Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RE: Netroots Nation Study: White Men are "The General Population" of the United States

Dear Friends:

Back in 2007, we had a vigorous debate in the afrosphere over whether it was important or not for Black people to be permitted to participate at white-owned blogs.

We subsequently discovered that when white blogs got together and decided which bloggers would have access to the floor of the Democratic National Convention, the decision was made along the lines of the "State Blogs" organization put together by Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga. All of the blogs included in his "State Blogs" organization were white-owned, so no Black bloggers would have continual "state blog" access to the floor of the Democratic National Convention.

That was an apartheid-like decision that came from the apartheid-like white blogs and was ratified by the DNCC while we were asleep at the wheel, in the mistaken belief that white male machinations would make no difference to us.

Now, they're at it again. A study released at Netroots Nation says, in essence, that white men are "the general population" of the United States, while white women, Blacks and Latinos are, taken together, a curious minority who use technology differently from "the general population" of white men.

Now, many readers will ask what difference it makes that white men are announcing that they are the reference group for what "normal" is, while the majority of the United States, including white women, Blacks and Latinos are anomolous outliers whose incompetent behavior needs to be studied in order to determine what hoops we could jump through in order to be considered worthy of having access to the privileges that white men enjoy.

Social and societal movements start with studies that attempt to characterize facts in a way that suits those who originate or sponsor the studies. These studies, when accepted as fact, get some people and groups moving intellectually, politically and economically in a certain direction, while marginalizing others. Because, as Franz Fanon said, subjugated communities often "internalize" the views and behavior of their oppressors, you even find, as I have, that white women, Blacks and Latinos are willing to submit to the phallacy (pun intended) that white men are "the general population."

I only discovered this bogus assertion of white male superiority in the Netroots Nation study because it was sent to me by a Black woman who hailed it as a new scientific discovery: 'Backward white women and minorities just don't know how to act like white men.'

Soon, you may hear that only bloggers who are using the technology prominent among white men will be permitted to participate in some aspect of Democratic Party news reporting and policy making, just as they decided in the winter of 2007/2008 that only blogs focused on state issues would be allowed continual access to the floor of the Democratic National Convention. Or you may discover that white male bloggers are sharing information in a way that only they have accessed.

If this sounds like a "conspiracy theory" , then just look at the all-white state blog corps that came out of the last conspiracy. Believe it or not, there are people conspiring right now to marginalize you and people like you. Slavery, the Fugitive Slave Act, Jim Crow and the Tuskegee Syphilus experiments may the foremost examples of white male conspiracies that had lasting negative results for Black people.

The Fugitive Slave Act, excerpted below, is an example of a national white conspiracy against Black people in which some whites actually obliged all whites to treat Blacks as chattel:
after arrest of such fugitive, by such marshal or his deputy, or whilst at any time in his custody under the provisions of this act, should such fugitive escape, whether with or without the assent of such marshal or his deputy, such marshal shall be liable, on his official bond, to be prosecuted for the benefit of such claimant, for the full value of the service or labor of said fugitive in the State, Territory, or District whence he escaped:
That's right. If any police official anywhere received a slave and then allowed the slave to escape, intentionally or unintentionally, then that officer was to pay the slave's owner the full value of the slave and the labor that the slave would have provided if he had not been freed!

So, you heard it here first. Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga did not spend two years training at the CIA in Washington to be "a secret agent", only to become a legitimate leftist blogger instead. His skills in misinformation are apparent in the Netroots Nation report that says that white men are "the general population" while white women, Blacks and Latinos, who make up perhaps 68% of America, are NOT part of "the general population." Once you accept that premise, all sorts of political consequences will follow from it.

Assertions such as this will definitely have political repercussions unless we push back against them. We need to let white men know, as we did when we elected President Barack Obama, that white men are NOT, in and of themselves, "the general population" of America and we do NOT measure what is appropriate for everyone by referencing how white men are spending their time.

At the same time, when that minortiy of America that is comprised of white males is using a technology or novelty to their advantage, we may want to see if that technology can be useful for us as well, because sometimes minorities such as white men have an idea from which everyone can benefit.



socrates said...

Good job Francis. I have a new entry exposing cointelpro type operations here. Hal Turner's attorney is saying his client was trained by the FBI to be an agent provocateur. Much more is at the link, including Tinoire of Progressive Independent caught in lies and having a Kos moment in which she alleged to have worked for military intelligence. By the way, I also stumbled on an email address for Michael Rivero linking him to McDonnell Douglas, the largest military contractor at that time. I'm gonna also add another entry, a crosspost of some excerpts from Mark Singer's book on Brett Kimberlin.

socrates said...

