Saturday, December 25, 2010

Truth About Kos Has No Photographs of "markos moulitsas shirtless"

Who wants to see MAMZ shirtless?
One reader has begged me to stop discussing Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga ("Kos" of DailyKos') sexuality at this blog, because it detracts from reader knowledge about MAMZ' connections to the CIA and extreme right-wing politics (See two screenshots of DailyKos discussions in which readers discuss and MAMZ acknowledges that he was a right-wing political activisits before he was trained at the CIA and then became a leftist leader, just months after he voted for a Bush and against Bill Clinton for president).  Is it possible to include more cognitive dissonance and incredible and a more infiltrator-like political cover story in one sentence?

So, yes, I acknowledge that there are for more important aspects of MAMZ's history than his possibly homosexual and certainly homophobic letter to his college newspaper.

Nonetheless, when people search Google for "Markos Moulitsas shirtless" I have to acknowledge that some possibly homosexual men see Markos Moulitsas as a sex object.  Why in the world would anyone want to see MAMZ "shirtless" if not because they were a homosexual man who finds MAMZ attractive.  Can anyone imagine a woman doing a shirt for MAMZ "shirtless".  One of the truths about Kos is that a significant number of people, many of whom may be gay men, show a consistent interest in MAMZ real sexual orientation, whatever it is.  Well, calm those hormones and ask yourself whether you would really like to get with a man like MAMZ, in spite of who he really is, who his family is, and what he has really has done with the years of his life that he wants us to ignore or even endorse while believing that, "He's evolved."

DailyKos minions endeavor to cover all these obvious contradictions by saying, "he's evolved."  If so, MAMZ had an incredibly quick evolution, because he acknowledges voting for Bush in 1992, and then says he went  to work on the Howard Dean Democratic leftist campaign in 1993!  Does anyone and can anyone believe that MAMZ voted for Bush in November (while being trained at the CIA) and then became a leftist Dean activist by Christmas of the same year?

Here's a hint:  The same MAMZ-minions who claimed to believe in what we now know was John Edwards presidential-sized campaign of extra-marital cheating and cover-up are the people who are still participating in DailyKos today, insisting that there is nothing contradictory about training at the CIA while starting a blog for leftists.  MAMZ himself acknowledges the obvious contradictions when he jokes about the CIA assassination of overseas union leaders and why he wanted to work for them anyway.

If you still want information about MAMZ's sexuality, at least we know that he no one--male or female--is watching when he changes his "underpants." However, if anyone does have a photograph of MAMZ shirtless, I would be happy to post it here for those who want to climax.

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