Saturday, April 11, 2009

MaryScott O'Connor's MyLeftWing Still Links to John Edwards' "Campaign to Change America" Site

I note with amusement that the MyLeftWing psuedo progressive whitosphere blog still links to "John Edwards Campaign to Change America" among its list of "POLITICIANS & Supporters". Needless to say, all of the "politicians and supporters" on the list are white men, except for Barack Obama, who only got on the list by being elected President of the United States.

In the run-up to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primaries, MaryScott O'Connor had a "hard-on" for John Edwards that hasn't even subsided with the knowledge that Edwards is a boldfaced liar whose insistence that he hadn't cheated on his wife could well have cost the Democrats the 2008 presidential election, had we been foolish enough to nominate John Edwards for president.

MaryScott O'Connor still thinks it's worth linking to John Edwards. That shows you how much judgment she has in general. Ultimately, John Edwards "Campaign to Change America" was an expensive effort to change the country from one with a 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency into a country with a 44-term white male monopoly of the presidency. That's change we can do without.

She also lists Al Gore on her list of Politicians and Supporters, although Gore flunked out of divinity school AND law school, after smoking pot and drinking his way to a "C" average during his undergraduate years at Harvard University. These are the politicians MaryScott O'Connor admires, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can't get on the list, and neither can any other woman from America or elsewhere.

This is why Dave from New York is really wasting his time arguing with people who stomach this sort of nonsense at MyLeftWing.


socrates said...

God bless his soul, DaveFromQueens died in February. He was well-known for both his street theater activism and questioning of public personalities such as Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. He was late to figuring out Daily Kos was corrupt to the core, but in a half year he hammered the nail into their last vestige of credibility.

To understand MyLeftWing, people should check out the article done on MSOC by the Washington Post. She's gotten her fifteen minutes of fame by going the fake outrage bit.

I'm sure she's a very nice lady, but she's getting her chain yanked by KarmaFish and Curmudgette. She's in over her head. Everyone needs to have a healthy chunk of doubt with regards to other bloggers.

She even has a poster named Phil I. STINE, who's apparently a producer for Fox News.

Who is this KarmaFish? Does he get paid to post? Is he another lawyer/political consultant type?

I'd say whoever pays the blogger gets the frontpage and moderating power.

In retrospect, I'd say Mike Gravel was the one to pick.

We need an 80% reduction in the military. Ratchet up treaties. It's now or never to save the planet. There's no need for a CIA or NSA. It's time to pull the plug on the war industry.

socrates said...

I just checked the stats for the Daily Kos defender, If Alexa has any accuracy at all, this is bizarre.

Granted MLW allows for a bit of whining about DKos, but MeSOC clearly puts a lid on how much opposition one can muster against the Evil Orange. With KarmaFish and ThereIsNoRape being MaryScott's close friends, not to mention the Fox News producer, Phil I. Stine, along with how Francis Holland's work covering MAMZ was completely and unfairly trashed, MyLeftWing appears to be some kind of honey pot for those who get fed up with the hate dialogue at DKos.

Is some kind of robot program in place to make MLW appear more popular than it truly is?

Apparently its numbers are up 50% over the last three months.

screenshot59% of MLW "readers" are coming from India? WTF is going on here?


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, when it comes to MLF's stats, you are following your curiosity in a direction that might provide information that will be interesting to a lot of people. What do her stats mean?

After quoting three or four college newspaper articles by MAMZ and then finding that they had disappeared from the college newspaper's archives within a week or two, I'm convinced that MAMZ (and perhaps some of his minions) have the power to manipulate impressions in a lot of ways.

Someone, someday, will say that my conspiracy theories are suspect, so I'd ask them to explain why MAMZ's biography says that he wrote articles for his college newspaper, and his college newspaper's archives cover the years when he was at the college, and yet there are few if any articles by MAMZ in the newspaper's archives.

The simple answer is that after I showed how embarrassing his essays and articles were, the newspaper decided (was prompted?) to cleanse those articles he had written from the archives, so that no one could read them.

Thankfully, people who didn't like MAMZ had taken screenshots and searched for the articles in Google cache, and that's why we have proof that MAMZ was a massively outspoken homophobe when he was in college. (But not later, when he was starting "progressive" DailyKos while training with the CIA.)


MSOC's 15 minutes of fame show in the WaPost are evidence that it's far better to have a ten minute telephone conversation with a reporter and be quoted saying exactly what is important to YOU than to have a reporter visit your house for two or three days and report everything that is strange about you. That's basically what happened to MSOC.

socrates said...

Hi Francis,

Thanks for all your responses. I like you. I get what you're saying and have tried to stick up for your ideas every chance I can.

Great point on the Washington Post thingie. That pretty much sealed the deal for her image. I think she has become a convenient patsy for the right wing. I don't think she is a political operative. But I do think she gets played by them. Yeah, she used to be enjoyable in the early days with her rant schtick. But she never grew as a person. Instead of proving the article wrong, she seems to have legitimized it as being a fair and balanced portrayal of her mental illness. I pity her. She simply let her ego get the better of her. She is the Elvis Presley of the whitosphere. She gave "society" too much power over her psychological state, and the political operatives moved in to kill off any last remnant of original thought in her mind.

