Monday, March 15, 2010

DailyKos Black Participation Increases 300% in Two Months?

On December 23, 2009, I wrote here that:, a service that measures site traffic demographics, says that the DailyKos audience is 97% white, 2% Black, and zero percent Latino. Another DailyKos participant argues that "Daily Kos IS NOT THE BASE, never has been..." (See:"Surprise! DailyKos is All White (and Full of Racists)"
Well, since I read that 97% white statistics in December, the Quantcast numbers moved to show DailyKos as 90% white and 6% African-American.

Something is amiss here. DailyKos did its own poll of participants two or three years ago and concluded that the site was 97% white. Quantcast looked at DailyKos in December and concluded that the site participation was 2% Black. And now we are asked to believe that Black participation has gone from 2% to 6% (a three hundred percent increase) in just two months and twenty days?

Something is amiss here, just as something is amiss at Northern State University's Northern Star, where the Web addresses of MAMZ's college school newspaper articles changed and the articles became unavailable a mere week or two after I published some of their shocking and laughable contents.

I don't believe for a moment that DailyKos' Black site traffic has increased 300% over two months. I think that MAMZ and his minions realized how embarrassing the Quantcast numbers were, so they Google-bombed his site to make it look like it had a larger Black audience than it does (although six percent is nothing to crow about when the nation has a Black president and 20% of delegates to the Democratic National Convention are Black.

Why does the site still show a mere 1 (one) percent Latino participation, even though MAMZ himself participates in a "family business" in El Salvador?

I believe the answer is that:

The site doesn't address issues, people and countries that are meaningful to Latinos, and

(2) The site is openly hostile to anyone who lets on that they do not have white skin and a white prototypically white mindset, and
(3) MAMZ has specifically disavowed being a minority, repeatedly refers to Hispanics and Latinos as "they", and MAMZ therefore not a Hispanic or Latino. (See Moulitsas Says His Attitude Toward Latinos, Hispanics and all Minorities is "detached selfishness".
MAMZ's flight from Latinohood is obvious in his insistence that "Zúñiga" should not be considered part of his name, even though it's part of his family's name. This is obvious in the lack of Latinos and Hispanic issues addressed at the site. Also see this prominent warning at Wikipedia: "This is a Spanish name; the first family name is Moulitsas and the second is Zúñiga." (In other words, leave the last (Latino) name out when referring to him, just as Wikipedia does in the address of his Wikipedia page:*
, so
(5) Latinos can't see any good reason to waste their time at DailyKos.

Now that I've stated that the 1% Latino traffic at DailyWhitosphere is a problem rooted in MAMZ's self-identification, let's see if Quantcast is reporting by May that the number of Latinos visiting the DailyWhitosphere has increased six-fold, to six percent of site participation, while Latinos are more than 13% of the population in the United States and their votes decide who the next Congressmen and President will be.

* How do I know that MAMZ and his minions control the content of his wikipedia page? Just go to the Wikipedia page and see that there is no reference to the two years of training at the CIA, to which MAMZ has confessed. Why would anyone excise two years of training and internship in Washington DC from their resume unless they simply didn't want anyone to know about it?

I have gone to the Wikipedia page and inserted reference to the CIA, but it is always taken out later. Apparently, there are people who believe that two years of training at the CIA is irrelevant to the bona fides of a "leftist" bloggers. Rather than leave the information there for the public to weigh, the redact and erase the information so that MAMZ wikipedia page reads like a speakers bureau biographical piece. By excising this reference from the MAMZ biography, Wikipedia makes itself a vanity publisher for MAMZ's self-promotional press release.


Unknown said...

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libhom said...

There's plenty of sexism and heterosexism on that site too.

The site often is labeled as liberal, but it's really a site for conservative, highly partisan, DINOs. The whole thing is a sick joke.

Francis Holland said...

Yeah, DailyKos is a sick joke. So, why is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking at the DailyWhitosphere's WhiteRoots conference this year?

I think it's all part of a very conscious effort (at least on the part of MAMZ and the CIA) to legitimize CIA participation in internal American political discourse. Of course CIA participation in any country's discourse tends to lead to right-wing coups, political decapitation of the Left, and right-wing pro-business and anti-labor policies.