Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Truth About Kos on "We See You" Link List

It seems like a decade ago, but I was once posting on MyLeftWing, providing "the truth about Kos."  I remember that two supporters of Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga ("MAMZ,"--but don't call him "Zúñiga" because he's white, not Latino, he says) consoled each other, by saying that it seemed as though I had printed all of MAMZ's hidden background, and so there would be no more embarrassing discoveries.

I had written and published my eventually 31-Count Indictment, so they thought the story was over.

What they didn't count on is that blogs from across the blogosphere would continue to print this information as they became aware of it, and we would never be completely comfortable that an (ex?) Republican operative who was training at the CIA when he started DailyKos, could nonetheless be the leader of the American left.

The Truth About Kos blog would have had no influence on the blogosphere's knowledge of MAMZ, were it not for all of the other blogs, like We See You, that picked up the information and engaged in discussions about it.  And so we are grateful to all of the blogs (see right side bar) that have seen it appropriate to link to the Truth About Kos, both through their linklists and through articles and comments.  It is because of these blogs that the truth about Kos can never be hidden again.

Were it not for these links, many fewer people would know that MAMZ once wrote a letter to the editor opposing ALL gay service in the military.

Truth About Kos found some MAMZ articles in the Northern Start so be so utterly absurd, offensive and insensitive that  Truth About Kos has assembled a list of all but one of them, for readers to peruse.

I personally found the summation article about "racism" and the letter to the editor expressing homophobia to be the most interesting.  What's most interesting about the series on "racism" is that MAMZ immediately disavows the series in a personal note published at the paper, in which

MAMZ Denies Being Latino in Spite of "ZÚÑIGA" Maternal Surname:

"Sure, I could always talk against racism, fight ignorance and prejudice wherever I ran into it, yet I would always be looking in from another room and I could always close the door. My life, in my world, in my own detached selfishness. And as I left the ugly reality of racism behind, it struck me that what was such an easy and trivial exercise for me would be impossible for anyone whose skin color or religious persuassion (sic) made them the target of bigotry and discrimination. THEY would never be able to escape who THEY were." (Emphasis added.)
Aren't Latinos targets of bigotry, or is MAMZ not Latino?  The constant use of the word "they"and the assertion that he will not be the target of bigotry seem like a definitive statement that MAMZ believes he is simply a white man:  nothing more and nothing less. He wrote a series about bigotry on campus and then he immediately disavowed the series as a "trivial exercise", and said that, for his part, he could and would go back to "my own detached selfishness"  while forgetting about people who face bigotry every day.
And this is the man who wants to "crash the gates" of the Democratic Party and remake it in his own image?  I believe he should crash the gates of the Republican Party, because he will feel much more at home there.

Actually, even MAMZ claims that he first worked for the Republican Party as a young teenager, supporting Ronald Reagan, and then he voted for George Bush instead of Bill Clinton  in 1992. 

And then just a few months later voting against Bill Clinton, MAMZ criticized Bill Clinton strongly for Clinton's efforts to end the policy of restricing gays' participation in the US Military. When you vote for Republicans and criticize Democratic Party politics, that make you a Republican in my book.  MAMZ disagrees and we all will have to come to our own conclusions whether a MAMZ who voted for George Bush and was trained by the CIA should nonetheless be allowed to remake the Democratic Party in his own image.

Please read his statement that, "I would always be looking in from another room and I could always close the doorMy life, in my world, in my own detached selfishness. And as I left the ugly reality of racism behind . . . " And now ask yourself whether that paragraph should be part of the Democratic Party Platform in 2012?  If you disagree with that paragraph as part of the Democratic Party platform, then you understand why MAMZ has to be stopped before he gets that far.

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