Sunday, April 5, 2009

Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zuniga, 2% Black DailyKos, Decries Lack of Diversity in 10% Black Republican Party

It's richly ironic that Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga, writing now for The Hill, and subject of the investigatory piece, "The Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA by Justice and History (Updated with Additional Information and Counts)", is criticizing the Republicans for lack of diversity. This s so ironic, since DailyKos, the blog founded by Zúñiga while he was working (or "training"for two years) at the CIA, is a blog with only 2% Black members and 1.5% Latino members, even though MOULITSAS Zíñiga is ostensible one half Latino (and one half Greek). Maybe there are lot of Greek immigrants at DailyKos to round out the diversity at the virtually all-white blog.

Back on December 6, 2006, just a week before this Black man was banned from participation at DailyKos, I published a critique there, entitled, "Black Republicans (9.5%) ; Black at DailyKos (2%)." The scathing response to the statistically factually critique showed that Moulitsas and his minions are more interested in integrating the Republican Party than they are in integrating DailyKos.

Later, when not a single Black blogger was selected to cover the Democratic National Convention from the floor, Zúñiga raised his voice that his picks for state bloggers were not all selected, but none of his picks was Black or Latino.

You have to compare the facts to the rhetoric to identify hypocrisy, and you have to compare the cover-story to the facts to identify agents and assets of the Central Intelligency Agency. It's worth reading ALL of the research here at Truth About Kos to figure out how someone like Moulitsas Zúñiga, who claimed to be an immigrant but was born in Chicago, nonethless got himself these plum writing assignments at Newsweek and The Hill, as a "progressive voice," even after supporting Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Rep. Henry Hyde, states' rights, and opposing ALL gay participation in the US military!

Some people are willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, regardless of all of the countervailing facts at hand. I prefer to give the doubt the benefit of the doubt in light of all of the damning facts at hand.


socrates said...

Hi Francis,

I've confronted the troll, KarmaFish, on your behalf. If there's anything else you'd like me to add, let me know.

Question of the Day: Where Did You Come From?

I really let him have it by the end. This guy reeks of having an agenda, as in getting paid to post {in my honest opinion after looking into his posting patterns}.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, thanks for defending me (and the truth about kos, more importantly) over at MyRightWing.

Karmafish is doing MAMZ a great disservice by renewing interest in MAMZ connection to the CIA and, through his "family hotel manager" and ANEP, to right wing death squads in El Salvador. Some people might have forgotten this about MAMZ, or not been around for the discussion, but Karmafish has made it all new again.

Maybe the point is that Karmafish is an agent provocateur who wants to discourage leftists from confiding in blogs for political organizing. It's just a hypothesis, but what better way to demoralize leftist bloggers than to remind them that one of the best known among them is a CIA agent or asset or was and therefore probably still is?

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, by looking at the SiteMeter for Truth-About-Kos, it seems to me that a lot of people are Googling my name and Moulitsas, and they're Googling Moulitsas and CIA. This is bringing them to The Truth About Kos Blog.

This is what probably has made Karmafish feel that he needs to defend MAMZ again, as if today were 2007. MAMZ is under some new pressure from some quarter, based on the information that was published by Stu Piddy and me back in 2007 (and which continues to be published because this Truth About Kos Blog is still being used, and rightfully so, as a roadmap about MAMZ.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

And Dave from Queens/Socrates, I'll give you the same counsel that the wise Field Negro gave me: You're wasting your time over at MLW, arguing with white and also ignorant conservatives who can only be so stupid because they are on the stupid payroll.

Here's a tip: Instead of arguing with people in the comments, write a post and post it, and then let other people argue amongst themselves about what you've written. What you have to say is already in your post, and if you have something more to say then post it tomorrow as a separate post.

At the top of each post, put a link to your own "Dave from Queens" blog, so that you'll start getting traffic there, and when you get banned from MLF, people will know where to find you.

socrates said...

Thanks for the feedback. DaveFromQueens was David Weintraub. He came up with the proof that a cointelpro-like operation has indeed been in place at Daily Kos. We knew in our hearts that this was going on. Dave proved it.

I am pretty much done with MyLeftWing. If I do post again, yes, your advice is spot on. In the soap blox culture, there is no way to interact with the herd. Maybe MLW isn't so quick to put their finger on the ban button, but the result is the same. They gang up on anyone who attempts to be an individual.