You there, Francis? Maybe there's enough stuff to talk it out more, so lurkers can know we aren't just making stuff up. The gatekeepers at MyLeftWing including the dry drunk Maryscott O'Connor and the propable political operative Karmafish and others have been all about protecting that CIA loving piece of shit.

This is from the arsehole's biography at DKOS.

"The son of a Salvadoran mother and Greek father, Moulitsas spent his formative years in El Salvador (1976-1980), where he saw first-hand the ravages of civil war. His family fled threats on their lives by the communist guerillas and settled in the Chicago area."

He pins his relocation to America as a result of Communist violence. Can he prove it, or is he an outright liar? has he ever written about the right wing death squads? Why would communists have targeted him if his family weren't on the side of the murderous regime which had the support of Reagan, the CIA, and every other shitfocker around at the time? Here's an excerpt from a google book I found written by Donald G. Dutton titled The psychology of genocide, massacres, and extreme violence:

Up until that time, a "dirty war" had been taking place with skirmishes and death squads who killed, mutilated, and raped their victims. Those death squads left signature knife cuts on victims, which signified their connection with the right wing Martinez Brigade. The El Salvadoran Army decided to launch an offensive in Morazan under the direction of a Colonel Domingo Monterrosa Barrios, and they warned prominent citizens of El Mozote to stock up on provisions and stay inside the town. As the Army chased guerillas through the hills of Morazan, some guerillas warned the citizens of El Mozote to flee but, believing they had nothing to fear, they decided to stay. The Army, however, had begun a procedure of "zone killing" whereby they would make an example to terrorize the guerillas by slaughtering all residents of a geographic area. The general order was to kill all the men who were suspected of being guerillas. The paranoia became so great that officers even suspected one another of being guerillas. (49) The hard-line Army officers always referred to the guerillas as a virus, an infection, or a cancer. This justified killing all members of a suspected guerilla's family....


socrates said...

Here's a quote from the douchebag. Notice how he justifies the right wing death squads through his recognition of the government of that time.

From the scumbag's own mouth

"Unlike the vast majority of people in this country, I actually grew up in a war zone. I witnessed communist guerillas execute students accused of being government collaborators. I was 8 years old, and I remember stepping over a dead body, warm blood flowing from a fresh wound. Dodging bullets while at market. I lived in the midsts of hate the likes of which most of you will never understand (Clinton and Bush hatred is nothing compared to that generated when people kill each other for politics or race or nationality). There's no way I could ever describe the ways this experience colors my worldview."

No mention of right wing death squads but talk of those communist guerillas killing innocents. WTF?

socrates said...

Here's a new diary up at DKos which I just saved. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is a Right Wing, CIA Loving Tool. Will it be deleted? How many predictable responses will it receive? Francis, there's an old saying. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Take care.

socrates said...

Gee whiz, it says there are 276 comments, but my unofficial count is 174. They all mocked me in the systematic manner I predicted. No one actually debunked what I wrote. Because they can't. No one had a bad word to say about the CIA, unless I missed it. Kos wasn't saying he was a big supporter of the CIA in his stupid youth like he says about his homophobia. That was 2006. I have come around to believe that you are 100% correct in saying that Kos was a full employee of the CIA. It doesn't take much to make a retraction or clarify what he said through his own words to the Commonwealth Club. One poster even said I was probably from the Alex Jones crowd. That's funny, Jones is an ardent anti-communist. Why would a Jones type cry out for a little honesty in discussing the El Salvadoran troubles, of the right wing death squads? Another was saying I must be one of those questioning Obama's eligibility to be President. The Daily Kos is clearly rigged. How does 276 comments become 174? How come anyone who critiques fake progressives is painted as a wingnut? Could these fockers be any more obvious in that they are a honey pot formed to disrupt democratic processes on the internet?

socrates said...

There's this dude named the last name left who has gone after people like Michael Rivero and Alex Jones. Both of us have been called Mossad and even the same person.This is a cross-post of what I just left at his blog.

I noticed something strange with google and Daily Kos. This was from a few hours ago, and I can't remember the exact differences in search terms I used to find my entry, but there are two separate urls for the same thing.

link #1

link #2

The only thing I have in common with rbguy from link #1 is the name guy in my username. If you check out that person's posts, they seem to be completely having to do with the Israel-Palestinian situation. Now considering that both of us have been called Mossad, what other explanation is there than that for this strange duplicate url? Please keep in mind that the entry I made was done a little over 24 hours ago. That person's most recent comment also was thanking a person named Karmafish from MyLeftWing who has admitted to having followed Francis Holland there to troll him. Holland is well-known for exposing the truth about Kos, the name of his blogspot.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, at DailyKos some comments have insisted that I must be "Christopher", a Black lawyer from Maine. There are so few Black people at DailyKos that if anyone says they're Black, then they're suspected of being me!

