Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Entire Reading Public Wants to Know: Is MAMZ and/or his Family on the CIA Payroll?

Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zuñiga: "Once C.I.A., always C.I.A", says the above video, relying on MAMZ own speech to the Commonwealth Club in June 2006.


FightingBack said...

Dear Mr. Holland,

My plan is to go into DailyKos relatively soon and post a devastating exposure of their place with emphasis on DFQ and the UG0Gs.

I was also planning on posting this video. Do you have any advice? Is this something that will get quickly deleted? I think it's time for the mass media to do a report on their place as being a fascist, hate website.

And I don't care if O'Reilly calls it a hate site. Broken clocks and all. The DKos is a hate site!

You are a true hero, sir.

Anonymous said...

Hi Francis....How are you? Stu Piddy here...

it's always interesting to listen to the tape....the more you listen the more you can learn....

This occurred to me while listening again....

He says he was given an assignment in Washington D.C. to be a "spy".

This would have to occur, logically, AFTER TRAINING...why would the subject of a specific city, a specific type of employment be made to someone who is in training?'s at the end of training, just before completion.

It's amazing!

How little people realize of the implications of his involvement with the CIA...

Just today...Seymour Hersh revealed their are executive CIA hit teams that go around the world, internationally and domestically, assassinating people and they answered only to Dick Cheyney's office. said...

Anything directly attacking MAMZ and offering links to sources will certainly immediately be attacked at DK. Some de minimus aspect of the post might be denied and the post might be taken down entirely. Then, because the poster will have been recognized as someone unwilling to "play ball", the poster will be hounded until he leaves the site or is banned from the site.

But, I'd rather be banned from a church lead by a preacher who's trained and perhaps directed by the CIA than stay at that church. Wouldn't you?

Stu, it shows you what a wonderful job the mainstream press is doing that they haven't bothered to report MAMZ's self-acknowledged ties to the CIA. But, the reason is simple. MAMZ is a CIA asset and the mainstream press has a policy of not outing people who are agents or assets of the CIA.

FightingBack said...

Someone would have to be a fool to read or post there. I go for the archives, that's it. I read there for my own purposes.

I want to know who Michael Fingerit works for. He appears to be the name behind MajorFlaw. I do not believe Kos is in the CIA. My theory is he was transfered to a division of the FBI or NSA. It is illegal for the CIA to conduct psychological operations on citizenry. Why would they anyway, seeing that a transfer to some "legal" anti-democratic division of intelligence would do the trick?

No way were the UGOGs a hobby. No way were the KosKops just a goofy development over the years. Fingerit was stupid enough to admit pulling the same crap at Democratic Underground.

They can delete my thread. But they kind of would be foolish to do so unless I outed real life information. I will save what I post in case they do that. Then we will know that raw nerves were hit.

The autoban will be put in place as soon as possible. Thus, perhaps I will make other comments to get the thing to get as many responses as possible.

Then again, the paranoid kook that I am, they are monitoring even the comments found here and will be ready for any strategy I admit to.

Mary Scott O'Connor ought to be ashamed. She had some nerve to ban you from her website MyLeftWing.

Some people I guess are willing to spread an image of themselves as a rebel, but when push comes to shove, they are as cowardly as any other hippie who turned into a yuppie.

The key is this. The holy grail is to prove that these people are intelligence. It is easy to prove they are scam artists. But to show that they are fifth column, that is not so easy.

At a minimum you have proven that he is a rightwing scumbag. That will have to do. Well-played, Francis.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

As discussed elsewhere on this blog, with links, the "manager" of the Moulitsas Zúñiga family hotel also is owner of a an internatiol salt distribution business that has an office in Odessa, TX.

I suspect, without being able to prove it, that the Odessa office is part of a front for a US intelligence agency. If not, I'd like for someone to explain to me what it really is.

In any case, as you have observed, Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga (or whatever his name is) is a right-wing scumbag who is part of a rightwing scumbag polluting globalization advocacy family that has received million dollar loans guaranteed by the US Government. That's all I need to know in order to take everything the guy says as part of a misinformation and misdirection psyops campaign.

FightingBack said...

Thanks for the response. I definitely agree with you that Markos reeks of being intel. I just don't understand why he would be employed by the CIA, when there would be less potential legal trouble if he were an FBI informant.

I'm also quite fascinated how people like yourself and David Weintraub end up with incredible amounts of spam saying you are obsessed or this or that.

You have done brilliant work, Sir, and are to be commended.

That Markos said what he did about the CIA, that he has been caught making homophobic statements, that he has been running a payola type scheme, that he has driven off tens of thousands of good progressives from his website, on and on, is proof that he is disinformation.

I agree with you that there is reason to suspect he is CIA or some form of intel.

