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I, too, Was an "Asshole," but Never Like Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ)

I have to admit that I can relate to Markos Moulitsas a little bit when he says, "I have made no effort to hide my idiotic youthful indiscretions." The difference between his "youthful indiscretions" and mine is that mine were in my sex-life, where I hurt myself and young women who loved me, while Marlos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga's (MAMZ's) "youthful indiscretions" were and continue into the present to be in his political life, where he has:
If MAMZ can admit that he was an "asshole" when he worked for the Republicans, then why can't he admit that he was an asshole when, between 2001 and 2003, he admits that he trained at and worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, in Washington, DC?

Why won't he tell us more about about Carlos Alberto Delgado Zúñiga, who is the manager of the Moulitsas Zúñiga family's Hotel Suites Jaltepeque, and is also president of the Salvadoran Association of Hotels, and El Salvador's representative on the Central American Tourism Board, as well as Salvadoran tourism's representative to the board of the National Association of Salvadoran Corporations ANEP?

I digressed because I was going to speak of my own failings in my personal life: In 1992, I was in law school and trying to mack on the ladies like some sort of caricature Rap artist, with ladies following me everywhere. (Yeah, right!) So, I was in bed with a lovely young woman who would have made a great wife for any lucky man. I was about to have sex with her for the first time and we were on our way. And then I said to her, "I have to tell you that just because we have sex doesn't mean I'll stop going out with other women."

I ruined the moment, I lost any chance of having good sex and a good relationship and friendship with a girl who was a wonderful person, and every stupid thing I did that year just made me hate myself more.

So, I want to apologize to that girl and tell her how much I miss her and how much I remember her spirituality that was so much stronger in her life than my own stupidity.

Still, I have to look at the bright side: Unlike Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga,
  1. I didn't campaign for Ronald Reagan;
  2. I wasn't a precinct captain for Republican anti-abortion Congressman Henry Hyde who led the campaign to impeach Bill Clinton in the US House;
  3. I didn't vote for George H. W. Bush for president;
  4. I'm not a supporter of "states rights";
  5. I didn't write a letter opposing all gay service in the US military;
  6. I didn't spend two years working and training at the CIA while simultaneously participating at DailyKos;
  7. I'm not presently ruining any internationally recognized estuaries;
  8. No one in my family has taken a million dollar loan guarantee from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) for Central American globalization efforts;
  9. I haven't lied and pretended to be a poor Black man from a humble and politically insignificant family who makes it big by his own efforts while working for the CIA.
  10. I haven't started a super-secret big box blog owner group whose goal is to control the messages in the blogosphere, all the while swearing the group's members to secrecy, like a CIA agent would, and then demanding transparency from the US Government.
Even though I was an asshole to my girlfriends while I was in law school, at least I didn't become an international political asshole and continue to be one into the present.

This post however is about me, even if I use MAMZ as a foil to lessen the pain I feel at the interpersonal damage I've done to myself and others. This message goes out to all who had the misfortune of being my girlfriend or sexual partner for a moment: If I hurt you in my romance with you, I'm here to say I'm sorry, and ask you to understand that I was very confused and, even though I knew better, I couldn't make myself do better.

Maybe Markos Moulitsas says he would work for the CIA today for the same reason: He's a political asshole even today and, coming from the oligarchy family he comes from in El Salvador, the evil he does even today comes naturally to him. Don't oligarchies always lie and dissemble in an effort to maintain their near monopolistic control over the resources of countries while others lack medical care, food and water?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It Takes More than a Hispanic Surname to be Hispanic

One of the questions most frequently posed by readers of the Truth About Kos is whether Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga is Hispanic or not. At this time we have to conclude that, while MAMZ's family is Latino, MAMZ himself is unequivocal not Latino, if you apply Congressman Menendez' test, as he explains it  below.

