Monday, March 15, 2010

MAMZ's Histrionics Include Calling for a Primary Challenge for Dennis Kucinich

Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) once said that every time someone attacked him, it helped him to become more famous. It's also true that every time MAMZ attacks someone who is well-known, like Congressman Dennis Kucinich, MAMZ becomes more famous, which helps draw media and public attention to his 97% white and 65% atheist blog, as well as the books he has written.

Over the last two years, a newer phenomenon has arisen: Every time MAMZ says something that is shockingly wrong-headed or blatantly histrionic (like attacking an ex-US Congressman Tom Tancredo on television for not serving in the military, while MAMZ holds himself out as a veteran of the US Army), the public goes looking on Google for background information about MAMZ. Many people come to the Truth About Kos blog, wondering just what MAMZ's problem is.

The public wants to know whether MAMZ is gay because, in 1993, MAMZ wrote a vehemently homophobic letter to his college newspaper, in which letter MAMZ opposed ALL gay participation in the US military. This blog's research, discovery and publication of that letter, and MAMZ own publicly perceived effeminate manner, has had the effect of causing the public to think "gay" whenever they hear the name "Moulitsas." There's nothing wrong with being gay. There is something wrong with being a political hypocrite.

It is, indeed, ironic that a letter so vehemently anti-gay has led the public to wonder whether MAMZ is gay himself. There have been so many cases in the news over the last two years of covertly gay Congressmen overtly bashing gays in their political ravings, such that MAMZ's behavior is perceived in the context of ex-US-Senator Larry Craig's behavior.

Whether MAMZ is gay or not is only meaningful to determine just how hypocritical his letter of 1993 was, perhaps bashing others in order to solidify the public's perception of himself as non-gay.

What concerns me is whether there is a white male blogger, owner of a 97% white blog, trying to take over a Democratic Party that is 20% Black in its delegates to the Democratic National Convention. MAMZ crashing of the gates, if successful, would leave Blacks with no representation whatever in American politics. The Democratic Party would inevitably lose more often because Blacks always vote for the Democratic Party candidate while whites decide based on the presentations of the candidates and, statistically, are far more likely to vote for Republicans.

Of more concern to most whites, I would like to see ONE national media outlet post an article in which MAMZ explains why he was at the CIA training to be a spy at the same time that he was founding his ostensibly "leftist," all-white DailyKos blog.

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