I also agree that even without such proof, it doesn't necessarily matter. He said the CIA is a good thing. No true progressive would ever say that.

It's like when you get pigeon-holed for things which cannot be possibly true. Dave was at Democratic Underground for a while, and when he blogged about the DKos corruption, an inorganic amount of trolls came after him. It's happened to you. It's happened to me. I had a huge journal at DU exposing the Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. The whole thing was erased. Now why would that be done, if the information wasn't seen as a threat by insidious forces?

No one who attacked Dave debated fairly. None of them interacted with his sources.

Same with you at MyLeftWing. None of them even tried to have a dialogue with you. It was all about making you seem like a paranoid, conspiracy theorist.

Sorry for rambling, Sir.

In short, I, too, am tired of good people who abide to rules being run off of the major forums.

I suggest you look at those UGOG files. Psychological operations are clearly going on, whether it is being done for the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, or friggen the CapitalismIsGood Corporation.

I'm not even against all forms of capitalism. But the thing is, folks like us get pigeon-holed as being freeper trolls or Stalinists. Now how could someone like you who has spoken out against Pinochet and other injustices be a fifth column? I have been called Diebold, DoD, kooky, all sorts of things other than the lefty progressive that I truly am. Now where has a freeper troll ever asked for an 80% reduction in the military-industrial complex and the disbanding of the spy factories?

Thanks for this opportunity.

Thanks for all you do.

{end of rant}

socrates said...

Hi again,

I am FightingBack. I guess I'll retire that username.

I've been thinking about this stuff a lot. You and Stu have done some darn, good sleuthing.

Based on Markos Moulitsas Zuniga's own words, he had to have been on the CIA payroll while running Daily Kos.

He said he interviewed with the CIA in 2001? He said he was about to sign for clandestine operations, but then decided to work for Howard Dean in 2003? And you are right to point out all his rightwing, historical tendencies; The ties to the El Salvadorans on the wrong side of history; Supporting Reagan and George Bush Sr.; The homophobia and on and on.

Let's even just look at his praising of the CIA. When I was a rebel in college and learned of Bob Marley, it was apparent to me that not only Rastamen shouldn't work for the CIA, but anyone with a conscience. How does one go from supporting the CIA, about to sign on to be a full-fledged spy with an institution known for creating mayhem and murder, to being a progressive working for Howard Dean?

Thus, it seems clear cut that Kos was either lying, which would not only show that his word has no meaning, but that he is also a shameless self-promoter and an idiot. Why he ever said what he did at that interview makes no friggen sense, not one bit. Maybe it was a brain cramp? Maybe he didn't realise such an admission would become known world wide?

So he either lied about that for some idiotic rationale, or he was a paid member of the CIA during those early times running DKos. Either way, he is a full in the blank expletive.

I've linked to you at a new blog.

I am not afraid to back Francis Holland, to declare that he is a true hero. And for all the people like Mary Scott O'Connor and all the other posers, shame on friggen all of you. That doesn't mean I disrespect her or others' progressive values, but when they stifle freedom of speech and association, when they fall into groupthink, when they don't do their homework before condemning another person's research, they are no better than Karl Rove or any other ideologue.

Maybe MSOC and others have been so brainwashed to think tinfoil this and that, they develop a tunnel vision or cognitive dissonance.

I see three choices.

1) Kos lied.

2) He told the truth implying that he was breaking the law by conducting psychological operations on U.S. citizenry.

3) He was transferred to an FBI or NSA division where there wouldn't be the law breaking. Sure it would still be unethical for him to be FBI/NSA type intel. while operating a political website, but I am under the impression that it isn't illegal for those institutions to do such a thing.

The dam has broken. I believe David Weintraub has put the final dagger into any smidgen of credibility Kos may have had left. You Sir, have done the blogosphere an immense service. I believe that ad hominem attacks against yourself and others like Dave Weintraub are signs that we the people have won, and bad guys like Kos have lost.

Dave's website is at:

You can check out the stories done under the Daily Kos tag.

A second one has been started at:

A few of us are trying to bring high-minded intellectual and progressive ideas to the people in easily understood words. I think one of the biggest threats to democracy is the denial of our freedom of speech and association. Perhaps if Kos is intel., this would explain why lefties and progressives need not apply.

If you actually take a run through the UGOG/KosKop files, it reads just like one would imagine cointelpro would look like on the internet. There is also Hal Turner, Sean Hannity's buddy, who got caught working as an informant for the FBI. But I guess that is a story for another time.

Pockets of awareness got the job done!!!

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I enjoyed "FightingBack's" "rant." A good "rant" is verifiable truthful facts presented in a stream of consciousness way, with an expression of feelings about the facts presented. If that's a "rant" than I would like to see more of them.