Saturday, August 21, 2010

How did MAMZ get the CIA's Permission to "Crash the Gates" of the Democratic Party?

The problem with the Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ), DailyKos, it's Front-Page Writers, Trusted Users, and others who operate DailyKos is that they do so for reasons other than the reasons announced.  They have a private group of nationally known bloggers, by invitation only, called the Townhouse Group.  The Townhouse group gets together (mostly over the Internet, probably) and decides what the American Left will say and what the Left will avoid saying. The problem with this is that at least one founder of this group is a CIA-trained manipulator.

Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) acknowledges having spent two years training with the CIA, and also said in a June 2, 2006 interview at the Commonwealth Club:

I’ve never had any problem with the CIA. I’d have no problem working for them. Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA at the Commonwealth Club. 
See transcript and listen to the audiotape for confirmation.
MAMZ has never denied that he does work for the CIA at the present, so the information we have, based on his comments, is only that, after training with the CIA, he'd "have no problem working for them."  Maybe HE DOES work for them!  Has anyone asked him and been told otherwise?

Having a CIA agent among the ranks of bloggers of the American Left is like having a convicted pedophile working at a your child's nursery school.  There are laws and corporate policies to prevent that from happening because everyone can see how fundamentally wrong it is to risk the safety of children by hiring someone who is inherently untrustworthy and sexually manipulative.  A CIA agent working among bloggers presents a similar level of risk.  After all, what do "secret agents" learn at the CIA if not manipulation of the groups which they infiltrate?

Since Stu Piddy and I disseminated the information on MAMZ's connection to the CIA, the idea of having a CIA agent working among the Left has become normalized, ostensibly because, in the words of one Black blogger who works directly with MAMZ setting up the yearly Netroots Nation conferences:  "" 

You can't read what the front page writers at DailyKos post for the purpose of determining whether they are sincere or not. You have to ask yourself what purpose the CIA would have in setting up DailyKos.  As Stu Piddy first observed, MAMZ has acknowledged that he was in training at the CIA when he started DailyKos. Pardon me for letting my imagination roam, but I can just imagine MAMZ's conversation with his secret-agent training supervisor at the CIA when MAMZ announced that in his spare time he was starting a "leftist" blog for "crashing the gates" of the Democratic Party:

MAMZ:  Bob, you're my supervisor and there's something I think you should know.  I know the CIA is usually a tool of the rich and a hammer over the head of poor people around the globe, but do you think it would be OK if I start a leftist blog about Leftist revolution while I'm still training at the CIA?

BOB, the CIA Supervisor: We know that you've been working on doing that because we listen in on your telephone conversations and we read your e-mail while you're in training at the CIA. I'm glad you've come to me with this idea instead of forcing me to confront you about it.

MAMZ: You've known all along that I want to be wealthy and famous, like my uncle (?) in El Salvador and you haven't said anything to me about it?

BOB, the Boss: (Begins to smile a devilish smile.) Yes, MAMZ, the truth is we think you starting a Leftist blog is an EXCELLENT idea, and we have a whole team of Internet experts, writers and, psy-ops psychologists who can help you to do this on a major level, with international influence.

MAMZ: But would the CIA help me to do this and expect nothing in return?

BOB: We would expect nothing in return other than your obedience, because we believe we can secretly use your blog and the contacts you make to control the entire American Left AND influence the media that the Left and everyone else reads.

MAMZ: Oh, OK. So, I can start my blog?

BOB: Sure! There's a large airplane hanger-sized office where you can work on your blog that's going to be the size of a Wal-Mart store, and we'll have your team assembled within a week. We even have someone contacting the other "Leftist" blogs so that you can all work in tandem.

MAMZ: Oh thanks! I knew you would understand!

BOB: I understand a lot more than you'll ever know, MAMZ.
While we don't know that the interaction occurred precisely as I say it did, we do know with certainty that it would be impossible to become a well-known "leftist" blogger while training to be a secret agent at the CIA without the issue coming up.  We should ALL want to know how that issue was resolved; what MAMZ got; and what the CIA got.  We should also wonder whether the training he received at the CIA was, from the beginning, precisely for the purpose of infiltrating and manipulating the American Left.

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