Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Jim-Crow Blogger White-Out at the Denver Convention?

I've looked at all of the blogs selected for the Convention floor, beginning with "A for "Alabama" and ending with "N" for New Mexico. In all of these blogs, I cannot see a single blog that can definitively be identifed as a Black blog. The only blog that seems to run any risk of being a Black blog is the one from Washington, DC, but even that one could just as easily be a white blog.

In all of the bloglists of all of these blogs, I saw two links to Pam's House Blend, or or two to Jack and Jill Politics, one link to Fort Wayne (Indiana) Black woman, none to any Black organization (besides a single link to the NAACP), one link to that Black guy Willis, and one link to Field Negro, out of over a thousand links to "progressive" blogs. So, I figure that links to Black blogs represent less than one percent of the links at these blogs, which is a good indication of the unlikelihood that they will send any Black bloggers to Denver.

What you WILL find among these blogs is that they' almost all part of an interestate "Blue Blogs" network dominated by partisans of Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga (DailyKos), the Salvadoran Reagan-Bush supporter who railed against gays in the military, worked on the poltical campaign of Republican Rep. Henry Hyde, and acknowledges having spent over a year training with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency while he was starting his progressive blog, DailyKos.

You will also notice that DailyKos, MyDD and other closely related blogs are on the bloglists of virtually every blog that was invited to the Convention (of the blogs from "A" to "N").

Somehow, all of the blogs from "A" to "N" on the list of blogs invited to the Convention have gotten the memo that says not to include Black blogs on their bloglists.

I warned my readers last year that a segregated whitosphere where Blacks could not participate openly and freely would result in Democratic Party decisions made exclusively by and for white people whenver these white supremacist apartheid bloggers get their hands on the levers of power, for example selecting bloggers to participate in Denver on the floor of the Convention.

I hope that others will review the blogs from "O" to "Z" and discover that the latter part of the alphabet is more integrated than the former. Good luck!


Christopher King said...

Hello Counselor, I know white solipsism is a major issue in the blogosphere. There is a white blog mafia going on over at TrueCrimeWeblog, with people showing up to say that I'm a racist.

They accuse me of being an "Al Sharpton wannabe," when I don't think I've ever mentioned Al Sharpton on my blawg or anywhere else for that matter, although Al DOES do a lot of good things in his community.

But the best part is when they cite back to Daily Kos and then say that I was supposed to have a mentor appointed by the Court, when that mentor himself (tenured Law Professor Louis A. Jacobs) wrote that:

"Racism, ignorance and reactionary politics played a role in [his] suspension."

Here's a recent thread, they banned me from being a writer there just as Kos did.

BTW I'm busy spanking the Town of Franconia NH for its role in creating an environment where a rogue cop ran amok for years before he was shot out of fear by Liko Kenney, and Kenney was murdered by a 3 time felon named Gregory W. Floyd.

Watch how they shredded a recent Ethics Complaint from a lawyer about McKay.

Peace my brother. Good to know you're out here, we need to keep in better contact.


Christopher King said...

Yah man I went on ahead and made a new post, feel free to distribute.

These guys are pure evil.