First, just read this article written by Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga, in which he says unequivically that Hispanics are a "they", not a "we:"

And as I left the ugly reality of racism behind, it struck me that what was such an easy and trivial exercise for me would be impossible for anyone whose skin color or religious persuassion made them the target of bigotry and discrimination. They would never be able to escape who they were. Northern Star Online.
"Being Hispanic for us means much more than having a surname.'' -- New Jersey Rep. Bob Menendez, a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

EXECUTIVE SESSION -- (Senate - February 10, 2003)

[Page: S2067]
"Being Hispanic for us means much more than having a surname,'' said New Jersey Rep. Bob Menendez, a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. "It means having some relationship with the reality of what it is to live in this country as a Hispanic American.'' Even though Estrada is of Hispanic origin, and even though he lives in this country, Menendez argued, he falls short of being a true Hispanic. ``Mr. Estrada told us that him being Hispanic he sees having absolutely nothing to do with his experience or his role as a federal court judge. That's what he said to us.'' Menendez found that deeply troubling.

( . . . )

Angelo Falcon, an official of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, railed about the "Latino Horatio Alger story that's been concocted'' about Estrada's success and, more generally, about the "concocted, invented Latino imagery'' of Estrada's life.
"As the Latino community becomes larger and larger in the country, as we gain more political influence, as we become more diverse, the issue of what is a Hispanic becomes more problematic,'' Falcon explained. ``It's not good enough to simply say that because of someone's genetics or surname that they should be considered Hispanic." [Page: S2067]
Estrada was not confirmed because, in addition to being a radical right-wing Republican, he just was not truly Hispanic, although the George W. Bush Administration wanted to pass him off as Hispanic.

Compare the histories of Miguel A. Estrada and Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga, apply the Menendez test to MAMZ's actual background and his 1% Latino DailyKos blog, and decide for yourself whether MAMZ is truly Hispanic.

Editor's Note of October:  I have to acknowledge that by having his honeymoon celebration at his family hotel in El Salvador, MAMZ demonstrated that his disavowal of all things Latino is more a political and public relations move in the United States than a Justice Clarence Thomas-like anti-Blackness.  MAMZ finds it more convenient to be white in the United States, and so that's how he presents himself, even though his family, with whom he is intimately involved, is white but Salvadoran.

Does MAMZ embrace Latinos and Hispanics in the United States?  His organizer for Netroots Nation says she "hate[s] using the word diversity" and DailyKos itself has only a one percent readership (see Quantcast statistics in right sidebar) and even less dedicated Latino and Hispanic participation.  MAMZ has a Latino extended family that is emotionally and financially fundamental to him, and he has married a Cuban woman with a Cuban surname (that is reminiscent of a pre-1959 Cuban dictator), but mMAZ clearly finds it more convenient to be an unambiguous white man in the United States, as the quote above indicates.

If you're Latino, don't expect any help or an embrace from MAMZ because of it.  MAMZ has "left the ugly reality of racism behind," (see his college newspaper archives for his statement on the topic) and determined whiteness very clearly delineates the degree to which he can be Latino and still take advantage of being white. 

At the same time, the aristocracy of Latin American countries tends to be of white Spanish (from Spain) heritage, and MAMZ can comfortably relate to this aspect of his heritage, as long as he is not confused in the United States with Latinos and Hispanics and is given the privileges and respect believed to be due to a white man, by virtue of his white skin and male gender.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I just received the following report in my e-mail. Anyone want to look at it and comment on its value in understanding why so many "leftist" news and opinion sites say so little that is meaningful? Hat Tip to Stu Piddy.

by bob feldman,

The mass-circulation weekly TEMPO accused Ford of having once played, at the urging of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a covert role in Indonesian political affairs by consciously supporting the work of individuals who were deemed to be sympathetic to the anti-communist aims of American foreign policy.
— Chronicle of Philanthropy, 12/13/01

The Ford Foundation's history of collaboration and interlock with the CIA in pursuit of U.S. world hegemony is now a well-documented fact...The Ford Foundation has in some ways refined their style of collaboration with Washington's attempt to produce world cultural domination, but retained the substance of that policy...The ties between the top officials of the Ford Foundation and the U.S. government are explicit and continuing.
—James Petras in "The Ford Foundation and the CIA: A documented case of philanthropic collaboration with the Secret Police" on 12/15/2001

The multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation's historic relationship to the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] is rarely mentioned on Pacifica's DEMOCRACY NOW / Deep Dish TV show, on FAIR's COUNTERSPIN show, on the WORKING ASSETS RADIO show, on The Nation Institute's RADIO NATION show, on David Barsamian's ALTERNATIVE RADIO show or in the pages of PROGRESSIVE, MOTHER JONES and Z magazine. One reason may be because the Ford Foundation and other Establishment foundations subsidize the Establishment Left's alternative media gatekeepers / censors.

