragraph. That's where the money is.


to sum up:

Make a Shorter Video

Cover only one Topic

Also consider recording the video in parts and then cutting it together. That's how other people like Ze Frank ( or Deek Jackson ( record long videos without having a teleprompter or memorizing a script.

If you're worried about people thinking Kos's words are your own consider putting text on the screen saying that you're reading from Kos's letter.

Also, I hate to mention it, but all three of your videos have no ending and seem to end abruptly. At the end you should tell them the URL of your blog and/or your petition, maybe put it up on a title card and get out of the way.

other ideas for short videos: His Name, Your Banning from Kos/MLW/etc, the media ignoring this story, rise and fall of the afrosphere, CIA & Kos.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Anonymous, you've made some very good comments (thank you) and all I have are excuses and explanations in turn.

I actually enjoy mispronouncing MAMZ's name. Maybe I should just tell the public his initials and then say I'll call him "MAMZ" throughout the video, which is easier to pronounce.

The objective in the video is really to show gay people that they have a very real if covert enemy over at this blog called "DailyKos." True, most people don't know what DailyKos is and publicizing it might do more harm than good. Eventually, though, it will become clear that the entire left blogosphere was overrun with government agents during this period in our history, to do to online activists what the Government did to the Panthers with Co-Intel-Pro.

"Anonymous," I frankly wish that someone else who is better at making videos, like truthout at Youtube (see the three truthout videos in the sidebar) would take on this task.

I've often done successful interviews on television and radio and for print. But I prepare my talking points beforehand and stick to them.

My strategy for those interviews was just to pick three sentences that stated the issue succinctly and then state those three sentences over and over again to make sure that they ended up in someone else's news piece.

I'm unfortunately not at all video-capable when it comes to making videos myself. My step-daughter actually shot the most successful ones I've posted at YouTube, the ones that were on ending "the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency."

What was the script of the first ofne of two?

"It's time to end the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency. It's TIME to END the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency.

In the second video, I wrote a longer script memorized most of it, and read it into a camera that my step-daughter was holding, making an effort to keep eye-contact with the camera. (My dog was barking in the background of that one as well!)

What I'm getting from your comment is that 'sticking to a tight script is better than an ad hoc rant'.

It would be great to make the words of the letter scroll across the screen, but I don't know how to do that.

Basically, all I know how to do is talk in front of a camera and stick to a tight script. I'm not a "television personality" and it's probably not worth trying to learn to be one just to get this video made.

Even African American Political Pundit does a radio show instead of video, so it doesn't matter what he wears when he's online.

socrates said...

The internet has been rigged. The few like myself and Francis who point this out do the best we can. It's not easy to get such truths out, when the major forums are dominated by cheaters, while we get our arses cybersmeared.

No progressive would have ever made such blatantly homophobic comments. No progressive would have ever joined the CIA, let alone praise it as a liberal institution.

Michael Rivero of What Really Happened worked for McDonnell Douglas, the largest military contractor at the time. He doesn't make that information available. It takes cybersleuthing to figure such things out. Tinoire of Progressive Independent posted that she worked in military intelligence. How many true progressives would have ever worked for military intelligence? Would it be the same number of progressives who are homophobic? As in zero?

Tinoire is close to Michael Rivero. Rivero runs neonazi stuff. He works with Alex Jones who flaps his hands around like a lunatic while preaching right wing conspiracy theory. Tinoire works closely with neonazi Michael Rivero, has praised Ron Paul, and admitted to having been military intelligence. Her and Kos aren't the brightest disinfo fockers. None of them are. Folks like Francis need others to step forward and help out. It may sound goofy and tinfoil to speak of internet cointelpro. But the facts are on our side.

I've found posts by MaryScott O'Connor arguing for tax breaks for the wealthy. One of her best friends is a producer for Fox News. I think he may be the notorious AngryRich. Is MaryScott cointelpro? I don't think so. That's where the phrase useful idiot comes to mind.

It at first bugged the shite out of me getting cybersmeared. It bugs me even more that it may have cost DaveFromQueens his life. It looks like at a minimum he ended up with a heart condition due to stress. He did a brilliant job exposing DailyKos as very bad news for liberals and progressives. He documented proof that the moderating at DKos is rigged from the rotting head of the fish down to the far corners of the hidden comments. However, the bad guys did a number on him. As Francis and myself can attest to, busting major league trolls can be alienating. We get ridiculed, cybersmeared. Posts are deleted. We're pushed to the edges of the net. Yet, when one has the truth, and the other just has the money and astroturf, it is a miracle how individuals can stand up to them and have success. Now if only the cavalry would arrive, then decent people could stage a "coup" and take over the progressive blogosphere. Daily Kos is going down the tubes.The #1 domain is Huffington Post. But it is too big a place to make a difference as a blogger.

