Sunday, April 25, 2010

Banning in the Whitosphere and the 9-11 Cone of Silence

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When I follow my site meter at Truth About Kos and I discover that people are looking for information about blog participants banned at DailyKos, I realize something fundamental: Like soccer games distract Latin Americans from the fact that they barely have anything to eat and their kids can't get educated, the whole banning discussion between 2006 and 2008 distracted whitosphere bloggers and me from the fact that we were headed into a depression where ten percent of Americans and half of Black teenagers wouldn't have a job.

To his credit, there was a guy over at Dailywhitosphere who wrote almost daily about the signs that the US economy was about to go into a nosedive, but the soap opera of who would be banned and when and how distracted, just the way undercover federal agents in the Panther Party sowed distrust within the ranks until it was impossible to know whom to trust.

I feel the same distrust in the blogosphere right now, and I must admit that it includes some afrosphere participants. I am convinced that we have been infiltrated so that our discussions will be primarily about each other rather than about using computer interconnectedness as a powerful political tool.

I would go so far as to say that many blogs have been created by Government agents and/or assets to prevent the precise kind of increasing mobilization and radicalization that would have occurred in the absence of these blogs and if we were not infiltrated. Look at DailyKos and MyDD, for example.

DailyKos was opened in 2002 with a rule that participants could not and must not discuss the most important political and economic event of the decade: the professional demolition-style destruction of three enormous building in Manhattan, with a Government cover story became more incredible the more one studied the actual videos.

So, DailyKos opens less than a year later, and it's most known in the blogosphere for its insistence that we must not discuss what was obviously a conspiracy involving many different parties in a "false flag" covert action that can only be described as treason, unless you can accept the utter destruction of three commercial buildings, the destruction of three passenger jets and deaths of thousands of people as a day in the life of the Federal Government.

The primary blogs of the whitosphere were not created as a place for leftists to discuss reality; they were created to divide intelligent leftists from those who might otherwise listen to cogent arguments, watch first-hand films, and conclude the that president of the United States and/or the vice-president were so determined to take military neck-hold on America's foreign and domestic policy that the CIA permitted and encouraged the destruction of buildings so that voters and political activists would become more supine in the face of a massive tragedy that leftists were not allowed to discuss.

Although I admit that I haven't read the blog 9-11 False Flag blog, the banner of the blog summarizes what I believe about 9-11, particularly after viewing videos of the buildings imploding as well as the spontaneous expressions of disbelief among first responders: "The Bush Regine Engineered 9-11." I prefer to see the proposition described this way, ("The Bush Regine Engineered 9-11.") because I am not even convinced that the President knew fully what would happen on 9-11.

There were battles within the Administration of who would control the Armed Forces and intelligence apparatus in the Bush Administrations and what the scope of their authority would be. The events of 9-11 resolved that question of authority completely, with Dick Cheney and his lieutenants in charge of the military response to 9-11 as well as the propaganda that would justify the military response, because 9-11 in and of itself would not have been enough to convince the nation that Cheney should be allowed to do as he pleased in domestic suppression of dissent and undertakings of foreign wars.

An argument had to be made that the destruction of the towers in combination with the ongoing threat meant that Dick Cheney should be in control of the response to domestic terrorism and foreign terrorism, with terrorism coming to signify whatever Dick Cheney wanted it to signify. The whitosphere has been an active if covert participant in this propaganda of compelled omission. And who better to ride herd than the man who was born on September 11th, 1971 and was trained at the CIA beginning in 2001; Markos C[?] Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ).


Stuart Bramhall said...

I checked out your blog out of curiosity after you left a comment on my blog (about the Bank of North Dakota). I was extremely pleased to see what you're doing with your site. I did a "virtual" blog tour when I first set up my blog in December and immediately had reservations about the DailyKos - not so much because they were pro-white but because they were clearly pro-corporate. I no longer try to distinguish between blogs written by the CIA, FBI, military intelligence etc and blogs written by corporate PR hacks. After studying the issue of "infiltration" for the last 20 years, I think these boundaries have become so blurry they don't really exist any more. In fact it is very common for former intelligence officers to leave government employment and go to work for some PR agency. I myself had a little trouble with the FBI in 1987 after I helped some former Black Panthers convert an abandoned school to an African American Museum. I am now living and working in New Zealand and about to publish a book about my experiences (The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee). Keep up the good work.
Ms Stuart Bramhall (62 year old white lady)

Francis Holland said...

Thank you so much for visiting and for telling us of your experience, Ms. Stuart Bramhall!