Sunday, October 4, 2009

"How do you know if you are banned from daily kos?"

Someone wrote the title of this post as a google search and googled the question, "How do you know if you've been banned from DailyKos"? I found the Google search in my Site Meter and decided to answer it as follows:

Based on my personal experience, you may receieve an e-mail from someone at DailyKos, warning you obliquely that what you have been posting will no longer be permitted. I don't know if this is a friendly warning from someone with knowledge, or part of a CIA-trained plot to encourage posters to self-censor so that they can avoid being banned. Ormond Otvos sent me the message you can see to the left.

I received informal e-mail message of this sort before I was banned from DailyKos, because I continued to do precisely what I had gone there to do in the first place: Defend Hillary Clinton -- the only woman in the race, and the only candidate who was not a white male -- before Barack Obama indicated a desire to run for the presidency. (But, I was right, two years before the fact: The 2008 presidential election ended the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency and put a big hole in the white male supremacy paradigm.)

Meanwhile, before I was banned from MyDD, I received an explicit warning from one of the administrators that criticisms of Markos Moulitsas would not be permitted at MyDD, saying, "You have been warned." Then, I received a public announcement at the blog, in the comments to one of my articles continuing to criticize Markos Moulitsas, "that's it. you are banned. (sic)

By arguing publicly the issue of whether I would be banned, and linking to blogs that I had set up where people could find me after I was banned, I was able to use their ban procedure to magnify the dissemination of the information I wanted to share, as well as magnify the public's awareness of the coordinated censorship at MAMZ-minion (Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga) blogs.

I think my banning from DailyKos, MyDD and MyLeftWing (as well as virtually all of the state-by-state blogs that Moulitsas has set up) has been one of the most successful anti-censorship campaigns of which I am aware. Why? First, because the threat of being banned incited me to start the Francis L. Holland Blog, where I have continued to express myself on the issues important to me, but equally importantly, my anger at MAMZ's arrogant attempts to take over the Democratic Party prompted me to research and publish the hitherto unknown truth about Kos's background, which has significantly limited his ability to be influential, now and in the future.

In fact, it may well have been the facts about MAMZ published at the Truth About Kos that compelled WhiteRoots Nation to change its name and begin to disassociate itself from Markos Moulitsas.

Please pardon the digression.

You will know with certainty that you have been banned from DailyKos when you sign in but you discover that you are not able to comment or post diaries. That is when you have been "silenced", if you accept to be silienced. A much better solution is to begin your own blog BEFORE you are banned from the big box blogs, and link to your blog in everything that you post at the big boxes. That way, those who agreed with and learned from you, but are afraid to
say so, will be able to follow you to your new blog when you are finally banned from the MAMZ-minion blogs.