Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Belismelis Family Wealthy"

We have always known that Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) enormous family wealth in El Salvador was not unique, but was part of an oligarchy that controls most of the wealth in El Salvador.  Tonight, someone Google-researched the "Belismelis Family Wealthy."  Their search led them to the Truth About Kos blog, because a member of MAMZ's family is a player in a right-wing advocacy group in which the Belismelis family is involved.

Any additional and well-sourced information about the Belismelis family and it's indirect or direct contacts to MAMZ would certainly be published here as an article if sent to FrancisLHolland @ Gmail.com.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"We See You" Blog Includes "Truth About Kos" on Blog List

There's a blog called, "W.E.E. See You…" that covers the issues being raised in Black blogs generally and whose self-definition says the blog is, "Keeping Our Eyes on African Americans: Our History, Political Issues, & Popular Culture".

Although many white people's blogs have linked to the Truth About Kos blog *See side bar), Black people and particularly bloggers have found it hard to understand the relevance of virtually all-white DailyKos, Kos and Kos minions for Blacks.  

It was therefore, a real wake-up call to other Black bloggers in 2008 when they and I discovered that the bloggers authorized to cover the Democratic National Convention were to be divided into two groups, one of which would cover the Convention action from a distance while other group, "State Bloggers Corps" or "Floor Bloggers" (all-white), would have constant access to the floor of the Convention.

When Black bloggers learned that NONE of the floor bloggers would represent a Black blog, I think Black bloggers began to understand why you can't authorize a man with 2% Black participants at his blog to design Blacks' access to the Democratic National Convention floor.  Markos Moulitsas: A Lifetime Insensitive to Democratic Party Constituencies 

And yet that is exactly what had happened.  The whole State Blog idea was born on the campus of DailyKos clandestine services where Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) first helped to catalyze a group of State Blogs, each focusing narrowly and on the cloistered politics of their own state.

Then, Moulitsas convinced the DNCC that the best way to determine which bloggers would be on the floor of the Convention would be to select bloggers who focus specifically on the politics of their own state.  Since Black bloggers cover the Black diaspora with concern for Africa, Philadephia and how we are being represented in Hollywood, it was a foregone conclusion that no Black blogs would be represented among the State Blog Corps, and that no Black blogs would have the constant access to the floor of the Convention that the all-white State Blogs would have.

When you trust a CIA-trained blogger with a Latino last name, who nonetheless insists that he is white and non-Hispanic, even though his mother is El Salvadoran; and who has zero percent Latino users at his DailyKos site be the one who designs Democratic Convention access, you'll get precisely what we got in 2008: an apartheid-like Jim Crow system that privileges a select group of white bloggers on a basis that is arbitrary and entirely spurious.  You'll find that Black bloggers who ignore white bloggers' scheming are Black bloggers who are disadvantaged by white bloggers' scheming.

And so we are glad that the "We See You" Blog has acknowledged the importance of keeping an eye on all-white blogs that are intimately connected within the Democratic Party--the Party that cannot win presidential elections without Black and Latino votes..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prison Planet Cites Truth About Kos Blog Exposing MAMZ's CIA Roots

In Which MAMZ Says He Spent 2 Year Training at the CIA, between 2001 and 2003, 
while he started his DailyKos Blog in 2002.

Today, after the shooting of Arizona Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords,  Alex Jones' Prison Planet blog and Infowars, by Kurt Nimo, wrote about the corporate and corporate blogs' media coverage of articles, blog posts and commentary about the shooting, pointing out that
 In a Tweet, suspected CIA operative Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos wrote sarcastically: “Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin.”
I appreciate Prison Planet's recognition and InfoWars acknowledgement that the known CIA past and present activities of any public official or member of the public should be noted when writing about that official or person.  Readers need to know when reading MAMZ's comments that "suspected CIA operative" Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga's (MAMZ´s) past includes, by his own audio-taped account, (see Trancript) two years of training and working with the CIA, from 2001 until 2003.

