Friday, September 25, 2009

SourceWatch.Org Deletes Markos Moulitsas' CIA Participation from Description of Secretive Townhouse Group

According to SourceWatch.Com,
Townhouse is a closed by-invitation-only liberal listserv begun by blogger and Democratic campaign consultant Matt Stoller. Participants agree to keep their information exchanges confidential or risk being banned from the private Townhouse listserv.
Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga, who admits that he spent two years training at the CIA while starting his DailyKos blog, is a member of the TownHouse Group. In my mind that fact and the utter secrecy of the group's decisions and actions makes the group inherently suspect.

Today, I received an automatic e-mail from SourceWatch informing me that my edits to the TownHouse Group page have been "reverted", which means that the page is now as it was before I added information to it.

Here is the information that was deleted:

-One leading member of the group, Markos C. A. Moulitsas Zúñiga, has admitted that [ he was a Republican for many years] before he started his blog, DailyKos. While at Northern Illinois State University, [ Moulitsas Zúñiga acknowledges], he helped Republican Congressman Henry Hyde get elected. [ He also acknowledges] that he wrote a letter to his college newspaper entitled [ "Military Right" ], opposing all gay service in the U.S. military. And on June 6, 2006, in an [ address to the Commonwealth Club] in San Francisco, Moulitsas Zúñiga said that he started his DailyKos blog during a two-year period when he was training with the US Central Intelligence Agency, preparing to become an undercover agent of the CIA.+==Articles and resources==
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-One blog, [ The Truth About Kos], which has been critical both [ of the secretive Townhouse Group] in general, and of Moulitsas Zuñiga in particular, [ raises questions] about the Townhouse Group by pointing out that at least one of the group's leaders admits that [ he was trained by the CIA for undercover work], [ opposed all gay service in the military], and [ was a devoted Republican] before starting a blog intended to offer leadership to Democrats.+
-In the past, Moulitsas stated in writing for is college newspaper that, as concerns identifiable minorities, including Latinos, who suffer discrimination, Moulitsas' attitude is one of [" detached selfishness"], [ Truth About Kos] +
-==Related SourceWatch articles==+

At present, there is no "Criticisms" section to the Townhouse Group article at SourceWatch which would make sense if there were no bloggers or others who would criticize a super-secret group that makes and implements policies across a wide but unknown range of blogs.

Considering the efforts to which Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) and others are going to delete references to MAMZ's audiotaped statement that he spent two years at the CIA, it would appear likely that MAMZ simply did not intend to mention that on June 2, 2006 at the Commonwealth Club, but did so anyway and now he and/or others regret it.

The same must be true of Markos Moulitsas' wedding album whose details connect MAMZ to his "family business" in El Salvador, since the wedding album was taken down as soon as Truth About Kos used the details in the wedding album to explain the international US-Government-sponsored nature of Markos Moulitsas "family business".