Saturday, November 28, 2009

Francis L. Holland vs. the "Credibility" of the Whiteosphere

I couldn't care less about that which the CIA-connected whiteosphere calls "credibility". Whiteosphere "credibility" is when people believe what you say even if it isn't true, because they believe in YOU. YOU are their truth and therefore facts and citations are irrelevant to them. If you say it, they believe it, just as did the followers of Adolph Hitler. I don't want that kind of "credibility" and I wouldn't want anyone to read my blog and believe what I say simply because Francis L. Holland says it. If I don't show you where I got the information, then I apologize; challenge me to produce the proof!

If I say something in a particularly compelling way, then I love to be quoted for it and for others to join me in describing facts in a particularly powerful way. The Root, which is the Black-focused blog started by Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. for the Washington Post, says:
Another blog, Tasered While Black, keeps a running log of black Americans killed or abused in what it calls "police pre-trial electrocution."
That's my way and now our way (and now our way) of giving the proper gravitas to the act of police shocking a "subject" to death when they often have no reason to arrest the "subject" in the first place. Please quote me because I'm eloquent or funny or insane, but not because what I say is "inherently true" simply because it comes out of my mouth. That's sycophancy. It's Hitlerian and I want no part of it.

Since I'm a trained and practiced attorney, I've learned that judges in court are not interested in my opinion about jurisprudence in a particular area, unless I can back up my assertions with compelling citations to statutes and case law. I'm not offended by their insistence that I prove my assertions, because I know that I cannot inform my readers and the public until I have informed myself. When I go through the process of researching an issue, I make the sources of the facts clear, and I also make and publish screen-shots of sources that I think might subsequently be taken down or otherwise disappear from websites.

See the wedding album and honeymoon photos of Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga, for a clear and obvious example. Since MAMZ had every reason to take the wedding album down once its significance was pointed out, I took screen-shots of the photographs and text that were posted there that became essential to tying MAMZ to his Salvadoran oligarchy family and their right-wing activities.

I hear that CIA-trained Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) was on Meet the Press recently. Hmmm. Adolph Hitler's Germany hosted the 1936 Olympic Games, but the added fame Germany won there didn't make the Fuhrer any less dangerous. In fact, it only encouraged Germany and helped him position that nation for what was come. So, keep an eye on Markos Moulitsas. (SourceWatch.Org) Eventually, he will be revealed to be just as positive for American leftists as the Fuhrer was for German Jews.

I predicted in 2006 that the 2008 Presidential Election would focus on ending the "43-term white male monopoly of the presidency". I predicted that Hillary and Barack would be the strongest candidates and the race would be decided between them. This was five months or so before either of them announced that they would run for the presidency. (See "Contrarians Should Stop Bashing Barack and Hillary" (Diaries, All Topics), posted by francislholland on 07/01/2006 04:32:56 PST, 43 comments.)

I've also gathered the facts about Markos Moulitsas, which have been cited over a million times at Google. Those facts point toward a massive train-wreck between his self-serving misinformation campaign about his own history, and his posturing, on the one hand, and reality on the other hand. Because the lies cannot told indefinitely when the truth is so close at hand, I predict that there will be a public confrontation between Markos Moulitsas' lies about himself and the reality, and at some point in the not-too-distant future. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party and its progressives will be at least spectators and, at least to some degree, participants in that train-wreck. Don't say I didn't warn you!


Stu Piddy said...


I sometime ago wrote about Studs Terkel who says in HIS BOOK, that HE WROTE called "Touch and Go" that he worked for the FBI....

Yet today on Democracy Now and in the NYT they write how he was REJECTED by the FBI...

They are rewriting history, I guess. Sorry I can't link to his book, there's no link...I read the book in the library...

This is not to attack's to show you cannot trust what you read.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Yes, what you report causes some real cognitive dissonance for me about Terkel, since he is highly regarded by the Left.

I know, if only by studying MAMZ and reading how he has been covered by the media, that the media often just takes press releases and autobiographical "background papers" and reports them as fact.

Most people apparently don't remember that little talk from middle school about "critical reading".

