Wednesday, September 30, 2009

John Edwards' Sycophants Should Admit they Were Wrong and They Were Duped

Two and three years ago, DailyKos was full of John Edwards sycophants, just as obsessed as the Edwards aide, Andrew Young, who did everything from handing Edwards his morning coffee to claiming paternity of Edwards love child, in order to help the man he adored. (Read the detailed Politico story of today, discussing this sordid Edwards/aide relationship for more details.)

One sycophant among the DailyKos crowd even went by the pseudonym, "EdwardsRaysofSunshine". I'd just like to point out that when I said in 2006 that 2008 was not going to be the year of the white male presidential candidate and America would not elect its 44th consecutive white male president in 2008 -- not even John Edwards -- I was right and DailyKos' Edwards sycophants were all wet. They could and did ban me from DailyKos, but they couldn't ban reality from the presidential race. The reality was that the days of America automatically investing its hopes in white men were and are over.

As we all know by now, if we have access to Google, DailyKos was started by a man who admits that he was training at the CIA for two years -- 2001 until 2003 -- simultaneous with starting DailyKos. So, everything that comes out of that site should and must be looked at through a CIA psy-ops lens. And everyone who knowingly works with Moulitsas Zúñiga is spite of their knowledge of his roots in the CIA is someone who cannot be trusted. Eventually, Moulitsas Zúñiga will show himself to be as trustworthy as John Edwards.

Now, some people will wonder how I can assert that Moulitsas, a Latino, has gotten where he is in large part because he is a white man, running on the Horacio Alger "immigrant-up-from-poverty" image that Truth About Kos has proved is an utter fabrication, from the "immigrant"-born-in-Chicago start to Overseas Private Investment Council million dollar loan guarantees for his "family business" finish.

The simple answer is that Moulitsas is not a Latino in the normally understood sense of the word. He is a half-Greek Chicago born person who looks white and acknowledges that his Attitude Toward Latinos and Hispanics is "detached selfishness".

Being Latino isn't simply a matter of having one parent from El Salvador. It's an attitude, a political, cultural and linguistic belonging and a commitment that he simply doesn't share, if he is to be taken at his word.

Some people ask me if I am obsessed with Markos Moulitsas. In fact, I am very concerned about many characters whom I see straining for power in the United States, one of whom is a two-year CIA trainee whose blog includes virtually no Black or Latino participation, but who nonetheless says he is going to "Crash the Gates" of the Democratic Party and remake the Party in his own all white attitude of "detached selfishness" toward the key constituencies of the Democratic Party: women, Blacks, Latinos, gays and lesbians . . .

To me, asking me if I am obsessed with Moulitsas would be like asking a Black man in 1950 in Mississippi if he was "obsessed" with the threat posed by the Klu Klux Klan. Any Black man who wasn't at least concerned had to be in the deepest kind of denial - - a kind that would make him more vulnerable to the Klan than those who could see their own circumstances more clearly.

As I said above, Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga will soon be proved to be -- in addition to a CIA trainee -- an embarrassment to everyone who defended him as the evidence against him was mounting -- just like John Edwards. At some point, perhaps e.g. if it becomes public knowledge that he was in a gay relationship when he wrote his now notorious letter vehemently opposing ALL gay participation in the US military, people of all political stripes will be compelled to realize and accept that The Great CIA-Trained Markos Moulitsas is no grander and no more real than the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. But, he is more dangerous, particularly to the Democratic Party, to the degree that anyone takes his pronouncements seriously.


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Here is a Link Francis to a very good report on funders Bob Feldman

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