George Soros' "Parallel Anti-War Media/Movement" by bob feldman

Big Oil's Foundation/PBS Links by bob feldman

Northwestern University's CIA Connection by bob feldman

COUNTERPUNCH's FERI/Roosevelt Dynasty Connection? — part 1

More Nation Magazine — Big Oil Links

Project Censored's MacArthur Foundation Link

Time For Ford Foundation & CFR To Divest?

THE NATION's NED Connection — part 1 / part 2
The Nation magazine's not-so-progressive connections to the National Endowment for Democracy and other private agencies with elite ties to the US foreign policy establishment.











The Ford Foundation's Skull and Bones Link

"Alternative" media paymasters: Carlyle, Alcoa, Xerox, Coca Cola...? (Brian Salter, 29 Sep 2002)
A look at some connections of the Ford Foundation Board of Trustees...

Bob Feldman and Brian Salter reply to a reader (21 Sep 2002)

[click here for email-formatted version of this page]

"GATEKEEPERS" flyer — please print it out and distribute widely!

Gatekeepers chart by Eric Salter. Special thanks to Don Paul for editorial assistance. (Save the above chart to your desktop and open it in another program to see the entire chart.)

For further reading about the Left establishment media and marginalization of independent 9/11 research:
The Gatekeepers

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Terrible Week for Conservative Gay-Haters

Cross-posted at PamsHouseBlend.


This has been a terrible week for conservative gay-haters. First President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize precisely because he refuses to engage in the sort of vehement and rabid hatred that is directed toward him by American conservatives. The award was as much (or more) a slap in the face of the Right as is was a recognition of what Obama has accomplished so far.

The single most significant thing the president has accomplished that no other American has ever done was to end the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency, and without bloodshed or a military coup. For that alone he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, and that's what makes the prize so offensive to the color-aroused American Obama-haters.

After that insult and injury to conservative self-and-other image(e.g. their ideation that Blacks can't do anything to deserve more recognition than whites who have done nothing at all), Obama added to Republican misery by promising to end the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, (that was implimented in 1993, after Republican activist "Markos C. A. Moulitsas wrote an opinion piece opposing ALL gay service in the US military). "Is Markos Moulitsas a Closeted Gay Homophobe?" (Just asking.)

And now, to further upset the Republicans (but mostly just to assure the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals,

Tens of thousands of gay rights activists marched past the White House to the Capitol yesterday, demanding the right to marry and serve openly in the U.S. Military. Washington Post

The Republicans see their hold on the nation's insanity slipping away, and that's why they and white supremacists are talking about "watering the tree of liberty with blood." They're so desperate, they cannot even think about trying to take back the US Congress in 2010 as a solution to their grievances with the other half of America. Now, they want blood and radical transformative violence of the sort for which the Klu Klux Klan and the Nazis were known.

As John Edwards said while he was running for the Democratic president nomination, sometimes it's really hard to be "the white man." Right now, it's even harder to be a a white male supremacist anti-gay conservative color-aroused antagonist. In the face of just this week's news, they're breaking down and losing their minds.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"How do you know if you are banned from daily kos?"

Someone wrote the title of this post as a google search and googled the question, "How do you know if you've been banned from DailyKos"? I found the Google search in my Site Meter and decided to answer it as follows:

Based on my personal experience, you may receieve an e-mail from someone at DailyKos, warning you obliquely that what you have been posting will no longer be permitted. I don't know if this is a friendly warning from someone with knowledge, or part of a CIA-trained plot to encourage posters to self-censor so that they can avoid being banned. Ormond Otvos sent me the message you can see to the left.

I received informal e-mail message of this sort before I was banned from DailyKos, because I continued to do precisely what I had gone there to do in the first place: Defend Hillary Clinton -- the only woman in the race, and the only candidate who was not a white male -- before Barack Obama indicated a desire to run for the presidency. (But, I was right, two years before the fact: The 2008 presidential election ended the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency and put a big hole in the white male supremacy paradigm.)

