Wednesday, October 3, 2007

MAMZ's CIA History Becomes Mainstream News

The Truth About Kos is becoming more well-known and now I can only say, "He who hath ears, let him hear." Here's the biographical statement presented with an interview that MAMZ did with Charlie Rose on August 13, 2007: "Markos Moulitsas Zúniga 34, is the founder and main author of Daily Kos, a weblog focusing on liberal, and Democratic Party politics. After a six month interviewing process at the CIA, Moulitsas founded Daily Kos in May 2002, and the site quickly rose to prominence . . . " Did DailyKos quickly rise to prominence because of support and training from the CIA? That's for the public to decide, but the implication in there.

In any case, The Truth About Kos has been successful in making this detail part of his established resume. Although it might actually make him more credible to some people, at least the Democratic Left can disabuse itself of the notion that he is a "progressive" CIA asset.

In the same interview, MAMZ effectively admits that he's from a Salvadoran oligarchy family when he tells the interviewer,
You know we were lucky, because I was, I was born in the United States and my mother was born when my grandmother was on vacation. She was born early, I believe, so she was an American citizen. So, we were able to come back without any problems. A lot of people don't have that ability. Charlie Rose
That certainly does seem to contradict what he told La Prensa Gráfica: "No tengo dinero. No vengo de familia famosa o poderosa. Era inmigrante en Estados Unidos (...)" Translated: I don't have money. I don't come from a famous or powerful family."

Salvadoran family's that aren't rich certainly don't "vacation" in the United States. They don't have the money to do so. There's simply a lot about which MAMZ is not honest, a lot about which he simply does not tell the truth and too many instances when his own accounts of his biography radically contradict themselves. So, what is he so desperately trying to hide?

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