Saturday, January 15, 2011

"We See You" Blog Includes "Truth About Kos" on Blog List

There's a blog called, "W.E.E. See You…" that covers the issues being raised in Black blogs generally and whose self-definition says the blog is, "Keeping Our Eyes on African Americans: Our History, Political Issues, & Popular Culture".

Although many white people's blogs have linked to the Truth About Kos blog *See side bar), Black people and particularly bloggers have found it hard to understand the relevance of virtually all-white DailyKos, Kos and Kos minions for Blacks.  

It was therefore, a real wake-up call to other Black bloggers in 2008 when they and I discovered that the bloggers authorized to cover the Democratic National Convention were to be divided into two groups, one of which would cover the Convention action from a distance while other group, "State Bloggers Corps" or "Floor Bloggers" (all-white), would have constant access to the floor of the Convention.

When Black bloggers learned that NONE of the floor bloggers would represent a Black blog, I think Black bloggers began to understand why you can't authorize a man with 2% Black participants at his blog to design Blacks' access to the Democratic National Convention floor.  Markos Moulitsas: A Lifetime Insensitive to Democratic Party Constituencies 

And yet that is exactly what had happened.  The whole State Blog idea was born on the campus of DailyKos clandestine services where Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) first helped to catalyze a group of State Blogs, each focusing narrowly and on the cloistered politics of their own state.

Then, Moulitsas convinced the DNCC that the best way to determine which bloggers would be on the floor of the Convention would be to select bloggers who focus specifically on the politics of their own state.  Since Black bloggers cover the Black diaspora with concern for Africa, Philadephia and how we are being represented in Hollywood, it was a foregone conclusion that no Black blogs would be represented among the State Blog Corps, and that no Black blogs would have the constant access to the floor of the Convention that the all-white State Blogs would have.

When you trust a CIA-trained blogger with a Latino last name, who nonetheless insists that he is white and non-Hispanic, even though his mother is El Salvadoran; and who has zero percent Latino users at his DailyKos site be the one who designs Democratic Convention access, you'll get precisely what we got in 2008: an apartheid-like Jim Crow system that privileges a select group of white bloggers on a basis that is arbitrary and entirely spurious.  You'll find that Black bloggers who ignore white bloggers' scheming are Black bloggers who are disadvantaged by white bloggers' scheming.

And so we are glad that the "We See You" Blog has acknowledged the importance of keeping an eye on all-white blogs that are intimately connected within the Democratic Party--the Party that cannot win presidential elections without Black and Latino votes..

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