Meanwhile, before I was banned from MyDD, I received an explicit warning from one of the administrators that criticisms of Markos Moulitsas would not be permitted at MyDD, saying, "You have been warned." Then, I received a public announcement at the blog, in the comments to one of my articles continuing to criticize Markos Moulitsas, "that's it. you are banned. (sic)

By arguing publicly the issue of whether I would be banned, and linking to blogs that I had set up where people could find me after I was banned, I was able to use their ban procedure to magnify the dissemination of the information I wanted to share, as well as magnify the public's awareness of the coordinated censorship at MAMZ-minion (Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga) blogs.

I think my banning from DailyKos, MyDD and MyLeftWing (as well as virtually all of the state-by-state blogs that Moulitsas has set up) has been one of the most successful anti-censorship campaigns of which I am aware. Why? First, because the threat of being banned incited me to start the Francis L. Holland Blog, where I have continued to express myself on the issues important to me, but equally importantly, my anger at MAMZ's arrogant attempts to take over the Democratic Party prompted me to research and publish the hitherto unknown truth about Kos's background, which has significantly limited his ability to be influential, now and in the future.

In fact, it may well have been the facts about MAMZ published at the Truth About Kos that compelled WhiteRoots Nation to change its name and begin to disassociate itself from Markos Moulitsas.

Please pardon the digression.

You will know with certainty that you have been banned from DailyKos when you sign in but you discover that you are not able to comment or post diaries. That is when you have been "silenced", if you accept to be silienced. A much better solution is to begin your own blog BEFORE you are banned from the big box blogs, and link to your blog in everything that you post at the big boxes. That way, those who agreed with and learned from you, but are afraid to
say so, will be able to follow you to your new blog when you are finally banned from the MAMZ-minion blogs.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Defense Attorney Alleges that FBI Trained His New Jersey Blogger Client to Incite Others

Study this under, "Things are not what they seem." About three quarters of the way through the above video, Malik Shabbazz of the New Black Panther Party challenges Bill Hannity over his connection to Han Turner (below), whose attorney alleges that his threats to judges were part of an FBI program to provoke others into acts for which they could be prosecuted.

I'm glad I live in Brazil and not the United States, so that I don't have to be daily subjected to arguments at the level of the above idiocy, the Hal Turner part notwithstanding.

Editorial Note: I've added links to other well-known news organizations reporting this account based on a variety of sources, as well as providing a link to the US Senate Report on the CO-INTEL-PRO story.

Blogger Admits He Worked for the FBI

with Hat Tip to Dave from Queens.
July 28, 2009

In a lame attempt to save his hide and stay out of prison for allegedly threatening to kill federal judges, the racist (sic) talk show host Hal Turner has admitted in court that he is an FBI informant, the Chicago Breaking News Center reports today. MSNBC

featured stories   Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI


FBI informant and operative Hal Turner seen in state Superior Court in Jersey City in June with his lawyer.

Alex Jones and others have argued for some time that the white supremacist from North Bergen, New Jersey, is an FBI informant.

Assistant U.S. Atty. William Hogan tried to dismiss Turner’s admission. “Hogan said Turner may have had some contact with the FBI as an informant but that it was quite some time ago,” reports Jeff Coen. Recent evidence, however, reveals that Turner has continued his relationship with the feds.

Documentation emerged in 2008 exposing Turner as an FBI operative. “Hal Turner, rising in fame as the most blatant hate talk radio host, self-proclaimed neo-nazi, antisemite, racist who hinted at the need to eradicate Jews — turns out to have been fronting a typical FBI COINTELPRO sting operation,” writes Richard Evans. Hackers managed to gain access to his forum server and revealed correspondence with an FBI agent who was apparently Turner’s handler. See Congressional Report on FBI's
COINTELPRO Anti-Panther Program

As documented by Brian Glick and others, under COINTELPRO, the FBI subsidized, armed, directed and protected the Klu Klux Klan and other racist groups, including the “Secret Army Organization” of California.

The FBI is notorious for unleashing informants and provocateurs. In 2008, it was discovered that informants working for the FBI were at the center of a supposed terror plot aimed at the Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey. One of the of the informants received nearly $240,000 in taxpayer money for his role in the operation.