I figured out how to beat them at their own game. If they want to be cheaters, then people like us can create pockets of awareness.

KarmaFish was pushed into the untenable position. My posts forced him into the mistake that you have described. They want the truth to vanish, but then when we force them to counteract with their predictable guffaws that we are paranoid tinfoil, they make further errors.

I'm especially proud of trapping him into defending his outrageous accusations that you played the race card. It has been proven that DKos deletes not just hides. I showed him where you were called a monkey. Thus, he looks like a total jackass playing gotcha with the "N" word thing.

Then I just did my thing. I showed how he has made 15,000 posts in a relatively short time period at DKos and MLW.

MSOC is probably deep-down a good person who is just getting her butt handled by pros.

I'll defend you any day of the week. Their form of gotcha doesn't add up. They say you were calling Kos part of right wing death squads. That's not true, and you never wrote that. The fact is that Kos was a big supporter of Reagan and George Sr.. You have shown where the Kos family got its money. That makes it fair game to say Kos is tied in with the right wing death squads.

The DaveFromQueens2 blogspot isn't really a big goal of mine. I just wanted to set the record straight for Dave and make sure his findings were put in their proper perspective. I have my own forum to be found in my profile here. Folks can find me, if they want to.

I also have a new post going at the Free Speech Zone blog, but yet again that's another place like MLW where it is pointless to even try dialogue.

My only fear is that since the gatekeeper blogs are by definition cheaters, that there's no way to know if they will be doing any scrubbing and pruning.

I figured out the last year that anonymous usernames like KarmaFish and Curmudgette are wastes of time to keep going after. Those two were most responsible for your MLW banning, imho. Then they have the gall to act as if they were against you being banned. So it's easy to troll bash them, and then that's that.

People are catching onto the fact that the blogosphere is a closed shop. But that doesn't mean I will eventually give up on blogging. It just means that we have to figure out new ways to publicize the pockets of awareness. If DKos is gonna be stupid enough to let "trolls" like me back in, then every once in a while I can drop diaries like I did.

And finally, I find it most telling that no one can explain the timeline based on Kos' own words. He said six months. He said 2001. He then said he opted out when he joined the Dean campaign.

Kos made a reply on that LetTheSunShine diary. He mocked the post, yet again, he didn't take the opportunity to clarify the odd timeline.

MyLeftWing appears to be a gatekeeper website. They are a fake vent for those abused by DKos. But they place a limit on how much Kos can be exposed. One thing I recently noticed is that MSOC has deleted a diary she made saying she won't be taking any money from political candidates. She is so proud of not deleting much, but she deleted that. I think she gets money from KarmaFish. I think KarmaFish gets money from Kos.

And with Obama giving money away to the rich, protecting war criminals, and promoting the spy industry, it appears that your support for Ms. Clinton has also been vindicated.

I see you have a few new posts up. Time for some popcorn. :) Thanks for giving my Kos diary a full post. Thanks for exposing Zuniga. If you hadn't done that, it wouldn't be widely known that he is bad news for progressives beyond the payola type stuff he has already been exposed for.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, the way I was able to connect MAMZ to death squads indirectly is that the man listed in Salvadoran Government documents as the manager of the Moulitsas Zúñiga "family hotel" is also listed as a representative on the board of the National Association of Private Enterprise in El Salvador, which the CIA has called a right-wing "pressure group", and which was virulently attacking Monsignor Romero at the time of his assassination.

That's the connection I see. He's got an apparent family member as a representative to the board of a group the the US CIA connects with right wing death squads. What more does anyone need to know, and if I'm wrong then why doesn't MAMZ just explain to us what the truth of the matter is?

socrates said...

Precisely. We're not the media. You're an attorney, so obviously you know what you are doing. I'm not, but I do realise as long as there isn't malice, we're not breaking any laws. We see what we see and write about it.

For some reason, DKos allows me to keep signing up, as long as I come up with a new email address. As LetTheSunShine, I simply posted the timeline provided by MAMZ. Instead of him pointing out what you and the few others might have gotten wrong, he spins it off as conspiracy chatter.

I am now fairly sure also that MyLeftWing is some form of controlled opposition. It is a false vent for the inevitable pushback against the idiotic troll busting/KosKop nonsense. That crap has been going on for years.

So they have their KarmaFish types posting that you are calling MAMZ part of rightwing death squads, when one can see that you did nothing of the sort. They can see how he gets on you for one mention of the 'N' word, when it's clear as day that you were called a monkey, and it's also clear how DKos not only hides comments but completely deletes them when necessary.

