Friday, April 24, 2009

New York Times Features Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA, but Not His CIA Connections

This New York Times article demonstrates that the NYT will help Markos Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA raise money and attempt to increase his influence within the Democratic Party, but without ever mentioning the fact that ZÚÑIGA has acknowledged that he was trained
(for this role?) by the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC.

Apparently, in spite of the background information available in ZÚÑIGA's Wikipedia page, and now at SourceWatch.Org, the New York Times is willing to accept the premise that "liberal bloggers" and those who want to push the Democratic Party to the left are led by someone trained first by the CIA.
A group of liberal bloggers say they are teaming up with organized labor and to form a political action committee that will seek to push the Democratic Party further to the left.
( . . . )
The new organization is in many ways the liberal equivalent of the Club for Growth, a conservative group that has financed primary challenges against Republicans it deems insufficiently dedicated to tax cuts and small government.
ZÚÑIGA's group is only the equivalent of the Club for Growth if the leaders of the Club for Growth were trained in Cuba for two years months in preparation for their right-wing advocacy, like MAMZ was trained at the CIA.

Is it possible that JIM RUTENBERG prepared this this New York Times article on ZÚÑIGA's activities without ever noticing the 78,000 hits for "CIA" and "Moulitsas" at Google? Did Rutenberg not notice that the very second hit on the search results for "CIA" and "ZÚÑIGA" leads to evidence that Markos C.A. Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA (MAMZ) was trained by the CIA? What does it say about the mainstream media when they ignore discrediting information that so many other people already understand as fundamental to understanding MAMZ background?

If this article is any indication, then the mainstream media will continue to try to present MAMZ to America as a "progressive" and "liberal" in spite of and without ever mentioning his self-admitted connections with and devotion to the Central Intelligence Agency, and his previous advocacy against ALL gay service in the military.

Alright, I admit that I take this as a personal affront. I didn't research and publish the first transcript of MAMZ'speech at the Commonwealth Club so it could be ignored. I didn't go through MAMZ's writings at his college newspaper and find his anti-gay screed in the hopes that the mainstream media would find these novelties uninteresting and unenlightening.

The good news is that before giving any money to MAMZ and his front groups, every voter and person can look at MAMZ's Wiki page or Google him and discover his connections to the CIA, and discover that his family has received at least a million dollars in loan guarantees from the US Government, for some reason.

I just noticed that although MAMZ went by the name Markos C.A. Moulitsas in college, he since has dropped both his middle initials from his name. I wonder why? And why has the article in which he used these middle initials (and called for all gays to be banned from the military) mysteriously disappareared from the archives at his college's student newspaper?

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