In 2007, the FBI was caught manipulating seven impoverished residents of Liberty City, Florida, attempting to get them to blow up the Sears tower in Chicago. As it turns out, the supposed terror plot and the principal source of resources for the group came in the form of an FBI informant posing as an “Al Qaeda representative.” The two informants — Abbas al-Saidi and Elie Assad — earned over $130,000 for their services to the FBI.

Earlier this year, the FBI lured a gang of pathetic would-be terrorists in New York with “piles of cash and gifts and even bags of weed,” according to the New York Post. The men were later charged with plotting to blow up synagogues and military jets.

Other incidents of FBI agents provocateurs attempting to get people to engage in violent and illegal acts are legendary. The McDavid case, for instance, received attention in 2006. “In January 2006, Eric McDavid, Lauren Weiner, and Zachary Jenson were arrested in California and charged with knowingly conspiring to use fire or explosives to damage property,” writes Jennifer Van Bergen for Raw Story.

It was later revealed that a paid FBI confidential informant named “Anna” had not only infiltrated peace and justice rallies and anarchist meetings, but had acted as a provocateur in the McDavid case. “McDavid’s attorney, Mark Reichel, states that Anna was always pushing McDavid to do something criminal, taught the three how to make the bombs, supervised their activities, and repeatedly threatened to leave them if they didn’t start doing ’something,’” Van Bergen writes.

Considering this blatant history of FBI provocation, it is entirely possible that Hal Turner was encouraged by the agency to issue threats against federal judges. Turner was arrested on June 3, 2009, for issuing threats against two politicians in Connecticut and a state ethics official. He was re-arrested on June 24 and charged with issuing threats against judges of the United States Court of Appeals in Chicago.

It is no mistake the federal authorities arrested Turner at approximately the same time the Department of Homeland Security was coming under fire for its now infamous “rightwing extremism” report that specifically warns about violence on the part of white supremacists who are conveniently connected by the government to returning veterans, defenders of the Second Amendment, pro-life activists, and patriot groups.

It is common knowledge the FBI collaborated with Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center in a joint effort to create violent white supremacist groups where none existed before. A declassified FBI memo reveals that the SPLC had informants at Elohim City on the eve of the Oklahoma City bombing. “If I told you what we were doing there, I would have to kill you,” Dees said during a press conference.

Hal Turner, by his own courtroom admission, is a classic government patsy burned by the people he attempted to collaborate with. He will likely have a lot of time to think about the stupidity of his actions in federal prison.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Crashing the Gates of the Markos Moulitsas Gay/Straight Enigma

Difference between Markos C.Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga and U.S. Rep. Barney Frank

I smell blood in the water surrounding Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga ("MAMZ" AKA "Kos" of DailyKos). The vortex has been created by two conflicting back-stories about MAMZ himself:

1). On the one hand, MAMZ wrote a rabidly homophobic letter to his college newspaper in which he vehemently opposed ALL gay service in the military, expressing a deep concern that gays were looking at him as he changed his underwear.

2). The second intense curiosity or concern -- that MAMZ is gay himself -- was born out of the MAMZ effete personality, combined with the sort of rabid anti-gay public stance that is often combined with a wide stance such as that of Larry Craig, last year's most homophobic homosexual to be unmasked in public by his own behavior in an airport bathroom.

The result is that many people inside and outside of blogging circles want to know whether MAMZ is gay, both because they don't like him and want to discredit him, and because many gays would like to claim such a high-profile character as one of their own, if he weren't so annoying in so many highly personal ways that have been discussed elsewhere by others at great length.

The fact of MAMZ's homosexuality, if indeed it is every proved to be a fact, is more likely to undercut his influence because the same blog that unearthed his virulently homophobic letter against gays in the military also successfully publicized the damning fact that MAMZ spent two years training with the CIA while he was simultaneously founding his "progressive" DailyKos blog. Since most people find "progessive" and "CIA-trained" to be oxymoronic biographical facts, most people are more likely take a decidedly negative view of the information they learn about MAMZ rather than embracing him as a member of the gay community.
The Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA by Justice and History
In fact, taken together with his bogus claim to be a poor immigrant from a humble family, when in fact he clearly is a child of the Salvadoran oligarchy to anyone who bothers to read public websites that mention the Zúñiga clan, it becomes apparent that we are dealing with a charlatan who is trying to "crash the gates" of the Democratic Party using a car-bomb full of blatant lies about himself and his background.
New online book says Kos' family member is president of the National Association of Salvadoran Hotels and also president of the Salvadoran National Tourism Board. Moulitsas lied when he said his Salvadoran family was not wealthy or influential.
Another example of the enigmatic passion for lies is Moulitsas claim today that he came to the US as an immigrant, although (a) he was born in Chicago, and (b) he specifically and unambiguously wrote in another post at his college newspaper that he doesn't identify himself or conceive of himself as being Hispanic at all.

