Friday, October 2, 2009

Crashing the Gates of the Markos Moulitsas Gay/Straight Enigma

Difference between Markos C.Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga and U.S. Rep. Barney Frank

I smell blood in the water surrounding Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga ("MAMZ" AKA "Kos" of DailyKos). The vortex has been created by two conflicting back-stories about MAMZ himself:

1). On the one hand, MAMZ wrote a rabidly homophobic letter to his college newspaper in which he vehemently opposed ALL gay service in the military, expressing a deep concern that gays were looking at him as he changed his underwear.

2). The second intense curiosity or concern -- that MAMZ is gay himself -- was born out of the MAMZ effete personality, combined with the sort of rabid anti-gay public stance that is often combined with a wide stance such as that of Larry Craig, last year's most homophobic homosexual to be unmasked in public by his own behavior in an airport bathroom.

The result is that many people inside and outside of blogging circles want to know whether MAMZ is gay, both because they don't like him and want to discredit him, and because many gays would like to claim such a high-profile character as one of their own, if he weren't so annoying in so many highly personal ways that have been discussed elsewhere by others at great length.

The fact of MAMZ's homosexuality, if indeed it is every proved to be a fact, is more likely to undercut his influence because the same blog that unearthed his virulently homophobic letter against gays in the military also successfully publicized the damning fact that MAMZ spent two years training with the CIA while he was simultaneously founding his "progressive" DailyKos blog. Since most people find "progessive" and "CIA-trained" to be oxymoronic biographical facts, most people are more likely take a decidedly negative view of the information they learn about MAMZ rather than embracing him as a member of the gay community.
The Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA by Justice and History
In fact, taken together with his bogus claim to be a poor immigrant from a humble family, when in fact he clearly is a child of the Salvadoran oligarchy to anyone who bothers to read public websites that mention the Zúñiga clan, it becomes apparent that we are dealing with a charlatan who is trying to "crash the gates" of the Democratic Party using a car-bomb full of blatant lies about himself and his background.
New online book says Kos' family member is president of the National Association of Salvadoran Hotels and also president of the Salvadoran National Tourism Board. Moulitsas lied when he said his Salvadoran family was not wealthy or influential.
Another example of the enigmatic passion for lies is Moulitsas claim today that he came to the US as an immigrant, although (a) he was born in Chicago, and (b) he specifically and unambiguously wrote in another post at his college newspaper that he doesn't identify himself or conceive of himself as being Hispanic at all.

In fact, the only conclusion that can be drawn from this essay (from before he was trained to lie by the CIA) is that MAMZ disavows Latinohood and considers himself simply to be a white man. (Read the correction at the end of this story and ask yourself why it is so important that MAMZ not be referred to by the last name that connects him to his Salvadoran relatives, and that he instead be referred to only by his Greek last name, which refers to an alleged Greek father about whom nothing at all has been documented.)

One need only look for the body of writing by the voluable MAMZ about what it means to be a Latino to discover that he is only Latino when he is (a) purveying a false Horatio Alger version of his own oligarchical past, or (b) claiming that is 1% Latino participants DailyKos cannot be anti-Latino because MAMZ himself is 1/2 Latino, even though he lectures people that his Greek last name of "Moulitsas" is preferred, and he has clearly and specifically disclaimed identification as a Latino in the past, before he was trained for two years by the CIA.

The truth is Latinos couldn't care less about MAMZ or DailyKos, because he doesn't participate in their community and does nothing whatsoever to show that he identifies with them in any way, aside from holding his large honeymoon party in El Salvador, at the 140.00 US dollars-per night beachfront hotel and condominium complex owned by his "humble" Salvadoran peasant family.
Screenshots from the Wedding Album that Connects Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA to his right-wing aristocratic, globalization and pollution-loving family in El Salvador Hmmm. Why did MAMZ take down his wedding album from the Web?
The question about MAMZ's sexuality has legs, because the United States is obsessed with gay vs. anti-gay, and because MAMZ, although clearly showing clinical signs of homophobic homosexuality, nonetheless is very, very far from wanting to declare himself a gay advocate and embrace the fight for gay rights. In fact, to the contrary, MAMZ has lived "A Lifetime Insensitive to Democratic Party Constituencies" rather than embracing gays and Latinos as a necessary part of a Democratic majority, particularly as Latinos firmly establish themselves as the nation's largest demographic minority.