Prison Planet gives its readers the opportunity to weigh MAMZ's CIA involvement so that readers can give his comments all of the weight they deserve, and also better understand MAMZ's possible motives in making these comments.  When we read MAMZ's comments we must always "take them for what they are worth," as judges take evidence in criminal and civil trials.

I personally believe that MAMZ's short and quotable accusantion against Sarah Palin in this instance is meant to increase his credibility in the mainstream media and among self-professed "progressives", "liberals" and "leftists".  MAMZ wants to get out in front and make a comment that his target audience will take as the words of a "leftist", even if this "leftist" was trained at the CIA to infiltrate groups as a "Clandestine Operations" CIA-staffer.

I personally think it's fair to assume that when MAMZ started DailyKos (2002) while training with the CIA (2001-2003), MAMZ availed himself of the help of some of his CIA co-workers'.  I cannot prove the veracity of my belief, but I believe the rabid defenses of MAMZ, at DailyKos and elsewhere, is bought and paid for. 

It certainly is relevant that a public figure was trained for two years by the CIA, and the Prison Planet website recognizes that relevance when describing MAMZ as a "suspected CIA operative" and then links to a the Truth About Kos Blog article to a Commonwealth Club audio-taped interview of June 2006.  In a verbatim transcript of that interview MAMZ is shown to have said,
Here’s a little secret I don’t think I’ve ever written about: But in 2001, I was unemployed, underemployed, unemployed. You know I was in that . . You all have been there “dot com” people? Kinda like, in between jobs, doin’ a little contract work and . . . kinda. So, you know. That’s where I was: in this really horrible netherworld of ‘will I make rent next month’ and . . .

So, I applied to the CIA and I went all the way to the end, I mean it was to the point where I was going to sign papers to become Clandestine Services. And it was at that point that the Howard Dean campaign took off and I had to make a decision whether I was gonna kinda join the Howard Dean campaign, that whole process, or was I was going to become a spy. (Laughter in the audience.) It was going to be a tough decision at first, but then the CIA insisted that if, if I joined that, they’d want me to do the first duty assignment in Washington, DC, and I hate Washington, DC. Six years in Washington, DC [inaudible] that makes the decision a lot easier.

[ . . .] This is a very liberal institution. And in a lot of ways, it really does attract people who want to make a better, you know, want to make the world a better place . . . Of course, they’ve got their Dirty Ops and this and that, right but as an institution itself the CIA is really interested in stable world. That’s what they’re interested in. And stable worlds aren’t created by destabilizing regimes and creating wars. Their done so by other means. Assassination labor leaders . . . I’m kidding!

[ . . . ] I don’t think it’s a very partisan thing to want a stable world. And even if you’re protecting American interests, I mean that can get ugly at times, but generally speaking I think their hearts in the right place. As an organization their heart is in the right place. I’ve never had any problem with the CIA. I’d have no problem working for them . Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA at the Commonwealth Club.
 I think it is fairly obvious why the mainstream press does not print the above information which MAMZ has acknowledged and why they don't ask him to explain his comments more fully:  The mainstream press of the left and the right has an unwritten rule that it does not "out" CIA agents and does not report and who has or is working with the CIA, particularly within the United States of America.

If the mainstream media reports MAMZ's self-described CIA history then he would no longer be a credible "leader of the left" because the general public would assume that MAMZ is an infiltrator of the Left rather than dedicated leader of public "progressive" opinion.   Prison Planet website recognizes that relevance and importance of an employment history that includes CIA training and work in the past and a declaration that the same person that:
I’ve never had any problem with the CIA. I’d have no problem working for them in the present.  Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA at the Commonwealth Club.
Isn't MAMZ effectively telling us that he DOES work for the CIA, since he has never subsequently addressed this topic and has never said that he does NOT work for the CIA?  Why doesn't the mainstream press report this question and its relevance to his role in American politics?

That unwritten mainstream press rule that the press will not "out" CIA agents is followed both in the corporate so-called "liberal" news outlets as well as in the right-wing mainstream media.  And so when MAMZ calls himself a leader of public opinion, most people are not able to weigh the truth of that against the fact that he was trained by and worked for the CIA at the same time that he opened a "leftist blog".

