Sunday, September 16, 2007

Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) to Endorse Edwards for President

MAMZ is going to endorse Edwards, so maybe this is the Obama campaign trying to cut MAMZ off at the pass?

From the Washington Post today:
And some in the party's [all-white, CIA-sponsored] Net roots -- the bloggers and online activists who have grown in influence and were also early critics of the war -- argue that former senator John Edwards of North Carolina has been more outspoken [than Obama] in his opposition in the past two years.

"It's great [Obama] had good judgment," said Markos Moulitsas Z?niga, who runs the popular liberal blog Daily Kos, but he added: "There's no clarity of message." Moulitsas said that Obama should have firmly come out against any bill that offers funding for the war without a timetable for withdrawal, as Edwards has. ( . . . )Elizabeth Edwards, whose husband has strong support among bloggers and in the antiwar movement despite having voted for the war when he was in the Senate, has questioned that notion. She told the Progressive magazine this summer that Obama is behaving in a "holier than thou" way on the war, arguing that his 2002 speech was "likely to be extraordinarily popular in his home district." WaPost
I wonder how much Edwards is paying MAMZ this cycle?

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