Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is MAMZ One of US Governments Hundreds of Thousands of Bloggers?

Hat Tip to Socrates.

Why should we distrust Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga, the man who started his "leftist" blog while he was working for the right-wing servant called the George W. Bush CIA? David Meerman Scott over at Web Ink Now supplies a powerful reason: The US Air Force alone employs 330,000 bloggers whose job is to visit websites,

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socrates said...

Thanks. I had also posted that at Daily Kos and of course the issue became me as a zombie over the merits of the content. That entry had a poll for how much the military-industrial complex budget should be slashed. True progressives and lefty peaceniks would say 80-100% or at least close.

Al Giordano of NarcoNews would probably say otherwise. He is funded by people with ties to military and even an ex-CIA chief named James Woolsey. He showed up again at DFQ2 to take a rip at you, me, and Stu. But I slung it right back at him. He called us the ones more likely to be CIA cointelpro. Even a dumbass like me knows that cointelpro was the FBI. Maybe he should sit down with Woolsey or the "Sal Alinsky of our time" to learn such basics. Such people can't deal with the truth, so they blurt out ad hominems and evoke authority and call us trolls. That to me is a sign of desperation. If we were so off-base, we'd be ignored.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I haven't read that whole flow chart, but I'm sure some of those who hound us are simultaneously looking at a government-prepared flow chart, guiding them through the steps of ignoring issues and ridiculing proven facts.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Calling someone a troll is like calling a woman the "c" word. It's an atomic attack attempt to shut the person up and invalidate them as a person with one word. It's the online equivalent of the "N" word.

"Troll" is a shorthand way of saying, "you are the devil, and I am a man of God". How do you argue with things like that, except by ignoring the name-calling and continuing on with facts.

When they call you a troll, they are trying to discourage you, but their audience is the reader. They are telling the readers that you are discredited and so readers should pay no attention to anything you say.

Meanwhile, readers know that if they engage in intelligent conversation with you, then they, too, will be considered "trolls".

It's a social system worthy of junior high school and high school, but it's probably part of the psy-ops that people like MAMZ learn during their two-year training at the CIA.

If I were to interview MAMZ, I would ask him what aspects of his CIA training have been most useful in his blogging experience.

socrates said...

One thing I respect about Daily Kos in contrast to Democratic Underground is that they don't wholesale delete our content. Though perhaps that is unnecessary as they have the plausible deniability provided through "community moderating." The beauty of DaveFromQueens was that he showed that such vigilante community moderating has in fact been a front. Those UGOGs actually had access to top DKos administrators.

The automatic ban is also a myth. DKos admins are the only ones who can ban someone. But they like the myth of it appearing that it is the "democratic consensus" of their blogging community who are doing the censorship.

Wikipedia has a similar model. It leads to discourse and the free exchange of ideas being perverted by insidious folks lurking in the shadows manipulating domain structures.

I started out in 2005 at HuffingtonPost. That's when it first dawned on me that internet democracy was a myth, and that a coordinated network of fakes were all over the joint.

There are so many different disinfo astroturfers on the net. Every branch of military has their own intelligence division. I have even been able to uncover fake posters who have ties to NASA. There are even companies who have been found to admit to doing such work. There is Netvocates, the Rendon Group, Advantage Consultants, the Bivings Group, and probably others that haven't yet seeped into our collective awareness.

It's tough for "them" to keep spinning us as paranoid kooks. The only way they seem to be successful at it, is like you say, anyone who agrees with the content provided is branded as a sock puppet or just another kook.

I agree with you that it is the silent reader's opinion which means more than our own or those of the fakes. I believe the ad hominem attacks eventually backfire. It is a great American value to give people their due process. When we are called trolls, without any credible justification, that forces the reader to hit the search engines and do fundamental research and fact checking.


socrates said...

