Monday, December 27, 2010

An anonymous someone left a comment at the Francis L. Holland Blog, encouraging me to read Glenn Greenwald's articles at I looked at Greenwald's post of today and it is about the secretive interactions and relationships between well-known bloggers, FBI employees, and the other employees of the US Justice Department.
But what is incontrovertibly true is that a Wired contributer -- who just so happens also to be Poulsen's prosecutor and long-time source -- played a key role in putting Lamo in contact with government authorities in order to inform on Manning. Poulsen never mentioned any of that, and -- even once Rasch's role was publicly reported -- never once disclosed his multi-faceted relationship to Rasch in all the times he's written about Manning and WikiLeaks. What's also true is that while many convicted hackers had very rigid restrictions placed on them when leaving prison (Kevin Mitnick, for instance, was originally barred from using the Internet entirely), Poulsen not only quickly began writing online as a journalist about the hacker world, but did so at the very same publication -- Security Focus -- that also repeatedly published articles by his prosecutor, Mark Rasch.

The article said that Kevin Poulson of the Wired blog has said that he has secret chat logs that detail information about the source of the recent famous WikiLeaks. Poulson of Wired refuses to publish what he says he has and Glenn Greenwald therefor doubts Poulson bona fides as an independent journalist.

I haven't read the WikiLeaks that people have been speaking about. Nonetheless, Greenwald's account is one that expresses grave doubts about who is working or collaborating with Government officials and when and why. It's conceivable that Poulson refuses to release the truckload of other documents, because to do so would identify Government informants, Government human assets within the blogging community, and other facts that we might never otherwise even imagine.

Poulson's reason for his refusal to divulge the Government documents might be pretty simple: there are laws against secret Government agents divulging names and other information about secret government assets and agents.

I believe that we have to recognize the likelihood some of the bloggers we read and some of the "facts" we read on the Internet are placed there by Government trained bloggers, as is the case with MAMZ.  Take heart. Just as we have learned the facts about a photographer of Martin Luther King, Jr. also being on the FBI payroll, the time will come when the names and identities of Government-compromised bloggers will become common knowledge.  In the mean time, Google the hell out of everything you hear or read, anywhere and everywhere, before you accept anything as fact or "background information".

Everyone must be considered suspect.  Even me.  So don't believe anything I report here until you've followed the links that prove the facts I assert. 

I don't believe in "credibility" as a reason to believe what a bloggers says.  I believe that individual blog articles gain credibility as readers track the citations and sources and come to the conclusion there is sufficient foundation to support the facts asserted.

As much as anything else, the Truth About Kos blog is a source of citations to foreign and domestic newspapers, magazine articles, corporate websites, US Government press releases, statements against interest (confessions) and other sources about MAMZ and his family, which information, particularly when gathered in one place, enables people on the Internet to simply drop a link to this blog in the comments sections at other blog in order to prove the facts about MAMZ. 


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Stu Piddy said...

just for the heck of it. Does Makos Moulitsas know Poulsen, Lamo, or Rasch?

What has Markos said about Wikileaks?