Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Strange Bedfellows, Yes. But, Chuck Colson?

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As I remember it, Chuck Colson, mentioned in the graphic above, was a bagman for impeached ex-President Richard Nixon in the Watergate Scandal, who eventually became a Christian and started Christian Ministries.  And as I understand it, these Christian Ministries are part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to use religion as a wedge-issue against the Democratic Party.

So, what is a writer at Chuck Colson's Christian Ministries doing citing the Francis L. Holland blog?

In my efforts to discredit the CIA-trained Markos C.A Moulitsas Zúñiga, he of the Salvadoran oligarchy, it didn't take me long to realize that most of America couldn't care less about my primary beef with him - that his site is 96% white and likes it that way.  After all, much of America is segregated.

Of course, I know that Markos Moulitsas wants to carve out an outsized role for himself in the Democratic Party, after which the Party would probably exclude Blacks just as DailyKos itself does, so what could I do to prevent that from happening?

As I was pondering this question, I saw a poll by Dr. Steve B. at DailyKos which, when crunched, indicated that 69% of DailyKos participants don't believe in God.  Of course this is not news on the left, but atheism is the single most despised quality among potential elected officials for the electorate as a whole.  This means that whichever candidate has the outspoken support of Markos Moulitsas can expect to be the target of negative ads that accuse the candidate of atheism and of supporting anti-religious views and advocacy. (I hope John Edwards is listening to me right now, because he's mentioned in the above article as well.) It also means that any newly elected Democrat who nominates or appoints Kos for dog-catcher is going to have to defend this nomination in Congress as if they had nominated Lucifer himself (which is just about true). 

Now, personally this is not my issue, this matter of atheism and agnosticism vs. right-wing religious zealots.  I just want equality for Black people.  But, when you're fighting white supremacist states' rights pseudo-leftist CIA trained Republican infiltrators for the soul of the Democratic Party, and when your minority group (Blacks) is only 13% of the electorate, then you've got to take help wherever you can find it.

So, I laughed out loud this afternoon when I discovered through my site meter that someone at Christian Ministries had cited my blog for the fact that 69% of DailyKos participants are either atheists or agnostics.  Maybe if this becomes widely enough known, it will prevent Markos C.A.Moulitsas Zúñiga from taking over the Democratic Party and making it as hostile to Blacks as is DailyKos itself.  It's going to take a bi-partisan coalition of CIA-haters to drag that orange rat out from under the Democratic porch.

You see, to me there really is no difference between DailyKos and the Republican Party.  They both oppose anti-war demonstrations, and there are more Blacks as a percentage of delegates to the Republican National Convention and Republican voters (6.7%) than there are Blacks at DailyKos (2.5%).  At least the Republicans have a few Blacks among their leadership, even if they're the worst Black people in America.  DailyKos can't seem to stomach any Blacks at all, and that worries me.

There's something else I want the whitosphere pseudo-progressive big [white] boys of blogging to know (MAMZ):  An angry Black man who knows how to read, write and blog can be a devastating enemy, particularly AFTER he has been banned from your F-ING apartheid blogs.

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