Sunday, August 29, 2010

Public Still Googling, "Is Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga Gay?"

One reader of this blog expresses concern that I could be perceived as homophobic if I continue reporting that the public wants to know whether Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) is gay or not, as I pointed out here and here and many other times.  As I said back in August of 2009,
I don't think anyone should "out" gays out of antagonism toward gays or a homophobic desire to embarrass gays. However, when public figures who are secretly gay make a public point and spectacle of denouncing gays publicly, while denying their own private and strong homosexual desires, and sometimes homesexual behavior, then I believe it is constructive to "out" such public figures."
I actually find it discouraging that so many people are interested in MAMZ's sexuality relative to the number of people interested in his self-professed connections to the US Central Intelligence Agency. However, this blog is called "Truth About Kos" because I report the truth, even when it does not directly support or contradict my hypotheses. Whether MAMZ is gay or not has little to do with whether he is infiltrating and distorting the leftist and pseudo-leftist blogosphere for the CIA. 

However, MAMZ's past statements in vehement opposition to ANY AND ALL gay participation in the US military are just one more aspect of his Republican past that make his present protestations of "leftism" seem absurdly incredible

I believe the public is capable of reading MAMZ lettera gainst all gay participation in the military (which letter  I researched, located and published, ) and the GBLT and heterosexual public can easily figure out who despises gays but fears that he, himself, has been insufficiently manly at times in his life.

Reporting what shows up on my Site Meter is not homophobic .  It's a recognition of the interest in MAMZ's sexuality in light of his past public statements.  I certainly hope that those who come here to discover whether he is gay will also discover his professed relationship to the CIA.

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