Thursday, September 6, 2007

Unmasking Kommandante Markos

TXPoet & JennSierra at Ft. Hard Knox have a wonderful piece on Markos Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga, known by some as the Grand Ayatollah of the Kooky Kult of Koslam.

(from ABCNews) Markos: I was in the artillery. I was actually a fire direction specialist, which is kind of a headquarters position. You manage the logistical flow of the missile battery…It means that there’s three missile launchers. I was in a track vehicle. I was in charge of making sure that the vehicles were fueled — the launches were fueled, that the troops in the platoon were fed, that there was enough fuel, ammunition, that sort of thing. So making sure all the other details that make a platoon work.

Army of One, personified.

[official job description]

SERIOUSLY: Anyone who has been in the service knows that a Specialist 4th class or PFC is never “in charge” of any thing. Markos likes to use words to inflate his own importance. Although he claims not to be into self promotion, his choice of words betray him and really give insight into his problem. Markos is a short 5’7” and he doesn’t like it. He was a soldier. Officers both commissioned and non-commissioned are “in charge;” the others simply follow orders!

In other words, Private Zúñiga was assigned duties similar to that of a high school kid on his first job at Wienerschnitzel, McDonald's, Burger King or the local Whoop-de-doodle -- he was a gofer.

Or, as some folks would say, all around butt-boy. Jammie Wearing Fool

Should Black activists accept Republican help to unmask white supremacists CIA-supporters within the Democratic Party? Well, we Blacks are in the minority, so we have to acknowledge strategic help where we find it. In this case, my enemy's enemies are . . . quite helpful. If I can find any mroe dirt on white supremacist blogs operating within the Democratic Party, I'm definitely going to post it at Republicans sites. We got to drive up the price of white supremacist apartheid blogging so much that the big white blogs of pseudo-progressive blogs aren't willing to pay that price anymore. If you thought I was annoying when I was challenging you at your pseudo-progressive white supremacist apartheid blogs (DailyKos, MyDD), just look what I'm going to do to you when I'm pissing into your tents from the outside!

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