In fact, the only conclusion that can be drawn from this essay (from before he was trained to lie by the CIA) is that MAMZ disavows Latinohood and considers himself simply to be a white man. (Read the correction at the end of this story and ask yourself why it is so important that MAMZ not be referred to by the last name that connects him to his Salvadoran relatives, and that he instead be referred to only by his Greek last name, which refers to an alleged Greek father about whom nothing at all has been documented.)

One need only look for the body of writing by the voluable MAMZ about what it means to be a Latino to discover that he is only Latino when he is (a) purveying a false Horatio Alger version of his own oligarchical past, or (b) claiming that is 1% Latino participants DailyKos cannot be anti-Latino because MAMZ himself is 1/2 Latino, even though he lectures people that his Greek last name of "Moulitsas" is preferred, and he has clearly and specifically disclaimed identification as a Latino in the past, before he was trained for two years by the CIA.

The truth is Latinos couldn't care less about MAMZ or DailyKos, because he doesn't participate in their community and does nothing whatsoever to show that he identifies with them in any way, aside from holding his large honeymoon party in El Salvador, at the 140.00 US dollars-per night beachfront hotel and condominium complex owned by his "humble" Salvadoran peasant family.
Screenshots from the Wedding Album that Connects Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA to his right-wing aristocratic, globalization and pollution-loving family in El Salvador Hmmm. Why did MAMZ take down his wedding album from the Web?
The question about MAMZ's sexuality has legs, because the United States is obsessed with gay vs. anti-gay, and because MAMZ, although clearly showing clinical signs of homophobic homosexuality, nonetheless is very, very far from wanting to declare himself a gay advocate and embrace the fight for gay rights. In fact, to the contrary, MAMZ has lived "A Lifetime Insensitive to Democratic Party Constituencies" rather than embracing gays and Latinos as a necessary part of a Democratic majority, particularly as Latinos firmly establish themselves as the nation's largest demographic minority.

As the public seeks to understand the conundrum presented by MAMZ letter opposing all gays in the military and the distinct impression many people have that MAMZ is Larry-Craig-gay himself, is creating a vortex into which all of the falsities of MAMZ's biography are being dragged. MAMZ himself is being dragged in by the facts that the public is learning about him.
MAMZ Admits He Was An "Asshole" When He Campaigned Against Gays' in the Military
At DailyKos, since the discrepancies between his personal story and the provable facts have been pointed out, nameless participants at DailyKos working under pseudonyms have insisted that DailyKos is not about Kos, but is about the closeknit family of sycophants who defend MAMZ's public profile even as it unwinds like a poorly-knit sweater. The insistence is that DailyKos has value even if its owner, operator and founder proves to be an inveterate liar.

Likewise, YearlyKos has been renamed and rebranded as "Netroots Nation" precisely because the writing is on the wall that MAMZ's personal biography cannot withstand much more scrutiny, and his Internet control mechanisms must be able to continue to operate even if MAMZ himself becomes utterly discredited by the force of his own lies and they crash into the unrelenting storm of implacable truth.

What difference does all of this make? Well, ask yourself what difference ANY individual CIA-trained blogger makes in the grand scheme of things. To the extent that the media willingly passes MAMZ off as the face of the American Left, in spite of all of the evidence that he is, if anything, the face of the essence of the American Right as it assumes endeavors to control, neuter, and annihilate the American Left, this contradiction between substantive political fact and fanciful media fairytales is a test of the existence and astuteness of the American Left.

A two-year CIA trainee hates gays and may himself be a gay gay-basher; he ignores Latinos but claims that he is a bigger man for having risen above them, and he claims he is the face of the American left. If so, there is no American Left except as it exists in CIA-sponsored right-wing caricature.