Monday, January 3, 2011

'I Never Got Into the Whole Anti-Gay Thing.'

A good friend commented to me today,
Maybe your personal attack on that guy who runs Kos is not working. I never got into that whole anti-gay thing that you put out on him anyway.
Yours Truly,

I regret that my friend has perceived my approach as potentially anti-gay, rather than exposing MAMZ as virulently anti-gay in his college years, so I explained my approach:
'I'm not anti-gay. I just published a letter of his from 1993 in which he opposed all gays in the military.  Maybe I've bashed him so much about it that I seem like the culprit rather than him.

I think most people find out about my research on MAMZ through other blogs that have published  my information verbatim.

They've published MAMZ's  letter against gays in the military in many places, but they haven't published my attacks on him about this and my questions about his sexuality based on his screwy letter opposing all gay participation in the military interests only a few blogs.

In addition, I would observe that sex sells in America and, unfortunately, people come to this site in the hopes of discovering whether MAMZ is gay or not.  If people come here for that reason, but then read additional pages about more pressing issues, then that's a victory to me.

They come here and discover that MAMZ is a hypocrite who admittedly voted for George H.W. Bush in 1992; voting against Bill Clinton; and then immediately fought against Clinton's plans to let gays serve in the military in 1993; and later attacked Hillary Clinton from the political left,  in a WaPost published commentary, "Hillary Clinton: Too Much of a Clinton Democrat?", by Markos Moulitsas, WaPost, Sunday, May 7, 2006.  This all is just more than I can take, and I hope a few others will feel the same way.

First MAMZ opposed the Clinton's for wanting to open the military to gays and then he opposed the Clintons for not be as "progressive" as he had become after spending two years in Washington, training with the Central Intelligence Agency.  When Hillary Clinton said there was a vast right-wing conspiracy, MAMZ was certainly a part of that conspiracy in 1993, and then the continued to oppose Hillary Clinton until 2010.

MAMZ Admits He Was An "Asshole" When He Campaigned Against Gays in the Military.  I also think it's worth remembering that MAMZ once outed a Republican operative in a way that made the operative seem gay, and the operative was therefore forced to resign from his Republican political work.  Considering that recent history of MAMZ outing an apparent curiosexual man, and MAMZ's belief that the Republican's sexual history was relevant to his political work, I believe that MAMZ's 1993 letter stating MAMZ vehement opposition to ALL gays in the military is at least as important as MAMZ's outing of the Republican operative.  "Online Reporter Quits After Liberals' Exposé, By Howard Kurtz, Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, February 10, 2005; Page C04, which says:

Jeff Gannon, who had been writing for the Web sites Talon News and GOPUSA, is actually James Dale Guckert, 47, and has been linked to online domain addresses with sexually provocative names.
Apparently, the proposed rule is that, 'Outing is fine, if you're outing a Republican newspaper writer.  But if you're outing a CIA-trained "progressive blogger" than you should pull your punches?'  I believe CIA-trained bloggers should be outed regardless of their sexuality, but if they out others based on sexuality and write homophobic screeds against gays, then they have it coming when the same thing happens to them.

It's entirely possible that much of the serious public will find MAMZ's 1993 homophobic letter, and what he says about himself in it, to be uninteresting.  However, I predict that the 1993 anti-gay letter will seem to have been a prophetic gem of research by Truth About Kos when MAMZ's P.R balloon finally bursts.  But, his family is outrageously wealthy in El Salvador and surely MAMZ doesn't lack for money in the United States.  It's his "credibility" that he wants to build and exploit, but to me his credibility was indelibly marked "zero" when I learned that he had trained for two years with the CIA.

When I first began researching and MAMZ, I was angry at the pseudo-progressive blogger for taking to the pages of the Washington Post to attack Senator Hillary Clinton, the only candidate for president who was not a white man at that time.  I correctly advocated toward the end of the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency;  I was write and those at DailyKos, who hated both Clinton and Obama, but loved John Edwards, turned out to have very poor political judgment.