Some of the professional trolls I have noticed are the types who talk of being patriots. They rant and froth at the mouth. Then it turns out one of them, Brett Kimberlin, was convicted for setting bombs that led to a man's death. Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story lied about him being exonerated. Brett's buddy Brad Friedman of BradBlog never mentions his past. Brad is all tied in to so-called patriots. His moderator is very similar to Tinoire. She has thrown Cindy Sheehan under the bus. She is tied in with Jew haters. Then all these folks can be further tied in with Jason Leopold, Larry Johnson, Andy Stephenson, Jeff Wells, and a horde of other internet characters who cause folks to scratch their heads.

"Moulitsas + CIA" returns 501,000 hits on google. I'd say Francis has ultimately won. I believe the few of us who have spoken up have won. KarmaFish and MyLeftWing are looking more idiotic by the day. Daily Kos is a waste of time where most of their "readers" are spiders and robots. Do humans visit websites for an average of three seconds? No they don't.

The military needs to be cut by 80%. The spy factories need to be disbanded. Obama's feet need to be held to the fire by the true left which is composed of peaceniks and intellectuals. I agree with your last comment Francis. Eventually folks will understand how the net was played just like cointelpro plied their evil.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, the great think about the Internet is it gives us a "marketplace of ideas" that didn't exist when the only place to get news was television and corporate-owned newspapers.

We can't force anyone to agree with us, but at least we can put our ideas alongside those of others and let people choose. That's something we could hardly do when the only way to argue with a newspaper was to write a letter to the editor and hope it got published.

socrates said...

It's cool that you're keeping the faith and fighting the good fight. It's also nice to see you. You're obviously a regular dude. There's obviously no CIA or military intelligence in your background.

Kos had a brain cramp when he admitted to working for the CIA. His arrogance led him to reveal he was paid by the CIA. Unless he wants to correct what he said to the Commonwealth Club, it is clear as day that Markos was CIA while running the Daily Kos. I don't like right wing scum like Moulitsas. That's what he is. I despise him more than Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. At least those guys and the Ann Coulter's of the world don't fake who they are.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Somebody suggested above some ways that I could make a better video on this. I think I'll incorporate their suggestions if I do another YouTube some day. But right now I don't want to invest the time.

With tens of thousands of hits at Google for Moulitsas + CIA, and think the word is getting out.

The Truth Out Videos have been seen about seven thousand times. Maybe when Truth Out sees what a hash I made of the above videos he'll do another one about the homophobic letter.

socrates said...

I think both of us have let frustration turn into unnecessary reinventing of wheels. Chill out, friend. It's been a rough and rocky road, but we are not alone. People can't post about these things at the major white bread forums. It's been tried. You saw what happened to me with LetTheSunShine. The sycophants and paid fakes went predictable Karmafish style. They giggled and snickered about the CIA and ufos and you know what I mean. Not one person had a comment for the CIA-Kos timeline based on Markos' own words.

I wrote a good diary as NoMoreKosHate at DailyKos. Check it out. Then in the comments I got attacked as being a zombie. The message of needing to drastically cut the military and expose their shadowy blogging got next to no play. I wrote good diaries as Prepostericity. At Democratic Underground my expose on Brett Kimberlin was so successful, the whole thing was deleted. It had over 5,000 views, around 100 comments, and was growing in a forum section in which threads are lucky to get more than a few hundred views and some comments. At Daily Kos as Prepostericity I got banned by MajorFlaw and Larisa Alexandrovna. Those two, Kos, Tinoire of Progressive Independent, BradBlog, Democratic Underground, Michael Rivero, Alex Jones, and many other internet personalities are tied to the hip through various connections. Major political astroturfing rings devoted to tinfoil and right woos left hogwash have replaced the true voices of the left. Anyway, don't worry Francis. You're an educated man. Same as me. We got the job done. DaveFromQueens got the job done. The necessary pockets of awareness have been formed, and disinfo agents like Markos Moulitsas have nowhere to hide. None of them do. They are paid fakes doing the work of the devil, imho.

Constructive criticism is good. Sometimes it is merely the work of concern trolls. The dude offering you suggestions seems sincere.

Don't worry, Francis, old chap. I watched your back. There aren't gonna be many watching our backs. There's a problem with that the internet and major forums are rigged. There's also the problem that a big place like Huffington is inaccessible for small blogger growth. But we still got the job done. Hey, if you know Spanish, then maybe a good idea would be to translate some of those Spanish materials concerning Markos' family. That's the part where MyLeftWing really took you to task. When they whined about the CIA, they had nothing on you. I've said this before, but it bears repeating. One of Maryscott O'Connor's regular bloggers is a producer for Fox News. I believe he is the notorious AngryRich. KarmaFish, imho, is being paid by someone to write on the net. I've seen many forums like MLW. They are created to form a limited hangout for those disenchanted with the main Kos brand but are still into the soapblox format. Similar limited hangout forums have been produced for Democratic Underground. It's like that corny phrase all your bases belong to us or something. Maryscott O'Connor is literally a mess. She is being played by professionals. That is why her forum has become insignificant. All the soapblox blogs are tainted.

You should be proud. Unless someone is suffering from cognitive dissonance, it's now fairly clear that the internet is rigged. It's been proven over and over again. No true progressive is homophobic or is enamoured with the CIA. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is a scumbag.