Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Surprise! DailyKos is All White (and Full of Racists)"

Difference between Markos C.Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga and U.S. Rep. Barney Frank

Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga is the owner of DailyKos. A 2007 post at the Red Alerts blog, was entitled, "Surprise! DailyKos is All White (and Full of Racists)," saying:

Let’s not forget that Kos once banned a Black man after he was called a monkey by some of the “liberal” diarists there.
The Black man who was called "monkey"pointed out that there was a higher percentage of Blacks as delegates at the Republican National Convention (9.5%) than there were Blacks participating at the DailyKos "liberal" blog (2%).

Two years later, nothing has changed at DailyKos., a service that measures site traffic demographics, says that the DailyKos audience is 97% white, 2% Black, and zero percent Latino. Another DailyKos participant argued that "Daily Kos IS NOT THE BASE, never has been..."

When I see these demographics, I ask myself the same thing I ask when I see Woody Allen movies that are filmed in New York, but have no Black or Latino characters and have no Blacks or Latinos in the crowd shots: 'How do they engineer their products to be so utterly all-white in the Democratic Party and the city of New York that are so multicultural?'

The "how" of the reality is debatable, but the reality that DailyKos is a virtually all-white neighborhood is an established fact. And this is so in spite of the fact that

(a) MAMZ's supporters defend him and DailyKos, arguing that MAMZ himself is half-Salvadoran, and therefore cannot be averse to diversity,

(b) because -- contrary to that argument -- MAMZ published an article in which he directly addressed the topic of his own ethnicity; disavowed his Latino roots; and declared himself to be a white man who is not subject to discrimination and therefore need not worry about discrimination. In the article, MAMZ said,
And as I left the ugly reality of racism behind, it struck me that what was such an easy and trivial exercise for me would be impossible for anyone whose skin color or religious persuassion (sic) made them the target of bigotry and discrimination. They would never be able to escape who they were. (Emphasis added.) Markos Moulitsas, Northern Star, Northern Illinois University student newspaper, September 2,1993.
As MAMZ sees it, there is nothing about his background that would compel or incline him toward including Blacks or Latinos at his blog. The statistics show that his blog demographics closely track his personal aversion to minority (and females') issues.

There is a simpler reason why DailyKos is all-white: Blacks simply do not like being called "monkeys", and those who oppose such color-aroused antagonism at DailyKos, such as the Black man referred to in the Red Alerts article, are systematically excluded from participation there.

At least DailyKos is a safe environment for white male gays, right? Not quite. Look at this letter that MAMZ wrote expressing his morbid fear of gay men looking at his "underpants" and arguing strenuously against ALL gay participation in the US military: Read the letter.

Since DailyKos was founded in 2002, while its owner was in training at the CIA, (listen to the public speech in which he says so) the owner's opinion has been that Democrats can win if they simply silence the voices and group-specific advocacy of their various constituencies, like Blacks, Latinos, gays, and women. In other words, the Democrats can win if they just silence the advocacy of the majority of the constituencies who make up the Democratic Party. Ironically, that's just what Rush Limbaugh would like to do as well.

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