As the public seeks to understand the conundrum presented by MAMZ letter opposing all gays in the military and the distinct impression many people have that MAMZ is Larry-Craig-gay himself, is creating a vortex into which all of the falsities of MAMZ's biography are being dragged. MAMZ himself is being dragged in by the facts that the public is learning about him.
MAMZ Admits He Was An "Asshole" When He Campaigned Against Gays' in the Military
At DailyKos, since the discrepancies between his personal story and the provable facts have been pointed out, nameless participants at DailyKos working under pseudonyms have insisted that DailyKos is not about Kos, but is about the closeknit family of sycophants who defend MAMZ's public profile even as it unwinds like a poorly-knit sweater. The insistence is that DailyKos has value even if its owner, operator and founder proves to be an inveterate liar.

Likewise, YearlyKos has been renamed and rebranded as "Netroots Nation" precisely because the writing is on the wall that MAMZ's personal biography cannot withstand much more scrutiny, and his Internet control mechanisms must be able to continue to operate even if MAMZ himself becomes utterly discredited by the force of his own lies and they crash into the unrelenting storm of implacable truth.

What difference does all of this make? Well, ask yourself what difference ANY individual CIA-trained blogger makes in the grand scheme of things. To the extent that the media willingly passes MAMZ off as the face of the American Left, in spite of all of the evidence that he is, if anything, the face of the essence of the American Right as it assumes endeavors to control, neuter, and annihilate the American Left, this contradiction between substantive political fact and fanciful media fairytales is a test of the existence and astuteness of the American Left.

A two-year CIA trainee hates gays and may himself be a gay gay-basher; he ignores Latinos but claims that he is a bigger man for having risen above them, and he claims he is the face of the American left. If so, there is no American Left except as it exists in CIA-sponsored right-wing caricature.


socrates said...

I couldn't find in the google book where Markos is tied to that family. I don't doubt it, nor of your claims of him being related to the salt and hotel companies. My gut tells me Kos is a right winger who has insidiously been astroturfing himself as some kind of immigrant whose family fled due to the communists. I've seen him cry about bloodshed due to them. I've never read him talk about the right wing death squads.

Look, he clearly applied to the CIA and has praised it as a liberal institution he wouldn't mind working for. That is damaging enough to anyone's credibility of claiming to be a lefty. But you have no proof that he was trained by them. You diminish the things that have been proven by stretching this. Yeah, it appears that he was trained by them. There's nothing wrong in saying that. But when you make it seem that it has been proven that he worked for them, you make yourself look like a paranoid, conspiracy theorist. Just saying.

As for him being a gay man, I believe he is, but that it is of the latent persuasion. I don't think he realises he is gay, nor that he has ever acted out on his organic sexuality. But he has shown a misogynist streak. He has been over the top anti-gay, quite similar to those gay men who say they have been cured and that it is an illness. Anyone who has been against gays in the military hasn't a clue. Gay people have shown just as much an ability to succeed in society as any other group or ethnicity.

I hope you didn't take it personally that I think you are wrong to claim that Kos trained or worked for the CIA. I believe he was too, based on his own words. I think he had a brain cramp. I think he was trying to spread pro-CIA propaganda. It's also very odd how he has never explained the timeline from what he said at the Commonwealth Club. I find it odd that with all the Kos-CIA threads put up at his centrist shitehole, he has never bothered to take those opportunities to state clearly what the fock he was talking about. He applied in 2001. He said it was a six month process. He said he decided against being a clandestine spy to instead work for Howard Dean. That was in 2003. DKos was started in 2002. So yes, he's got some splainin' to do to Ricky Ricardo. If I was him, I would have just lied or whatever and say he erred by accident in the interview. Or I would have said that he didn't hear back from them until a year later, anything to make his words add up. That he has never cleared the air for that, to me, implies that he was working for the CIA and perhaps has never left their organisation or he transferred to an FBI or NSA internet cointelpro type operation.

Anonymous said...