Monday, May 5, 2008

"Hinessight: The Anti-Drudge" Discovers the Truth About Kos

Today, when I looked at my eponymous (self-named) blog's site meter, I discovered that a blog that usually gets 180 hits a day was getting 41 hits in just the last hour! And then I discovered why: The Hinessight blog posted a link to my Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas by Justice and History, saying, "Daily Kos founder Moulitsas-Zuniga has quite a history ."

There are still a lot of Americans who don't know who MAMZ is, including the entire mainstream media. How long can that last?


socrates said...

Hi, thanks for your efforts. You might want to link to BradBlog's section on the DailyCIAKos. Peace.

p.s. Is there one article or a bunch one could be pointed to which explain Kos' puzzling rise to power? It's not like he is that good a writer, and he is clearly anything but a progressive.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I think that MAMZ's CIA connections and his connections explain his startling rise to power better than any other hypothesis. Who benefits most of MAMZ is at the top of the heap in the "progressive" "left"? Well, the CIA would benefit the most, because the pseudo-left becomes completely by someone who has said that he would not have any problems working for the CIA today.

Listen to MAMZ's speach to the Commonwealth Club and notice the contradictions in his timeline. He says he was at the CIA for six months, but he also says he went their in 2001 and stayed until he joined Howard Dean's campaign in 2003/2004. Which means that he was probably at the CIA over one year and as much as two years, if anything he says can be believed at all. This also means that he was at the CIA when he was starting DailyKos, so may he started DailyKos under contract to the CIA. And maybe he continues to run it as a CIA front?

When you add that up with all of the lies about his family (See the Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga by Justice and History), it certainly seems like MAMZ is an undercover operator in the American Left. That would explain how this "poor Salvadoran immigrant" from the Salvadoran oligarchy managed to put all of the connections together to build this media empire so quickly.

Laughably, people at his blog insist that it's a meritocracy, but apparently merit succeeds much more quickly with some help from the C.I.A.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Socrates, This blog maintains a link list that links to every blog that has cited the Truth About Kos a reference in its exposés about MAMZ. However, I cannot find any evidence that Brad Blog has ever cited the Truth About Kos as a reference, except for Bev. Harris' link in the comments.

Meanwhile, the most concise round-up of damning and discrediting information about MAMZ that I have seen anywhere is "The Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga by Justice and History," here at the Truth About Kos Blog. It's packed with citations to government and industry documents based on original research not available anywhere else. It's just about four pages long, but it brings together all of the fatal inconsistencies and outright lies of the Markos Moulitsas story in one place. Eventually, it will inevitably become the basis of a mainstream media report about MAMZ. Don't miss it!

socrates said...

Hi Francis, thanks for letting me post. Yeah, it's probably best that you don't link to that BradBlog section. It's mentioned here now in the comments.

Brad Friedman finally seemed to wake up and fight back against Zuniga who has been a gatekeeper for election fraud. I thought it was ok for him and others to minimize the 9/11 stuff, as disinfo elements clearly could overrun a website. And I'm not saying there isn't a lot of shadiness with 9/11. One can go to my humble forum and see that I cover "weather mitigation," {or whispering here- chemtrails} which is considered a kooky, conspiracy theory.

Brad fought back because he was lumped in as a "conspiracy nutter."

The beauty of your work is that you have documented with facts who this Kos guy really is. A lot of us out here in the blogosphere have thought the internet has been overrun by fakes. All this used to be astroturfed well as more conspiracy type fodder. But then netvocates, rendon group emerged. There is something called the Bivings Group. There is an Advantage Consultants.

If a few years ago someone had said Kos was a CIA fake, they would have been laughed at. But now we know he really was in the CIA.

I wish I had time to write more here. And I kind of understand and respect your answer to my questions. Yes, the only way Kos rose to power was by some organised effort behind the scenes. Same perhaps with Huffington? The registered agents for the Democratic Underground are republicans. Now how does that add up?

So yes, people can do their own homework and connect dots and get a good idea about the Daily Kos.

My one question, why would Kos ever admit to all this? It seems like he has been his own worst enemy. Would all this have been figured out without that interview he did?

I Wish I had more time here, will check back when I can. I respect people like yourself who speak truth to power. These gatekeeper websites pick the wrong people to drive off of their mega-sites. We find ways to get the word out despite bannings or whatever.

Those who hate America and disdain the people are their own worse enemies. That was a foolish mistake by Kos. It really opened the floodgates to him losing complete credibility.

Thanks again. Peace.