Sunday, November 8, 2009

Markos Moulitsas' Autobiography Contradicts Itself at Every Turn

I really couldn't care less what Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) said to former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo on MSNBC, because MAMZ spent two years training and working at the CIA, by his own admission on an audiotape from an interview at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club on June 2, 2006. I therefore don't believe anything that MAMZ says unless it can be independently verified.

I know what MAMZ has said about his military service, but I also know that there is ambiguity (two contradictory stories) in news reports, whether he served in the Gulf War, as he told the Washington Post, or in Lawton, Oklahoma and Bamberg Germany, as he said in an article at Cato Unbound? When there are two conflicting stories all based on statements from the same two-year CIA trainee, which, if any, can you believe? When you have two absolutely contradictory and mutually exclusive sets of "facts" out there, it's hard to know what, if anything, to believe.

What we can say with certainty is that we really don't know. That's why the Newsbusters' article concerns me. It starts with a paragraph that misinforms the public on the political right as well as the political left:
The liberal blogosphere is cheering one of its heroes for insulting a former Republican member of Congress on national television who as a result walked off an MSNBC set in disgust Newsbusters
In fact, there are one million and five hundred thousand articles and comments within the "liberal blogosphere" addressing the fact that "one of its heroes" spent two years training and working at the Central Intelligence Agency. These blog articles and comments, in addition, discuss the fact that MAMZ has lied about where he was born and virtually every other fact about his biological family and his biography.

The point is not where or whether MAMZ served in the military, or whether he is a closeted homosexual or not. The point is that, because he has even equivocated -- on an audiotape -- about the duration and purpose of his two years at the CIA in Washington, DC, no one - on the political right or left - can take anything he says at face value.

This is so because virtually everything he has ever said about himself has been conclusively disproved by The Truth About Kos blog, with copious links to government and corporate websites, as well as MAMZ's own family photographs, which prove that MAMZ was not a "poor immigrant" to the United States, but a member of a wealthy Salvadoran oligarchy family. Again, the foremost problem is not principally his family, but that his statements about his family show that he is a perennial liar.

Since he has created out of wholecloth his version of his "poor immmigrant" family history (while never telling the public the name of a single member of his biological family), how can we believe ANYTHING he says? The only reason we know that Lic. Carlos Alberto Delgado Zúñiga is a member of MAMZ's family is that the Truth About Kos has been able to determine the relationship through a slip of the tongue (an inadvertant tip-off) by MAMZ in his wedding album which led to a horde of Salvadoran government documents, commercial Saladoran websites and even a press release by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

(Look for the "Baja Salt" entry in the press release and then Google "Baja Salt Group" to find out who is its exclusive distributor is for Central and South America, and also distributing commercial and table salt on five continents. This is not the background of a poor immigrant whose family did not have any money. Like John Edwards, the problem is not merely the affair, but also the web of lies and denials about the affair, and what they say about John Edwards' character and his reputation for failing to tell the truth.)

The inevitable conclusion that comes from comparing MAMZ's statements to what is available on the Internet is that Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga is a compulsive (or highly-paid government) liar, and nothing he says can be taken at face value. That's why there are 648,000 hits for "Moulitsas" + "gay" at Google.


socrates said...

The Spanish article can be found through the wayback machine.

It says he was born in Illinois, but it also does show him saying he was an immigrant and not from a famous or rich family.

Good screen grab of his wedding pics.

He certainly seems to have a way of stretching the truth. Maybe he never even applied to the CIA, or he did, and they laughed him off, and then he started making stuff up about getting to the end and having to decide whether to be a clandestine spy or work for Howard Dean. There's no way to know. But based on his words to the Commonwealth Club, that's his problem, not yours.

I think he might work for the CIA. I've never seen one word out of him concerning right wing death squads from El Salvador. He's always on about the communists. If he was forced to leave the country, it was because he was a part of the oligarchy. I googled a bit, and apparently the death squads(2007) have persisted(1993).

So why all the talk of murderous communists and nothing about right wing death squads, if Markos' family were poor immigrants? Kos must be an outright liar.

Good catch on the piece at the Cato Institute not mentioning any Gulf War experience in opposition to the Washington Post article.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Thanks, Socrates. If he were a "liberal" or a "leftist" or a "progressive" then he would speak out against the death squads and against the attempts of Carlos Alberto Delgado Zúñiga's National Association of Private Enterprise's efforts to privatized El Salvador's water supply and its hospitals.

These attempts at privatization has drawn massive protests from progressives and leftists in El Salvador, but not a word from Moulitsas Zúñiga about Delgado Zúñiga's business activities.

socrates said...

Francis, how have you been? I hope all is well. The family album can also be seen through the wayback machine.

He indeed did admit to his family owning the Suites Jaltepeque. I took a screenshot.

He doesn't speak out against right wing death squads, because he has already implied that it was the communists who forced his family to flee.

Moulitsas is a propaganda artist. He praises the CIA while blaming the Left for historic troubles in El Salvador. I think he joined the army because it can help people politically. But than one can scratch their chin and wonder why the Cato Institute didn't mention any tour of duty in Iraq. The Washington Post does. I bet Markos was nice and safe on a German base, while others had to risk their lives and getting Gulf War illness.
No Google Account? Sign up here.

Here is another screenshot I took which is kind of interesting. It seems like Markos likes to say things not because they are true but for how they will be interpreted by masses of people.

Check this out. He tried to make it seem in the wedding album that he was on the side of the poor and persecuted. Too bad for him he mentioned the family owned hotel in the country's most wealthy tourist area. Of course he didn't mention the environmental degredation either.

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga: For me, this trip was amazing. I hadn't been downtown San Salvador since my family fled the country in 1980. The city offers a stark contrast between rich and poor -- you are basically one or the other. But the underlying changes gave me cause for hope. There were a great number of dark-skinned people in business suits, something that was much rarer in the past. The capital had erased most of its scars from the civil war that drove my family to the US...

Notice how he mentions dark skin and how one was basically rich or poor? How his family was forced to flee? He's playing mind games. He figures most people have bought into his being one of the leaders of the progressive movement. Hence, there is a lot of pressure put on people to not attack him. That those who do are working for Karl Rove or Fox News. Well, Kos does have a nice tan. I think he was trying to snooker those ignorant in history, to make it seem he was on the poor side of the war. But only an ignoramus could miss his saying the family owns a hotel, and how poor people do not own hotels. There's little wonder why he has taken this website down. But he also should have put a robots.txt on it. That's what lots of disingenous people do with their domains years after the fact to cover up warts. Brad Friedman does it. Mike Rivero does it. Few people go snooping around, but unlike with Markos, those propagandists or grifters are smart enough to make it more difficult for those few amateur cybersleuths who do. Of course, when people like us try to get our stories out, we see what happens. We are censored and ridiculed. It happened to you at My Left Wing.


socrates said...

Sorry I had a typo saying google account. I spilled a coffee drop on my return key months ago and have to copy and paste to get paragraphs. I forgot to delete that part.

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