The key to understanding DKos at this point is that the whole soapblox culture is serving addicts to their hate dialogue. The readership numbers have fallen off drastically. The DFQ's, the Holland's, the MarisaCat's, actually a big friggen list at this point of those unfairly banned and maligned has added up to that fake progressive sector of the internet having no credibility.

I think MSOC has simply been bought off. I think she is suffering from the proverbial Stockholm Syndrome. I also wouldn't be surprised if she is making good bucks to keep a lid on dissent.

It's all about the pockets of awareness. "They" thought people like us would just give up and go away. Ha!!! Revenge is a dish best served cold. Well-played, Mr. Holland.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Thanks for the analysis and even more for the laugh, Socrates.

Since my computer's electronic address is from Brazil, it's easy for them to recognize me if I try to start a new account. So, it never works.

In any case, I have a very distinctive voice and as soon as I mention that DailyKos is only 2% Black or that YearlyKos has been called a meeting of old white men by the Washington Post, then they'd surely ban me again. They've even accused at least one other Black men of being me and threatened to ban him.

I was having a real party lighting them up every night and driving the comments into the 200's to 400's. Every day, I went back with them with something that would stretch their minds (much, much more than they wanted them stretched). I even woke up in the morning with new ways of attacking the white male monopoly of the presidency, at a time when everyone at DailyKos had their favorite white male whom them wanted for president. HAHAHA

It's no wonder they didn't like me, but I think history has proven that I knew what time it was in America a lot sooner than they did: about two years sooner, in fact.

Two years ago, they were telling me that they didn't care what color or gender the president was, as long as it was "the best man for the job." I ridiculed them mercilessly, reminding them that we'd elected "the best white man for the job" 43 consecutive times, and it couldn't be on the basis of merit, since George W. Bush obviously only merited a swift kick in the ass and a cold slap in the face when he announced his desire to be president.

They hated me because I Gored their sacred Gore and Kerry cows, and because I said Vilsack's only qualification for being president was that he was a white man in a country that only elected white men. Oh boy, that went right up their asses.

Back in 2007, they ridiculed my book reviews of Senator Barack Obama's autobiography and his political book, and they also ridiculed Obama, which is why they haven't and won't find favor with the Obama Administration. (I also suspect Obama distrusts CIA leftists just as much as I do.)

Meanwhile, one of the asshole editors over at MyDD said he didn't think Obama could become president because America wouldn't elect a Black man, AND the asshole dared anyone to say the opinion was "racist", threatening to ban anyone who expressed that opinion.

So, I said the opinion was color-aroused, and the threat to ban anyone who disagreed was constituted discrimination against the group that was most likely to forcefully disagree: Black people.

Oh, well, that's old news. When the big white boys of the whitosphere got together at their tent at the Democratic National Convention, the Big Black Men of the Afrosphere were there too, which was a hard fought victory that certainly went right up the whitosphere owners' color-aroused antagonist asses.

And now the afrosphere is more likely to be quoted in the national press and to have our articles in major newspapers than any white blogger except CIA MAMZ himself.

Just look around and see if any of these white bloggers have made any inroads in the national press, except for MAMZ! They don't and they won't because they don't have anything to say that isn't already being said by white writers on staff or syndicated at national newspapers.

Meanwhile afrosphere writers are making their mark on television, in magazines and in national newspapers every day, because we represent a constituency that decided the 2008 presidential election and will decide many more elections in the future. And because we have opinions that are not the whitebread stereotypical nonsense that we've heard from pseudo liberals for decades.

I wish some of the people at DailyKos would just admit once and for all that they voted Republican in the 2008 presidential election. In every discussion of the CIA at DailyKos, someone comes out and says that they applied to work at the CIA or have a friend who works there, to legitimize the CIA and its assets' participation at pseudo-leftist blogs.

Anyway, Socrates, your own blog and afrosphere blogs (and the pages of major newspapers) and BlogTalkRadio are the only viable place to express our opinions, and deeply-held beliefs, openly and fearlessly, as a Black man. It's a waste of my time to try to couch my opinions in such a way that white people who fundamentally disagree with me and don't like Black people in the first place will nonetheless tolerate my presence, while reminding me that my opinions should not make them uncomfortable. They can go fuck each other up their CIA asses.