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Free Speech Zone Diary and Comments Weigh "Truth About Kos."

I don't usually print rumors, but some rumors--like the rumors that John Edwards was having an affair--turn out to be true and politically significant. So, I'm going to print this excerpt from a discussion over at "The Free Speech Zone" blog, in which "Revisionist" contributed the following:

The rumour is (0.00 / 0)
that MAMZ was working for a Gay Porn company between him somehow not being able to find a job with his JD from a top school and starting DK. He wasnt a performer.

I keep harping on the JD. i know several people who I dont think are as sharp as a spoon who got thru law school with Cs and who had no issue finding well paying employment. I can believe MAMZ was that desparate in a city the size of SF. especially with the alumni of his school.

Funny too how one of the big wigs at that college was also heavily involved in intrique surrounding the country MAMZ parents fled. I wish I could access all the facts but they vanished with PFF. God and I remeber the exact thread all the Jesuit shit came up in.

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yeah yeah (5.00 / 1)
It's that simple

The question FLH was raising during his exposes was when exactly did MAMZ have his conversions. MAMZ was from a conservative oligarcal family, campaigned for Republicans, was anti-abortion, voted for Bush I, was anti-gay etc. He was a ditto head. There is no record of transformation. He suddenly shows up in SanFran and claims he cant find a job. Even though he has a JD from a Jesuit run college connected to the FBI/CIA. The kind of college that likes to place its students. Even Delaware Dumbfuck was bale to get a job handling traffic tickets.

If you follow the MAMZ narrative, regardless of his beliefs, there are weird inconsistancies about where MAMZ lived when. When he was in Chicago and when he was supposably in DC. Was in DC because of his family?

To be more specific (5.00 / 1)
My own empirical experience doesnt make me think that people go thru some kind of 180 philosophical catharisis there last couple of years of college. My friends who were conservative republicans are conservative republicans 20 years later. The liberals are still liberals. Some of the libs get a little fuddy duddy when after they have kids but not much.

Only exceptions are people from bumfuck podunck towns who had 0 experience with anything outside of a narrow world view forced on them by their remote locations. This cant be the case with MAMZ since he sez he grew up in Chicago and DC. Plus they usually go thru their converstions really quick their freshman year when they get exposed to negros and queers and freaks for the first time.

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Revisionist made reference to a screenshot of the homophobic sexually confused letter and cited Truth About Kos as the blog that researched all of MAMZ's college writings and posted the interesting (shocking) letters for everyone to judge for themselves.

As others in this thread said, it's certainly possible and even common for a sexually confused 22 year old to try to establish his own questionable heterosexuality by engaging in gay bashing. And yet a study cited elsewhere at this blog points out that men whose opinions are most homophobic are also men whose penises show the most engorgement while watching men have sex with each other. Read the original virulently homophobic letter that MAMZ wrote and published in his college newspaper and decide for yourself!

In fact, you can read ALL of his student newspaper articles at this link, and decide for yourselves which of his articles make MAMZ look most like a hypocritical callous Republican who was burnishing his resume for political office, even to the extent of denying being a minority when his last name is Zúñiga, until his homophobic screed and his CIA contacts became common knowledge to opposition researchers.

Here's a clue, MAMZ: Your money bundling and CIA contacts might get you into the mainstream media and Democratic Party circles, but your right-wing background is far to curious, scandalous, offensively outrageous and salacious to go unnoticed should you ever run for public office or seek an office that requires confirmation. People are going to compare what you've said about yourself to what can be proved (and disproved) by public documents and your own inconsistent (utterly contradictory) statements.

If you think you've been "Kos-bashed" in the blogosphere, just wait until you have a well-financed Republican opponent with a crack opposition research time. In the public eye, your lies and the truth will clash like rams butting their horns against each other, and the public beyond the blogging circles will have their first taste of you when your homophobia and CIA ties become common knowledge. They'll also want to know how a liberal from a humble background in El Salvador (but born in Chicago) nonetheless has family members that get million dollar loan guarantees from the US Federal Government's Overseas Private Investment Council. The more voters look at you, the more they'll see an over-privileged upper-crust CIA brat, with a strange attraction to writing about his fear of gays.

You won't be able to raise money among gays, having called them "inherently uncomfortable." You won't be able to raise money among Latinos, having denied being a Latino yourself (see above).

Markos Moulitsas, Northern Star, Northern Illinois University "(NIU) student newspaper:

"And as I left the ugly reality of racism behind, it struck me that what was such an easy and trivial exercise for me would be impossible for anyone whose skin color or religious persuassion (sic) made them the target of bigotry and discrimination. They would never be able to escape who they were." (Emphasis added.)
If you call Latinos and Hispanics "they" and turn your back on them in "escape" from their color-and-ethnicity-aroused plight, you certainly cannot now run for office on the "I'm a Latino plank", particularly since only one percent of DailyKos readers are Latino. You must think Latinos are stupid! In fact, they don't read your blog because they sense intuitively that you're a fake, and your blog virtually never addresses issues relevant to Latinos, from a Latino perspective.

Blacks are only 2% of DailyKos' reading audience, so you'd have to run in a district that has few or no Blacks. Retired and present military people won't support you because (a) your an atheist, and (b) you try to convince people that you served in the Gulf War, when you spent the whole time in Germany and training on a base in the United States.

You want to run from a liberal leftist district? That district (somewhere in Vermont?) would have to forgive you for calling the CIA a "very liberal institution." In other words, you should run for office in El Salvador, where the man who runs your "family hotel" is also president of the national tourism board, and where right-wing oligarchs often become elected politicians by literally slaughtering their political opponents.

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