Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, I gave up on the Daily Kos several years back, because Marcos said that he didn't believe street demonstrations were relevant. Shit, we had our heads beaten in back in the 60's and tear gassed to death, not to mention Ohio State. Those demonstrations were pretty fucking relevant to us, and they did have a positive outcome on society as a whole and our final exit from Vietnam.

So, I guess if he didn't think our demonstrations were relevant, I guess that he doesn't think the Weatherunderground was relevant. Oh Marcos, you don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.

Later, I find out that Markos had banned several people for imploring for a state of Palestine and PEACE.I guess he figures the Palestinians aren't relevant.

Check this out:

Jewish-American Peace Activist Banned from DailyKos

And more:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Watch the Video from the Kent State Demonstrations

And more:

Two More Peace Activists Banned from DailyKos

Next, he banned Cindy Sheehan for announcing she would run against Nancy Pelosi, because Pelosi japped out and did not pursue impeachment, I assume he also doesn't think impeachment is relevant.

Then, I tried going over to Atrios, but noone would talk to me, they are all Daily Kos fans, and many of them defend Hillary and they put down The Salon, I love the Salon.

Now, this. This one takes the cake:

And he would have "no problem working for them" again? Marcos, you're a whimp, get fucked. And what kind of a name is Markos anyway, what a punk name. Someone needs to kick your ass.

Heh, see you guys later, everyone take care out there.

Goodnight, from Baja California



Anonymous said...

I am very honored that you posted my blog, thank you Francis. I hope we can stay in touch, and I do have some good news for you:


And just a little history footnote, during the late 60's, the hippies dropped the ball as far as organized resistance went, it was the Panthers who had their act together. Unfortunately, the hippies became infatuated with drugs, their downfall.

Keep up the good fight, hope to talk to you soon, going surfing tomorrow, we're getting a bit of a swell in.

Take good care and stay safe,


Francis Holland said...


Yes, let's definitely stay in touch!

I am very grateful for the support you offered with that excellent essay. It's a great reality check for people like MAMZ who are telling a history of the 1960's that no one has ever heard before, a history that conveniently convinces the Left that direct action is unnecessary, while sitting around typing is the better alternative.

Whatever they're paying MAMZ, they're certainly getting their money's worth!

Yes, that IS good news about Blacks refusing the military, reported by Raw Story.

As a group, the Panthers were very much against drugs and anything else that would stymie clear-headed analysis and action, and surely that's part of why they posed a more significant threat.

Maggie, I hear there's a serious hurricane heading toward the United States. Have fun surfing, but do come out of the water if you find you're the only left at the beach! Stay safe!

Tom said...

Great post. It's good to have the history too, I was born in the mid-'60s.

Francis Holland said...

Thanks, Tom and Maggie!