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{UPDATED} Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is a Right Wing, CIA Loving Tool

Plus, the writer asks a very good question: With so many people who love to do research at DailyKos, why doesn't one of them go to the link "Guy Caballero" posted and try to refute any aspect of the substance?

"Guy" is right. There simply is no way to refute what MAMZ said about himself at the Commonwealth Club on June 2, 2006. The admission, the confession, the "statement against interest" is in MAMZ own inimitably feminine nerd voice. (There's nothing wrong with being an effeminate-sounding nerd, unless you also train for two years at the CIA while pretending to be a progressive blogger, and post homophobic screeds at your college newspaper.)

When DailyKos commetors gang up against a poster and write nonsensical, childish and irrelevant comments,posting silly photographs with no relation to the substance of the post - without ever discussing or deconstructing the actual substance of the post, that is part of a very determined psy-ops type operation intended to prevent the poster from communicating meaningfully with the public.

Posted Today At DailyKos:
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Sun Aug 23, 2009 at 12:04:22 AM PDT

No lefty would have ever supported the CIA. Proof of Kos doing so is now well-known, as he had a brain cramp in an interview with the Commonwealth Club in 2006. It is without a doubt that he called the CIA a liberal institution he'd have no problem working for. Maybe he already did? According to his own words, he went through a six month interview process starting in 2001. He said that he went all the way to the end and had to decide whether to become a clandestine spy or work for Howard Dean.

We know what he decided on. Funny thing though about the timeline according to his own words. How does a six month process starting in 2001 end in the middle of 2003? Daily Kos was started in 2002. Did Kos run this blog while he was working for the CIA? He needs to explain this, or otherwise it is fairly clear what the answer is. At a minimum, he is no lefty. He is into making money. He was the worst thing that ever could have happened to progressives on the net

Update: Not one of you numbnuts debunked the content of this diary, because you can't. Also, there should be 276 comments. A rough count shows there are only 174 comments. You're nothing but a bunch of cheaters. Uhm, no I am not a wingnut. I am not working for Dick Cheney. I do believe Obama was eligible to run for President. Notice how not one of these buggers went into detail of what Kos said in the Commonwealth Club interview. Also, that was done in 2006, so Moulitsas Zuniga has no wiggle room as he seems to think he does for being an outright homophobe in his youth. You are all my bitches. Go Cheney yourselves.

If you look at his biography and on at least one of his diaries, he mentions those darn violent communist guerillas who forced his family to flee El Salvador. Can anyone show me where he has condemned the right wing death squads? We all know what will happen with this diary. If it isn't outright deleted, the sycophants will crow about tinfoil hats and decoder rings, not to mention cuckoo bananas. The instant hammerban will be applied. Not only that, anyone who supports what I have written will suffer the same treatment, as if they were a Mormon trying to escape their cult. All these new crap revelations are coming out against the CIA. I felt this was a good time to repeat what is so often censored or ridiculed at this dive. With that said, you can all now resume your normal sycophant schedules.

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Since "Guy Caballero" will be exiled from DailyKos for posting this truthfull information, he should have included a link to The Truth About Kos in his post. Go out with a bang!

Thanks go to "Socrates" for informing me of this post, since I otherwise certainly wouldn't have been reading DailyWhitosphere to read it.


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

"Socrates" and "Guy":

Societies are full of bullshit artists and charlatans, and the USA is no exception.

Anybody who wants to know The Truth About Kos will find it simply by Googling his name. Others who are enamored of MAMZ are like members of the Moonies or the Church of Scientology: They've drank the Kool-Aid.

However, you really read how much the US media suppresses information simply by not the truth while disseminating the propaganda, the way they report daily that MAMZ is a "progressive" "leftist" without mentioning the countervaling fact that of MAMZ's relationship to the CIA.

That shows you how much you can rely on the US mainstream media for information.

