Thursday, September 6, 2007

MAMZ Lies About When he "Became a Democrat." Did He Ever Become a Democrat?

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Markos Moulitsas has told the press,

Now, I went into the Army as a Republican, I came out as a Democrat, and it completely changed my outlook on a lot of things. And when you live side by side with, you know, your fellow soldiers and you realize that they're not a number, that they're actually human beings and they have families, it's a lot harder, I think, to talk about sending them to die for things that aren't really that important. ABC News

That appears to have been a lie. MAMZ was out of the Army and was a student at the Northern Illinois University by the fall of 1992, but he has admitted elsewhere that he voted for George H.W. Bush that fall, AFTER his four years in the Army had elapsed. "Moulitsas voted for Bush Sr. in 1992."

So, was he a Democrat who voted Republican?

If MAMZ was a Democrat by the time he left the Army, why did he publish THIS essay in January of 1993, AFTER he left the Army and when he was a freshman in college:

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Which of these MAMZ stories, these "fish stories," is true?

When MAMZ does these interviews with the press, does he the truth about his life's story, does he invent a series of stories to obscure a myriad of shocking truths, while creating mutually exclusive but invariably-self-serving narratives about whom he is and why?

If MAMZ can't tell the truth about when he became a Democrat, can he tell the truth about anything at all? MAMZ has been a liar all of his life, not just when he was a Reagan Democrat or when he was simultaneously at the CIA and starting DailyKos.

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