They will find out that in 2006, very recently, Moulitsas said the CIA is a liberal institution he'd have no trouble working for. They could go back in time and see that Kos did send that infamous Townhouse Memo about starving the oxygen out of the Jerome Armstrong scandal. True lefty peaceniks will take it a step further and try to figure out Kos' El Salvadoran history. They will find out there isn't much on it. But they will see that unlike his claims to be a poor immigrant who parlayed $100 into the biggest political blog in the world, that he has pinned the historic troubles in that country on the rebels. That will never add up. He is hoping people are ignorant of history. Curious readers will find no mention of right wing death squads. They will see that Markos comes from big money based on that wedding album he deleted but is for now still available through

I'm not sure if you aware of something. Your banishment from MyRightWing coincided with another controversy. There was a well-known Kos blogger who was also a front pager for Maryscott O'Connor, now known as Thereisnorape. Maryscott deleted hundreds of posts that made that person look bad. She banned you but not him. MLW used to have a lot of potential. Those decisions and others led to MLW becoming a skeleton of what it once was.

You had a simple yet profound point back then that really stood out to me. You asked why would people who have been treated so unfairly by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, to paraphrase, run interference for him? Personally, I don't believe that all those people are paid fakes. I think a lot of them are a form of that, but I also think there are people who ended up falling for the Stockholm Syndrome and the psychological operations put forth by paid disinfo.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point it emerged that the person behind the username Karmafish turned out to be a paid fake. There's no logical explanation for why any lefty would have ever stuck up for Republican Lites like Zuniga. They wouldn't have ignored the content. It is nice that your work there is still readable. People should check out what happened with your MLW experience. Real trolls would be worried about letting the reader decide. It is people like Kos, Karmafish, and Giordano who are the real trolls. Giordano is funded by Peter Ackerman. Such funding can be easily tied to the CIA. And Giordano wants us to believe he is at the forefront of exposing them! He calls Kos the Sal Alinsky of our time. Wow. It's sad that so many "progressive" bloggers can be tied to intelligence (an oxymoron descriptor), the military-industrial complex, and many others on the wrong side of history.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I've stopped editing MAMZ's wikipedia page, because they keep editing out the fact that the confessed to training with the CIA for two years while starting DailyKos.

When they edit that out, it becomes apparent that MAMZ's wikipedia page is just a free advertisement for MAMZ, with little or no critical information whatsoever.

MAMZ obviously has a lot of minions in his employ (literally or figuratively) to go around fixing stuff like this for him.

When people see that there are 1.8 million hits for "Kos" + "CIA" at Google, but no information about that in the wikipedia page, I hope people will see that Wikipedia is unreliable. The baton of "truth" goes to whomever has the time to go to the page and edit it the most often.

I'm ignoring all whitosphere blogs now. Most people who visit my blogs come from Google or from other afrosphere blogs.

My goal is to create "sticky" information that is multiplied exponentially when people cite what I've written and then are cited by others in an ever-widening circle. That's why what you say is as important as how you say it.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, you said,

"True lefty peaceniks will take it a step further and try to figure out Kos' El Salvadoran history. They will find out there isn't much on it."

I used to know a lot of true lefty peaceniks in the United States, and I haven't heard very many people at any of the whiteosphere blogs who sounded like the white leftists. Just for one example: I have never, ever met a single lefty peacenik of any color who would defend MAMZ's CIA history. And yet, DailyKos is FULL of people who will deny that MAMZ's time at the CIA, simultaneous with starting DailyKos, is relevant.

I've never seen a single one of these whitosphere blogs organize a demonstration as successful as the Jena March.

And why are the whitosphere blog participants so concerned with maintaining their anonymity. That would have been impossible during the sit-in, protest days of anti-intervention work. And yet, the whitosphere loves the fact that you really never know with whom you're talking over there.

Here's another fact. At USA mainstream newspapers, you never see the headline, "Journalist Discovers that John Doe Is CIA." USA media simply DO NOT PRINT what they know about CIA identities. It's based on at least a tacit agreement between the Government and the mainstream media. So, even the two million hits on MAMZ at google about his CIA activities will not compel a newspaper to do a story that seeks to resolve the obvious questions about MAMZ. It's great big story for an investigative journalist, but the mainstream media won't touch it. Why?

The only information I have about MAMZ's family is what I can find, which turns out to be VERY extensive and literally frightening if you think about traveling to El Salvador and following up on it: Carlos Alberto Delgado Zúñiga, who shares one middle name and a last name with MAMZ and also works as "manager" at MAMZ's "family hotel" conglomerate.

socrates said...