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

As for MAMZ, when I learned that his family had received a one million dollar loan guarantee from the Overseas Private Investment Council (OPIC), it became much easier for me to believe him when he says he wanted to work for the CIA. It wouldn't surprise me if his right-wing Salvadoran oligarchy family was on the CIA payroll for generations, considering all of the information about his family in the "Indictment of Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga by History and Justice" (see sidebar).

Even if he had never mentioned the CIA himself, the OPIC loan would have been a tip-off.

socrates said...

Sweet, another Holland blog entry to enjoy. Thanks dude. Francis, I have spread the truth about Kos at OpenLeft. This is one of those we'll have to wait and see if it is censored. I haven't a clue. I do know that this Chris Bowers dude who seems to run Open Left banned you from MyDD for exposing Daily Kos. So who knows. I have had this account for a while, but this was my first post. Ironically, I found out about this diary on bannings through a historic troll known as DavidByron, who word has it is the most banned poster in blogosphere history. That's usually going to be the case for sexist "progressives" who call for the destruction of Israel.

Here's the problem

screenshot 1
screenshot 2

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Somewhere at my blog, I have a screen shot of the comment that other guy at MyDD posted, saying, "That's it! You're banned How many times have I told you not to come here and attack DailyKos", or something to that effect. It's in the old posts at the Francis L. Holland blog. I made a screenshot of it to prove that the explicit reason for my being banned from MyDD was that I absolutely refused to refrain to publishing new information about MAMZ, the CIA-trainee. (See side bar.)

So, obviously Open Left is not very open if you can't criticize a CIA trainee there. It's about as open as a safety deposit box to which MAMZ has the only key, and these other blog administrators are simply MAMZ minions and likely are CIA assets. That's my opinion, even though I can't prove that they are paid directly by the CIA.

What I CAN prove is that MAMZ said he was at the CIA for between six months (his words) or two years (calculated based on the time line he gave). As far as I'm concerned anyone who enables someone connected with the CIA might as well be on the CIA payroll.

Again, I encourage you to maintain your own blog and cross-post anything you post at these other blogs to your own blog. It's obvious that these MAMZ minion blogs take down posts and hide comments.

It's also obvious to me that the first comment about your article at Open Left was about banning you, with no discussion of the substance of your post. That's a sign of a MAMZ minion blog, and it's one of the techniques they use to discourage posters from saying anything that MAMZ and his minions won't like.

If you really want to fuck with their heads then post your information in the comments at the Washington Post and the New York Times, with links to your own blog posts on the subject.

socrates said...

Francis, you are quite correct on this one. They are Kos Kop fockers who hate the American value of freedom of speech and association.

I'd just like to find one blog where I can be myself and am able to provide content which is addressed. Like I always wanted the Red Sox to win one world series before dying. :) You know, to be ourselves, be quirky, be informative. What a disgusting piece of Kosola that thread turned out to be. The author of the article on censorship has hypocritically uprated the trolling done on me. He didn't address my content. That guy used to post at MyLeftWing and left in 2007. You'd think he'd at least have the integrity to address some of the content. It's deja vu all over again.

Thankfully, that was one of my better posts. I checked my spelling. I tried to be concise and readable yet get a lot of goodies in.

Soapblox is fundamentally flawed. I see that OpenLeft is hiding posts after two troll ratings. Wtf? They are just asking for their place to be manipulated. And Chris Bowers, the numbnut who banned you from MyDD, does run OpenLeft. I walked right into a snake pit! So I left a few more posts with my last one being a see ya wouldn't want to be ya type. That will probably be hidden.

I can count on my fingers the number of bloggers I remember who have treated me like a human being, who when they disagreed with me went after the content rather than my personality or whatever.

I can come to no other conclusion that the blogosphere is a closed shop. Yeah, dudes like us should never give up and continue to create pockets of awareness. We should try to be like Biko and keep our cool under the most trying of attacks. I do think you are gone after because you are a proud thinker black man. I think I am gone after because I am that poor white thinker dude in the beat up car with the question authority bumper sticker who isn't a poser. Basically, it is because we can back up our shite with proof that we are attacked. If our content sucked, they would let us stick around to serve as strawmen to support their various agendas. I have copied and pasted and screenshot my best stuff through the last years. Blogspot is actually a cool mechanism for creating pockets of awareness, since google treats us good with their seach engine.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...


