Sunday, October 14, 2007

CIA Contacts Discredit Marcos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ)

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The key to discrediting Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) is to make the media and the public more aware of his Central Intelligence Agency contacts. Although these contacts are discrediting MAMZ on the political Left, MAMZ no longer needs the Left, because his business model has been implemented. MAMZ's business model was always to use the Left and our issues to get hits and then use these hits to sell ads. That is working. It also seems likely that, like William F. Buckley did, he has an ongoing remunerative relationship with the CIA after his CIA training. Buckley said,

"For 50 years," he recently told me, "I never talked about what I did in the CIA because I had pledged not to. Salon.Com

It's not really that important politically that MAMZ is making money. A lot of people are making money. But it is VERY important if he continues to be seen as part of the Left and continues influencing our politics, perhaps on behalf of those who once trained him to do so.

Also, highlighting the hypocrisy of MAMZ ad-taking behavior -- the hypocrisy of his "progressive" venal, mercenary capitalism is another good way to discredit him among the few who still take him seriously. What we really need to target is his relationship with the mainstream media, so that he can never again go on television or to the Washington Post and say he represents progressives like us.

That's why MAMZ has to be discredited to the point where no one will take him seriously as a member of the Democratic Party. Once we make him a Republican again, then he is just another CIA-loving virulently homophobic capitalist oligarchy First Amendment hating "states' rights" reactionary asshole.

The Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA by Justice and History (Updated with Additional Information and Counts)

If we all continue to write about his CIA contacts, then it will be impossible for the mainstream media to write about MAMZ during the 2008 election cycle without mentioning the fact that he was at the CIA for as much as two years. Then Democrat who isn't part of the Townhouse Group will feel obliged to listen to a word he says. This is already beginning to happen, reporters people who interview him ask about his time at the CIA and find his answers laughable and ridiculous. Radar Online Magazine Questions MAMZ's CIA Connections and Resulting Conflicts of Interest MAMZ's CIA History Becomes Mainstream News

When it becomes clear that people on the Left no longer trust, believe in or follow MAMZ, then his access in Washington and in state capitals will end, because politicians are already sick and tired of his antics.

So, just keep writing about MAMZ's CIA contacts in as many places as possible, and this will eventually catalyze the end of MAMZ as a Democratic political force.

MAMZ is trying to build a lucrative media empire and he may be successful at that, perhaps with the help of his contacts and contracts (?) with the CIA. But, that only matters politically if we continue to let him be perceived as influential on the Left.

Again, if we all keep talking about his CIA contacts, it will become impossible for the press to write those fawning articles in which he pretends to be a "progressive" leftist leader. That'll turn off his spigot.

Also, please feel free to make liberal use of the Truth About Kos Blog, which is a repository of facts and opinion about MAMZ. Much of the information and damning facts already known about MAMZ can be easily searched there by using the blogger search bar and key word searches. In fact, over sixty blogs have cited the Truth About Kos when reporting negative facts about MAMZ, and this is helping to make it impossible for the MSM to ignore these facts. (Please don't accept anything you find there as "true" just because I said it. Instead, read the sources cited for yourselves and cite these sources in your writings about MAMZ.) The more voices there are saying that MAMZ is NOT "progressive," the less anyone will take him seriously anywhere.

Finally, there are still some gaping holes in our knowledge about MAMZ: What is the name of the MAMZ uncle who was an education minister in El Salvador, and what [reactionary and brutal(?)] government did he participate in? What is MAMZ's familial relationship to Carlos Alberto Delgado Zuniga and why has MAMZ never, ever publicly acknowledged the name of even one member of his biological family?

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