Francis, I love reading your stuff. Thanks for what you have provided over the years. I'm looking forward to reading your new entry after responding to your posts here.

Wikipedia is ovbiously one of those "in theory" good ideas. It's a cheater's paradise. One of my main interests has been trying to figure out whether all contrails are natural, or if some are deliberate. Getting into the basic science of that, one needs to understand the difference between troposphere and stratosphere. One entry there had it completely wrong. Things like that make me wonder.

The buggers who get exposed on various things always seem to be ready to edit wikipedia. I can see how you've become disillusioned in the idea of continuing to edit in corrections.

I responded to your post at DFQ2 about the question of whether it has been proven through Kos' words that he is CIA trained. link

I agree with you that the blogosphere has turned into a dive. I haven't had any hope for it turning around since about a year ago. I think a certain amount of repetition is good. Disinfo fockers want big ideas to fall into memory holes or be drowned out by noise. They want the few like yourself to feel that no one agrees with your fundamental findings. One of my professors got through to me that repetition of basics is necessary. A bedrock of knowledge needs to be secured, before it can be taken to higher levels of cognition.

One of your google links gives returns pertaining to police abuse. Great minds think alike. I made a recent entry on it and have followed it a bit the last couple years. I also get how oppressed bloggers like us can play at their own game. I see through my own blogging how I have been able to end up more often in google search results. The Davids can fight back and win against Goliaths.

There is a general consensus that has formed outside the "whitosphere" blogs that the progressive label has been co-opted. Maybe what we are trying to do is akin to guerrilla blogging. Of course, none of us are in war torn areas and going hungry with bloodshed all around us. I don't want to ever sound leftier as thou as Giordano says we are.


socrates said...

The "whitosphere" is rigged. It is outrageous that I can't even confront certain bloggers with facts. There's this one dude Brad Friedman who I have tried to confront. He has insider connections, and nearly every time I try to post some facts, they get deleted. I don't post porn. I don't libel. I don't make stuff up. I have been forced to take screenshots to show that I have been unfairly censored. I'm not afraid to let the reader decide. And like yourself, I have become more attuned to various methods in getting the word out.

Another bad result of "whitosphere" censorship is that us good whiteys aren't being represented either. You are a good jake who is aware of this. I don't take your whitosphere phrase personally, especially now after you sent me those materials proving race is a lie, and what we are looking at is a world acting ignorant on the basis of skin pigment.

The Daily Kos is rigged. Dave Weintraub proved it. Now it's not just a feeling that many have. It's fact. The Daily Kos is full of conservative ideology. It is triangulation in the extreme.

The Daily Kos is comprised of mostly political operatives and various other forms of astroturf. This can also be found at all the other Moulitsas affiliated blogs. It is found at every so-called progressive big blog.

I respect your ideas about anonymity. Some of us are just scared that if we publicise who we are in real life, it could put us in danger of violence. I told you my real name in an email. I've offered to share with Al Giordano my real life info. My excuse is that I am truly a nobody. There is not one iota on the internet that deals with my real name. Plus, you must realise that anyone could provide a name, and there would be no way of knowing whether it is a true one. In general, I agree with you. Even if it looks like I am a hypocrite for not posting with my own.

I'm surprised that not even an alternative newspaper has covered your story. One would think a Boston Phoenix, for example, would cover it.

I wish I had the money to bankroll your story. You have done a great service in exposing Moulitsas' ties to the El Salvadoran oligarchy. If Kos was a legit dude, he'd be saying that he used to be on the wrong side of history. He'd be explaining how he went from being aligned with the wealthy to being appalled about the death squads. He'd explain how he became aware and evolved as a human being.

He should have just kept his mouth shut the whole time. He shouldn't have astroturfed himself as a poor immigrant. He shouldn't have spoken about bloodshed at the hands of guerrillas, if he was going to ignore the true El Salvadoran history. He shouldn't have said anything about his man crush on the CIA. The Commonwealth Club interview was conducted a mere couple years ago. He doesn't have that wiggle room for passing off his historic homophobia and ties to far right politicians. He can't say that was a result of him being young and naive.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...