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Brad Blog Plumbing the Reasons for the Authoritarianism at DailyKos

The Brad Blog has reported ugly truths about (MAMZ) "Kos" of DailyKos, and his minions, and I thought I'd link to their coverage today. And yet, during the period when I and Stu Piddy discovered that MAMZ had spent up to two years training at the CIA, the Brad Blog never seems to have covered that extremely important fact. I constantly Googled the issue at the time, under the assumption that blogs that reported MAMZ's CIA connections were more trustworthy than blogs that ignored the news of MAMZ's CIA, and blogs that attempted to explain away or continue collaborating with CIA-connected MAMZ.

Under this test of credibility, the entire mainstream press has to be considered suspect, because they continue to quote MAMZ without noting that his Wikipedia page and SourceWatch page clearly state that he was trained by the CIA for up to two years. (However, it does seem that they have stopped writing glowing biographical pieces on MAMZ since the Truth About Kos demonstrated that virtually everything MAMZ says about himself and his family background is distorted or outright lies.)

Maybe the mainstream press knows so many CIA-trained "progressives" that it no longer seems remarkable to them, but it is still remarkable to me. Just as likely, the mainstream press has an unspoken policy of not naming known past and present CIA operatives, just as they don't "out" members of Congress whom they know to be gay, even when the members' sexual orientation is highly relevant in the context of their legislative efforts, usually against gay rights.

I don't trust ANYONE who isn't surprised to learn that someone (like MAMZ) who is ostensibly progressive spent two years "training" at the CIA.

The following Brad Blog posts raises, among other questions, the issue of why so many CIA-connected people (like Larry Johnson and Markos C.A. Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA) are fronting supposedly progressive blogs. (And yet with a quick Google search, I can't find where Brad Blog has directly addressed questioningly MAMZ's almost two years' "training" at the CIA in Washington DC. And I can't find where the Brad Blog has cited the Truth About Kos Blog's proof that MAMZ was "trained" for up to two years at the CIA. And so I don't know if the Brad Blog attacks DailyKos as true opposition to it, or merely to hold the attention of blog readers to the pseudo-progressive CIA-infected whitosphere.

Can anyone tell me whether the Brad Blog has ever pointed out that MAMZ was trained by the CIA? They SHOULD certainly have done so, because it would underscore the reasons for suspicion of MAMZ on the election integrity issue. If they haven't reported MAMZ's connections to the CIA, in spite of every motivation to do so, to support their own arguments against MAMZ on election integrity, then their must be a reasons for that failure to report MAMZ's CIA connections as well.

The only sense this all makes to me (MAMZ and Johnson's CIA connections AND participation in the psuedo progressive whitosphere) is that some Government agency is behind it, supporting, encouraging and financing it. MAMZ himself acknowledged on audio tape that he was at the CIA when he started DailyKos and would have "no problem working for them again", while Johnson acknowledges that he's "ex" CIA. That's not "tinfoil". Those are confessions of the sort that are admiissible in court under the Federal Rules of Evidence, and in spite of the rule against hearsay evidence, because what we "hear" someone "say" about their own behavior, when what they say is damning evidence against themselves, is more likely to be true, since people don't usually confess to heinous crimes and acts which they have not committed.

As one commentator has said with respect to MAMZ, "Once CIA, always CIA." For this very reason, I don't trust anybody who has EVER worked for the CIA, because I can never know what their true agenda is, and what their motive is for saying and doing any particular thing on any particular day. EVERYTHING they say has to be suspect, interpreted in the light of their connections, past and/or present, overt and/or covert, to the Central Intelligence Agency.

I frankly don't know WHO to trust (almost no one completely in the whitosphere), but I cite Brad Blog here because they have highlighted MAMZ's aversity to election integrity. And yet I wonder why they haven't pointed out MAMZ connections to the CIA and have left that task to commentors.

Former CIA Analyst Outraged by 'Orwellian Fascist' Tactics of World's Most Powerful Supposedly 'Progressive' Blogsite...

