Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Participants at Free Speech Zone Are Simply Idiotic!

So far, I have not been banned from posting at the whitosphere's Free Speech Zone (FSZ).  However, I have had a number of sadistic comments submitted after my posts at FSZ about issues very personal to me. I find FSZ to be far too much like Dailywhitosphere (which ought to be no surprise me or anyone else, because (I have heard somewhere) it was started by people from DailyKos).  Certainly a lot of screennames I saw at DailyKos are also present at FSZ.

There are far too many people at FSZ whom I first met at DailyKos (because they visited my posts to make idiotic and facially nasty comments).  They have not changed.  Rather than discuss the issues at hand, they make personal attacks, in an attempt to derail the discussion of the subject matter.

Although I still enjoy updating the Truth About Kos blog, when some new facet of the truth comes across my desktop, I've realized the futility of arguing with idiots and haven't the patience for it.  It's true that the more that people hate me and post negative comments, the more other people are drawn to my ideas to see what all the fuss is about.  And so CIA-trained haters (if that's what they are) can actually be quite useful to determined writer with information to which he seeks to bring attention.

For instance, any link posted at DailyWhitosphere and leading to the Truth About Kos is bound to draw forty (or less) MAMZ minions, to the comment or post, which minions defend MAMZ's participation in the CIA, defend his letter opposing ALL gay service in the military, and insist that MAMZ cannot be gay because he is married, like ex-Senator Larry Craig.
"Why would you have your wife hauled out before the media when you're sitting there explaining your latest indiscretion? Because a picture is worth 1,000 words," Cathy Allen, spokeswoman for the American Association of Political Consultants, told

"If you see a guy standing next to his wife, it offers some explanation that he might be telling the truth. It means 'how can he be gay? He's got a wife.' … Usually, there is an assumption that if your wife can forgive you, then the world can forgive you," she said.  ABCNews

One again, the only reason I have to believe that MAMZ might be gay is the letter he wrote in 1993 to his school newspaper.  I don't care if MAMZ is gay, except to the extent that it will tell us whether he is a homophobic homosexual hypocrite or not.

This post really is not about MAMZ, but it's about his direct and indirect associates at FSZ.  I just don't have the patience to argue silliness with people who couldn't care less about substance.  In the bible it warns that if you argue in public with idiots, passersby may be confused about which of the arguers is the idiot.

For this reason, and much to the pleasure of the people who make the most idiotic comments, I don't think I'll cross-post at FSZ anymore, and if I do I will refrain from reading the comments (positive and negative).  It's just too much of a waste of my time when I've found other more fruitful writing projects that are far less trying.

There was a day when an author published a book and then lived or emotionally died, perhaps, based on the literary commentary.  I confess that I have yet to read the book about President Obama's election campaign, because some (white-skinned) reviewer commented negatively on it.  Now reviews are immediate from a much larger audience, but the effect is the same:  A bunch of 98% white people, many of whom may be blogging professionally for the federal government, tell you whether they believe your post is meaningful or not.

Before I waste my time on that, I think I'll call El Salvador and ask as many people as necessary to tell me the exact familial relationship between Markos C[arlos?] Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) and Eduardo Carlos Alberto Delgado Zúñiga.  At least doing the latter would be research time well-spent, while arguing with idiots is something any idiot can do.

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