The reason that the count shows over two hundred comments while YOU can only see less 175 is that if enough people troll rate a comment at DailyKos then the comment becomes invisible to everyone except DailyKos trusted users.

So, anyone who says something positive about your post is being troll-rated into oblivion, at risk of losing their posting privileges.

Of course, it's hard for anyone on the outside to completely understand the machinations of a possible CIA front operation. Keep this in mind, though: If the CIA torture files are appearing now, soon the CIA/Defense Department files on clandestine disruption of the blogging Left may also start to tumble out. When that happens, you will notice that the blacked out spaces are exactly the same size as the word "DailyKos" would be it it were not blacked out.

There will be mentions of El Salvador and Chicago, but the names of the people will be Blacked out. There will be lists of all sorts of training programs and scholarships that were offered by "a big box blog" and there will be an amount of dollars spent on salaries that will be in the millions, indicating that "leftist" blogs were inundated by Government agents during this time. Of course I can't predict exactly what will be there and what will be blacked out, but I'm pretty sure this will become as well-documented in mainstream news outlets as the Iran-Contra scandal became. But, only after the news can't effect the outcome, because the CIA has already moved on to other nefarious activities.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

MAMZ is a charlatan, but the mistake he's made is to lie about things that can easily be disproved, like his wealthy family's poverty, where he was born, the socioeconomic status of his family, and how long he was at the CIA (two years, not six months).

It's not impossible that his family was concerned with communist guerrillas, particular if he really had an uncle in a Salvadoran Government that was actively torturing people.

None of that can be proved or disproved with certainty up until today, so I'm contenting myself to report what I know: The manager of MAMZ's family hotel was also listed as a leader in ANEP, which the CIA calls a right-wing "pressure group" and which was involved in torture of leftists and associated with the murder of Archbishop Romero.

With all of that on his family's shoulders, I can certainly understand why they might want to run and hide.

The difference between them and other Salvadorans was that they were wealthy enough and well-connected enough to fly to Chicago and immediately begin normal lives there.

What immigration status did MAMZ's mother have when she entered the United States? Student visa? I'm told she met her Greek husband at a university in Chicago.

In any case, a family had to have a LOT of money for a member to go and study in the United States. We're talking about oligarchy, so maybe his family was afraid of the guerrillas. They were afraid, perhaps, that land reform would take away some of the miles and mile of pristine beach-front land they owned.

socrates said...

I was aware of the hidden comment strategy over outright deletions. With that policy, the cheaters are able to allow diaries like mine to remain. It gives the illusion that nothing gets deleted. Nonetheless, posts being hidden might as well be deleted. Not many can see them. Not many who have been turned off by DKos stick around. Like you said, anyone who would come to my defense would be in jeopardy of the banhammer. This is yet another example of why Dave From Queen's proving of a rigged moderating system directly tied to the DKos administration was so important. Not only is Daily Kos rigged, but it is rigged from the top.

I wouldn't be surprised either if proof emerges of CIA involvement in the blogosphere. They'll probably argue that such activities weren't technically happening in the US as the internet has no actual geographical location. It would take moral judges to stop that kind of nonsense and say obviously places like DKos are geared towards Americans even if the net is worldwide.

Kos is clearly an idiot. No one with half a brain would have ever admitted to what he did in the Commonwealth Club interview. I think when it becomes clear that DKos is rigged disinformation, there will be no way to link it to the CIA. No one could be that dumb. Or maybe they are. Kos certainly was. He should've made up some time appropriate excuse, like he applied in 2001 and they got back to him in late 2002 or early 2003 or something that could give him wiggle room. Plus, who is about to sign on as a clandestine spy without first being an employee? And why link me to RBGuy? Because his most recent post was thanking KarmaStench? Thanks for your efforts, dude.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

There were some serious comments in the thread, and they tended to try to legitimize CIA participation. They want readers to believe that knowing people in the CIA (like MAMZ) is really quite normal. And that's essentially what MAMZ said at the Commonwealth Club.

They even want the press to believe that the American Left no longer distrusts the CIA. But if you read the Radar Online interview, and even the Commonwealth Club interview transcript, it's clear that the interviewers find it quite extraordinary that a Leftist is also a CIA agent/asset and is defending the CIA.

I think one of the effects, if not the intentions, of the whole Plame thing was to let Americans know that a CIA agent could be the soccer mom nextdoor. "It's really quite normal and unexceptional." Uh huh.