Glad to see it's not just us. We've had our own problems with the self-destructive, control-bots of the Kossack Army Guards of the Gate. Note: The Daily Kos readers, by and large, should not be blamed, since they seem to get it, but founder Markos Moulitsas and his front-page diarists and automatons are a different matter.

Now they've managed to raise the ire of BRAD BLOG friend and former CIA analystLarry Johnson of NoQuarter, who, believe it or not, was far less politic in his response to Kos than even we were.

And, unlike most of the folks who have been banned and/or purged at dKos for having the temerity to discuss issues of Election Integrity, at least Larry was given a"warning" about his "unacceptable" behavior before it was demanded that he sign the equivalent of a loyalty oath to regain his ability to post over there again...Which, understandably, he has no interest in doing...

What a bunch of goddamn, Orwellian fascists. Here’s the message waiting for me when I checked in tonight:

Okay Mr. Kos. Here’s a word for you: GO FUCK YOURSELF. (Actually, that’s three words. My bad.)

This wannabee poseur and his gang of Animal Farm pig imitators have lost touch with reality.
Well Markos and crowd. Orwell was right. Fuck you people. I won’t post and I won’t read. But most of all, I won’t apologize. I have nothing to apologize for other than making the false assumption that you clowns gave a shit about freedom of expression or liberty. You guys are John Bolton and Dick Cheney in drag. You are welcome to kiss my ass.

The graf explaining the initial root of the problem is removed in the above, in hopes that you might go give Larry's excellent site a read to find out what his particular violation was.

UPDATE 2/17/08: A senior Daily Kos front-pager takes yet another shot at The BRAD BLOG following this post, referring to us as a "nutter site" doing "more harm than good" for the cause of election integrity. Go figure. The dKos poster, "DHinMI", also fails to fully disclose who he actually is. But we've been able to connect a few dots, making his Swiftboat-style attack on us a bit easier to understand. Complete shameful details here...

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Blogged by Brad Friedman on 2/15/2008 11:31AM PT

February 4th, 2008

The courageous anonymous diarists at Daily Kos, the world's largest so-called "progressive" blog site, continue their pre-emptive suicide.

Today's dangerous mislead comes courtesy of anonymous poster "smintheus", who warns readers, in advance of Super Tuesday, that no matter what happens, there is nothing to worry your pretty little head about...

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Blogged by Brad Friedman on 2/4/2008 1:12PM PT

January 29th, 2008

The World's Most-Read 'Progressive' Blogger Continues to Misinform His Readers, Seems to Have No Understanding of How Our Electoral System Works (or Doesn't)...

With "friends" like Markos Moulitsas at Daily Kos, Democrats may not need Republicans to help them lose this year. Once again, the namesake of the largest supposedly-Progressive blogsite in the world misleads his readers, confuses issues of Election Integrity with unmade allegations of "conspiracy theories," and otherwise makes all-new extraordinary claims which are wholly unsupported by any evidence, extraordinary or otherwise.

The damage he and his minions are personally causing to the fight for verified, transparent elections is becoming greater than we can possibly describe. But we'll try...

--- Click here for REST OF STORY!... ---

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Blogged by Brad Friedman on 1/29/2008 3:50PM PT

I don't know what to think about Brad Blog citing CIA Larry Johnson above as an authority. An ex-CIA man has an "excellent site"? HAHAHA!!!!! I wouldn't trust ANYONE who's "ex"-CIA.
All too much of what is available in print in the whitosphere is there to manipulate readers, in ways that we can't entirely even imagine. Maybe the whitosphere -- all or most of it -- is mostly a way to distract and discourage real white progressives from engaging in direct action of the sort that took place in the sixties.


socrates said...

I used to be a regular at BradBlog. Part of the reason why I eventually forced my departure was precisely for his fake venting against DailyKos. His thing was to focus in on Dana Houle. He also went after Kos for banning the election fraud chatter. The 9/11 stuff has been involved, too. My pet subject, weather mitigation, has been involved. The internet feels rigged.

