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Many Truth About Kos Readers Find Sought-After Information

One gay blogger wrote that "Markos Moulitsas is a hypocritical jackass" for opposing gay rights and claiming to be a "liberal blogger."  As the editor and chief writer of the Truth About Kos blog, I watch the Site Meter regularly to find out what brings people to this blog and whether they are finding the information for which they are looking.  In many cases, people come to this blog after googling the phrase "gay Kos," simply because there is a gay island mecca in Greece by the name of "Kos".  Although those people visit the blog, they immediately leave because they are not getting the sought-after information about the gay-friendly Greek island mecca.

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What I find much more rewarding is when people come to this blog after they Google "Kos + CIA," (with 982,000 relevant pages at Google) and those readers find exactly what they are seeking.  People also come to this blog after googling "Moulitsas + CIA" (23,000 relevant pages at Google).  They also visit after googling "DailyKos + CIA" (for which there are 711,000 relevant pages at Google).


Those who come here for that information find a treasure trove of background information about MAMZ, his family, and his family's political history, business assets and commercial interests in El Salvador. They also find a transcript of an audio speech in which MAMZ said that he "would have no problem working for the CIA in the present," AND in which he says that he spent two years in training with the CIA to become a "secret agent."

Apart from the gay mecca island of "Kos" in Greece, the Site Meter also tells me that many others come to this blog to find out whether MAMZ is gay (287,000 relevant hits at Google), which has become a persistent rumor, as this article explains and explores.  And while those visitors are disappointed to learn that I cannot tell them that Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga is gay, they DO find a letter and an article, both written by MAMZ himself, that cast serious doubt on MAMZ's own sense that he is enough of a "real man."

Gay Kos Connection

I wouldn't think that issue was relevant if MAMZ hadn't written a letter opposing ALL gay service in the US military, and then subsequently written an article in which he says that he joined the US Army in an attempt to become and to feel more like  a "real man."

Needless to say, there are literally billions of men, in the USA and elsewhere, who do not join the US Army and who nevertheless are able to feel like real men without that experience.  MAMZ tells us quite clearly that he is NOT one of the men who could feel like real man without joining the US Army.

What most provides me most pleasure and political vindication (after being banned from DailyKos for criticizing its virtually all-white readers and its owner) is when readers come here and spend five, ten or thirty minutes reading several pages of this Truth About Kos blog.  The time that they spend here and the fact that they view several pages confirms their interest in learning who MAMZ really is that the extensive research I and Stu Piddy have done on MAMZ and his family background is time that has not gone to waste.  Indeed, there are many people in the United States of America who are able to put down discussions of color-arousal long enough to wonder whether the man sitting next to them at Netroots Nation board meetings is a CIA operative, and what are the implications and ramifications of that.

Some people have no concerns over the fact that a leading "leftist" blogger might be receiving his marching orders from the CIA.  I am among the people who sees CIA infiltration of the American Left as a threat to our efficacy as a political force.  So anything that makes MAMZ's dubious background more well-known is all to the good, in spite of anonymous criticisms that I too often point out that MAMZ has expressed a strong concern about gay men looking at this underpants, AND about undressing in front of "members of the opposite sex."  If you feel "inherently uncomfortable" being naked in the presence of gays AND heterosexual women, then who does that leave?

I'm sure MAMZ minions will feel relieved that I am not interested in what MAMZ is doing today and am content to have utterly exposed him for what he is, thereby discrediting in reasonable and thinking people's minds all that he does today.  Anyone who cavorts with him in spite of the fact that his background is so thoroughly documented is a person who wants to be deceived or simply doesn't mind potentially becoming a CIA asset.

Nonetheless, I do follow up on tips that readers place in the comments, particularly if they include links to some new piece of information about which readers should be aware.  I publish guest pieces from others if every single one of their assertions is supported by sufficient documentation that readers can consult for themselves.  And readers are welcome to contact me at francislholland at if they have anything useful to contribute.  Ad hominem nonsense and arguments without facts are better posted in the comments, thank you.

People who want to defend MAMZ are welcomed to do so in the comments.  Unfortunately, they never, ever offer any citations to support their assertions and blind confidence in the man who may well be their CIA handler.  Still, I do not censor reader comments, no matter how uninformed and mindless I personally believe them to be.  Often their defenses of MAMZ give me ideas for new lines of research and sources that I had not considered before.  So, I welcome MAMZ minions here and will give them all of the respect they deserve.

For example, the more that MAMZ minion participants at MyLeftWing doubted MAMZ's connection to his Salvadoran oligarchy family (see sidebar), the more I was challenged to prove, conclusively, the nature and extent of those contacts, to the extent possible.  (I still have not determined MAMZ's precise familial relationship to Carlos Alberto Delgado Zúñiga.  Maybe one of the MAMZ minion visitors to this blog will research that and get back to us with more information?) 

Best of all about the Truth About Kos is that you'll find hundreds of links documenting the facts cited here, many of which are in the right sidebar, with none of the "ipse dixit" that masquerades as "credibility" in the whitosphere.

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Unknown said...

What happened to these pages:

UC student seats filled, yet problems with system remain 11/18/1993
Council discusses deadline changes Publish Date:11/18/1993 By Markos Moulitsas
APC questions public health admission policy
SA’s boycott displeases faculty members 12/01/1993
Northern Star announces new spring semester staff 12-12-1993

I've found cached versions (through Google at ), but I'm curious as to why they've disappeared from this blog since that Kos guy is so spooky.