Meanwhile, I tend to trust more the blogs that have published the CIA truth about Kos, while staying clear of those blogs that have never mentioned it and that continue to link to DailyKos and participate in WhiteRoots Nation annual Klu Klux Klan gathering. (No not everyone there is a color-aroused antagonist. Some of the participants don't know that they're at a Klan rally.) :)

socrates said...

Hi Francis,

I was Guy Caballero just as I was LetTheSunShine. Sorry for any confusion. That will probably be the last time I ever try such a thing. The responses each time have been the same. Like yourself, I'm gonna try to stop directing traffic to a CIA asset.

I think even more alarming than Moulitsas suffering from latent homosexuality is the idea that he can be linked to right wing El Salvadoran death squads. That is the stuff that I think brought on the most over the top distortions of your writings. As I posted in a previous comment section here, Moulitsas is trying to pin the bloodshed on communist guerillas despite historical facts. I think you have done important work.

One of the sycophants argued that if Kos is a right winger, then why does he live in Berkeley. I think he lives there precisely to make it seem like he is a progressive. He'd probably be much happier in Orange County, but it wouldn't look organic for his scripted infiltration of the left-o-sphere.

socrates said...

I found some more right wing ideology flowing out of MyLeftWing, the website that kicked Francis Holland to the curb in an act of outright censorship.

Dear Antiwar New Englander

The two culprits are DonkeyTale and KarmaStench. DonkeyTale is well know for having co-opted Francis Holland's whitosphere phrase with his own variation of whiteysphere. He also makes spelling mistakes on purpose. He may have supported Mr. Holland in the past, but I believe that was more a matter of what is referred to as concern trolling. KarmaStench is well-known for having followed Francis to MyLeftWing in order to troll him. He has admitted to that.

Here's DonkeyTale on Cindy Sheehan. This is reminiscent of when the right wing propaganda machine was spinning her as being a media whore.

"I often wonder how she came to raise up a "warrior son" in the first place, approvingly sending him off to boot camp? Oh, you mean the VOLUNTEER military is not just a jobs training program, a way to accumulate tuition money? You mean that nice sergeant at the recruitment center was lying????

Cindy Sheehan is gigging dude, an opportunist using her dead son for fun and profit. I have no problem with her schtick, but its a far cry from whereshe sits to grateness.

She's found her a nice job, is all, standing around all day in front of the MSM, collecting donations from the Left Behind.

Now, institutionalized. An annual event attracting dozens.....the Jerry Lewis Telethon of the Left Behind. Give a dollar and feel all good about yourself.


Now on to KarmaStench. A poster called him out for supporting war. KarmaStench denied that, but here is what he said on a different thread.

"When the Bush administration attacked Afghanistan I was initially opposed, but came to accept it after Osama bin Ladin took credit for the 9/11 attacks."

KarmaFish spinned that retort as being comprised of a quote taken out of context. Yet, he never denied that he is for the war in Afghanistan. The irony is that Bin Laden may have died a very long time ago and never actually took any credit for 9/11. It is an established fact that he has had a severe kidney illness. Then of course there is the question of whether he actually took credit for the September 11th attacks.

Swiss scientists 95% sure that Bin Laden recording was fake

There was a French study which tried to debunk this Swiss one. The point is there is reasonable doubt to believe that any tape of Bin Laden taking credit is authentic. Oh well, there you have it, yet another enigma. Plus, kooky right wing disinformation websites are the predominant search hits for trying to figure it out. So despite the link provided by myself being from The Guardian, curious newbies and fence-sitters are gonna end up thinking this is just more internet tinfoil after ending up at crap websites.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, I've always doubted the story that Bin Laden, who is a family member of George H. W. Bush's business partners in Saudi Arabia, all of a sudden decides to destroy the Twin Towers and succeeds.

Then, George W. Bush ends up with a perfect "enemy" for the UD to try to hunt down while the US grabs oil rights in Iraq.

However, no one is ever able to find this Bin Laden character in spite of spending billions of dollars on the effort. I think Bin Laden is an actor on retainer to the CIA, or to George H. W. Bush's Carlyle group.

Or something of the sort.