You see, Dana Houle was part of a domain, the next hurrah or something, which destroyed Jason Leopold by outing his use of sock puppets. Brad likes Leopold

I have been writing about internet fakes since around late 2005ish. I believe that BradBlog is part of a controlled opposition. "Election Integrity" has been a big part of the blogosphere, or white-o-sphere as you coin it.

It's a long, convoluted thingie.

Let me put it this way. A lot of names can be linked together. It takes a certain kind of freak/geek {like me} to pour through archives and piece it together.

Let me give you a skeleton. Larry Johnson is tied to Larisa Alexandrovna and Brad. Larisa and Brad are tied to the Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin. I can safely assume that those three do not like me. We can now also tie Michael Fingerit, MajorFlaw at both DKos and DU, to this group.

Remember Jason Leopold?

I'll just say that, imho, these people reek of being part of rogue intel. sponsored scripts to make lefties look bad along with perverting the election integrity movement. Sir, I've connected dots from across the blogosphere. I am not sure who is intel, or who is simply associated with hoaxes. For all I know, these people could be just trying to make a buck.

Something is very fishy with the internet. I talked with one reporter for a few hours a couple months back. It appears that a story would have been done if election fraud had been proven through the use of electronic voting devices, or if Michael Connell had indeed been threatened by Karl Rove.

But when it turned out to be nothing but convolution, no one would take the story. Thus, the Brett Kimberlin thing continues to be buried.

I've seen other forms of internet convolution. There are rightwing, neo-nazi associated websites like and I can connect some strange bedfellows with this so-called netroots.

I think the tinfoil stuff is planted, cointelpro-like activity. You know Hal Turner? He's buddies with Sean Hannity. He's posted bomb making information. Sherman Austin didn't even do that but saw jail time, because it was found on a server in his name. Anyway, it seems that Hal Turner has had a direct connection to the FBI. What the friggen sassafrassa?

I think the best phrases to describe the "progressive" attacks on Kos would be controlled opposition and limited hangouts.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Yup, "controlled opposition and limited hangouts" too many of those blogs are about.

The CIA hasn't caught on yet, but one way to tell which blogs to ignore is to see if they have a list of Kos-associated blogs in their blog lists, particularly those "state-blogs" that are nothing but an attempt to take over or at least influence and control the Democratic Party state by state.

If anyone disagrees with this assessment, they need only post about MAMZ's CIA contacts at one of those blogs and see how quickly they lose their posting privileges or are threatened and attacked by people who also post daily at DailyWhitosphere (DK). Those state blogs are MAMZ minion blogs, and MAMZ admitted as much when he insisted that every one of them should get blogger credentials for the Democratic National Convention. It's a very structured effort to control the American "Left".

MAMZ even had an institute where he proposed to train bloggers to be like him. I wonder if he would use the same training books he brought home from his nearly two years with the CIA in Washington, DC? In any case, it's pretty clear what MAMZ-type contributors are trained to do: instead of challenging the facts of those with whom they argue, they obsess about "credibility", without acknowledging the relationship between true facts and credibility of those facts, regardless of who offers them.

If you say "the earth rotates and has a hot core" at DailyKos, someone will say they don't believe you because you lost your credibility a while back. And the word "credibility" is a codeword they use to mean, "don't agree with this guy because he and his opinions are off limits, and if you do agree with this guy, then the rest of us will decide that you, too, are a kook who lacks credibility."

It's all about intimidation, and whomever they are unable to intimidate will eventually be banned.

You only need to link to my blog two or three time to be banned at DailyKos. Someone will immediately comment, "You linked to francislholland?!!!!!!!!!!!"

I don't care. Any college student who reads Wikipedia can see that MAMZ is a CIA ex-agent, or agent or asset, and so the people with whom he consorts are either the same, or they are the kind of people who feel comfortable in CIA circles. Most people aren't going to trust those kind of people, because they know that agents are all about cover stories and lies.

Why do they all need to be so anonymous? Is it so that no one will discover that members of their families are getting million dollar loan guarantees from US Government globalization agents like OPIC, as MAMZ's family has gotten?

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