Her website could have become the #1 or one of the top forums in the country. She had one of the only African-American bloggers willing to blog in the "mainstream progressive" arena, yet she showed you the door after her pitbull KarmaFish broke every rule of decency.

Kos worked for the CIA. We are individuals saying he trained or worked or something with that insidious organisation. Fake progressives can act all self-righteous and throw out words like libel all they want, but all it would take is the Orange Weasel to clarify what he said in his own words.

On a number of occasions I have pointed out the Kos timeline based on his own words to the fake lefties at MLW. They never address it. Not one bit. Just never forget that the reader decides.

You are definitely on the blogroll that exists in my own mind. I do come back here from time to time to see if you've posted anything.

I am a whitey from Massachusetts. We were home to the first black regiment who fought in the Civil War. We may have a bad history of racism, e.g. with busing and segregated housing, but we also have our abolitionist history and an African-American Governor.

I go with the MLK ideas that it's all about the content of our character rather than the colour of our skin that matters. I believe that racism dissolves when we discuss it. We are all racist. Frantz Fanon was correct that both oppressor and oppressed are victims. Sure, my heart sides more with the downtrodden {not that I am stereotyping African-Americans that way}, than with the rich.

Sometimes I get myself into trouble. We need to know our audience. One time I upset a young African-American dude when I said I was more black than Clarence Thomas. Do you see what I'm saying? We are so easily misunderstood.

And that's where the political operatives like KarmaFish come into play. They feed off of the divide and conquer. They feed off of strawmen that they create. So nothing ever improves in Israel. Nothing ever improves with our schools and economy. Sorry for rambling.

Anyway, you may not realise this, I only just figured it out, but we are free to return to My{Right}Wing any time we want. No one is ever permanently banned. It just means you need to start a new username with a new email account.

I would love to see you go back in there and give them hell.

Oh yeah, it appears that Stu Piddy has been banned from MLW, but I haven't tried to see why.

I guess we have the right to post at MLW, if we don't mind getting sh*t on or accept that we will be banned, that then it will be tough for the readers to find our posts. I was socrates there. I had some good diaries and posts. Now I am back there as socr&tes. I just confronted the Queen Bee again, so I might have to sign up as s0crates next.

And what's up with all these DKos rightwingers being atheists? You're right about that. Divide and conquer? Being an atheist is as faith-based as believing in God, imho. Have they never heard of the word agnostic?

I believe in God, but I would never shove religion in anyone's face. Shoving atheism in people's faces is despicable and devoid of reason. If one cannot prove the existence of God, how can one prove God doesn't exist? Sorry to get all philosophical on ya. {And if the Red Sox kick your Yankee ass, I promise to keep that off of your blog. :) }

I was also thinking, since KarmaFish and others keep making you out to have libeled Moulitsas Zuniga, and since your real name is given, could you sue KarmaFish for libel? I know we all have busy lives. You may not have the time or inclination to even consider such an undertaking. But it could be a way to find out the guy's real name and see if indeed he can be linked to political operatives.

MaryScott O'Connor is all over the place. A week or so ago she mocked Mumia t-shirt wearers for holding Obama's feet to the fire. But then she went after Obama for not prosecuting the war criminals. When she went after the CIA loving Moulitsas Zuniga, she did it for her own purposes. When the CIA stuff emerged, when Kos was most vulnerable to getting his sorry ass ostracised, she gatekept and put a lid on 'Kos-bashing'.

Well, if you'd like to go back in there, all you'd have to do is change your username a smidgen. I'd love to see you do that.

There is also a new free speech blog. The one who took over for Peeder got outed as being a honey pot run by cheaters. Maybe the new one would interest you. And if you have a forum you could recommend to me and others where the people are logical, human, and to the authentic left full of progressives and peaceniks, please direct me to it.

I posted those stats to MLW. That's either a funky glitch, or that is some strange tamales that 59% of MLW readers are coming from India.

Take care, Dude. Thanks for what you do.

Da Ripper said...

I note that you still link to dead websites in your blogroll.

It appears you're no better than those you rail against.

Political Flesh Feast - Gone for a while now.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I note that some people like "De Ripper" show an utter inability or unwillingness to distinguish what is important from what is meaningless. And they don't analyze very well either.

The list in the sidebar announces that it is a list of those blogs that mentioned Truth About Kos. Just because those blogs go out of business, does that mean that they never mentioned this blog. Of COURSE NOT! Lincoln's dead, but that doesn't mean we have to race out and tear down the Lincoln Monument or shred his personal papers.

If you are an archeologist, do you prefer a site that has been swept clean, with everything whose purpose was not known thrown in the garbage? I bet that's EXACTLY what you would prefer!