Chris Bowers was in management at MyDD and he's the one who kicked me out of there, for reposting statistics gathered at DailyKos that indicated that about two thirds of people at DailyKos don't believe in God.

I argued that this was important because 90% of Americans DO believe in some kind of God, and if the Democratic candidate is picked by someone who doesn't have a religious perspective, then the voters will reject that person because, statistically, most Americans hate atheists even more than they dislike Black people and communists.

I predicted that the Democratic Party would have to nominate Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, because they were the two candidates with a credible faith background.

Well, Bowers thought it was better not to have Black people around talking about how important religion is and how atheist blogs could bring down the Democratic Party candidate if the advertised their atheism too much, or if they successfully nominated an atheist (doomed) presidential candidate.

A LOT of the blogs are Government-run with the purpose of controlling and;/or disrupting leftist thought and action. One of the things MAMZ was most know for when he started out was his insistence that public street demonstrations were ineffective at bringing change, and change would now come from the Internet instead.

Well, the Black people who sat in at lunch counters in the 1950's and 60's would be very surprised to hear that although they successfully integrated restaurants and then ALL public places, nonetheless their strategy was useless in the Internet age. What a novel theory!

What about Perestroika in Poland. They would be amazed to find out that in just 20 years the usefulness of gigantic protests had become a big zero. It was MAMZ's opposition to large protests against the war in Iraq that made him seem new and different. And, in fact, I don't think he has EVER used his blog to call people out into the streets for anything, except maybe voting.

Some people at his blog try to use the blog to organize protests, but MAMZ never lends his institutional support to those efforts. His strategy for changing the world seems to be to get himself on Meet The Press and anger ex-congressmen. How does that lead to change again?

It's a cult of personality built around a Jesus who was trained for two years in hell by Satan before he was transformed into a religious proselytizer. That makes perfect sense to the MAMZ minions over at DailyKos, but not to me.

I'm really proud when, as happened today, someone linked to my post where I quoted MAMZ calling himself an "asshole" for opposing gays in the military. Anybody who wants to discredit MAMZ and end an argument about him can just link to one of maybe 400 articles here and prove that MAMZ is simply and literally unbelievable.

If you want to know who I am, just read this article that identifies my family and tells you how they've spent their time.

Now, would MAMZ please present ONE, JUST ONE analogous article or document to support his contentions about his own family background?

By the way: If I told you that one of my uncles was Secretary of Education for the United States of America in the 1980's, but I refuse to tell you his name, would you believe me?

If you say yes, then I want to assert that one of my uncle was the first Black president of the US . . . back in the 1980's, but I can't tell you his name! If I did, I would have to kill you! :) :) :)

Anybody who came out of nowhere and refuses to give you any truthful and verifiable information about his family background should NOT even receive a driver's license, much less a national blog that endeavors to choose the candidates of the Democratic Party.

If its smells like bullshit, looks like bullshit, feels like bullshit and even tastes like bullshit, then be careful. It might be bullshit!

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, most of America doesn't pay a lot of attention to the blogosphere or the whitosphere. When they want information about a topic or personality, they do a google search. Most of the hits at Truth About Kos come from people around the world wanting to know who this guy really is (and if he's gay).

There aren't that many people googling his CIA past and coming here, because that information is widely spread across the Internet that I have to share that traffic with probably two or three hundred blogs or more.

It's worth writing stuff and posting it at a blog, because it's like writing a book that will be in the library stacks when a student researches the topic you write about.

That, too, is why it is essential to offer copious citations to impeccable sources. College professors may not accept the truth of a matter just because the information is on a blogspot blog, unless there are well-known sources cited, or original documents, or a blogger reporting his/her personal experience.

Mostly, links to sources are crucial. I spend a lot of time going back and tracking down sources that I've written about before in order to include those sources for evidence in current posts.

I watch my Site Meter and I write articles about the subjects that are the topics of people's Google searches relating to MAMZ, color arousal, etc.

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