Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best Selling Right-Wing Author Richard Poe Investigates Markos C.A. Moulitisas Zúñiga (MAMZ), Using "Truth About Kos" as His Roadmap.

New York Times Best Selling Author Cites "Truth About Kos" Blog
as roadmap for investigating MAMZ. ^ | January 29, 2008 | Richard Lawrence Poe

Posted on 01/29/2008 2:45:00 PM PST by Richard Poe

by Richard Lawrence Poe
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
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DEMOCRAT BLOGGER Markos Moulitsas Zuñíga never fails to bewilder. He proclaims his humble origins, yet his family is rich. He heckles Hillary Clinton, yet helps her where it counts. He boasts of completing a six-month screening for CIA employment -- but says he turned down the job for no very good reason.

His fans call him "Kos". His DailyKos blog draws more than half a million visits per day, reportedly generating sufficient advertising revenue to support the Kos family in style.

Kos' followers -- called "Kossacks" -- include over 125,000 registered users and hundreds of "diarists" or bloggers, five of them paid "fellows".

Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are all DailyKos diarists.

Hillary Clinton spoke at the 2007 YearlyKos Convention, where she told the Kossacks, "We are... putting together a network in the blogosphere... we're beginning to match... the advantage of the other side."

The Washington Post touts Kos as the Democrat answer to Rush Limbaugh.

How did the 36-year-old Kos attain such lofty status?

Moulitsas presents himself as a self-made man. He told the Salvadoran newspaper La Prensa Gráfica:

"Before the Internet, someone like me could never have reached this level of success. I have no money. I don't come from a famous or powerful family."

Baloney, says Francis L. Holland, a disaffected Kossack who runs the Truth-About-Kos Web site.

Kos was born in Chicago on September 11, 1971 to a Greek father, Markos Moulitsas, Sr., and a Salvadoran mother, María Teresa Zúñiga de Funes.

Holland notes that an uncle of Kos served as El Salvador's Education Minister. His mother's family owns the Club Joya del Pacifico, a Salvadoran resort. Another Kos relative, Carlos Alberto Delgado Zúñiga, owns the Baja Salt Group, a global supplier of industrial and table salt.

Kos' parents took him to El Salvador in 1976. They stayed for four years.

Political violence was on the rise. President Carlos Humberto Romero began cracking down on communist insurgents in 1977. This upset U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who sought to appease the guerrillas, not fight them.

Carter backed a gang of leftwing colonels and politicians calling themselves the Revolutionary Government Junta (Junta Revolucionaria de Gobierno). They ousted President Romero on October 15, 1979, promising land reform and nationalization of major industries.

Carter's "revolution" only emboldened the communists. In 1980, the country exploded in civil war. Kos' family fled the country that year when communist guerrillas threatened to kill them.

Kos joined the U.S. Army after high school. From 1989-92, he served as a 13P missile crew specialist in Bamberg, Germany. Kos says that the racial diversity of the Army awakened his inner Latino, transforming him from a Reagan Republican to a hard-left Democrat.

Bolstered by racial pride, Kos earned two bachelors' degrees from Northern Illinois University and a law degree from Boston University. He moved to San Francisco in 1998, seeking his fortune in the dot-com boom.

Then, one day, Kos decided to join the CIA. "In 2001, I was underemployed... between jobs", Kos said in a June 2, 2006 interview. "And so I applied to the CIA." Kos was amazed to find that his CIA interviewers shared his leftwing views. He recalls:

"Every single one of them was liberal... people who want to make the world a better place... people who are internationalist... That was an eye-opening experience for me."
After six months, the CIA offered him an assignment with its Clandestine Service. But Kos said no. "The Howard Dean campaign took off and I had to make a decision," he explains. Kos chose politicking over spying. Or so he says.

Curiously, Kos joined the Dean campaign in June 2003, more than a year after his CIA interlude supposedly ended. His story is fishy. But, then, so is everything else about Mr. Moulitsas.

Kos founded DailyKos on May 26, 2002. He positioned himself as a renegade, "crashing the gate" of the Democratic Party.

Yet he acts more like a gatekeeper than a gatecrasher. Following Hillary's victory in the New Hampshire primary, for instance, Kos squashed speculation that she might have cheated. "Anyone who persists in this crap is engaging in unsupported conspiracy theories and violating site policy, a bannable offense", Kos announced.

Some leftist bloggers have denounced Kos as a government plant. "Once CIA, always CIA", says Francis Holland.

Any statement Kos makes should arouse healthy skepticism. Still, his account of a "liberal", "internationalist" CIA rings true, given the brazen defiance President Bush has endured from that agency.

Richard Lawrence Poe Richard Lawrence Poe is a contributing editor to Newsmax, an award-winning journalist and a New York Times bestselling author. His latest book is The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Siezed Control of the Democratic Party, co-written with David Horowitz.


Anonymous said...

Oh, goody! A pal of Horowitz, a hotshot from NewsMaxx, and author of a right wing rant.

We should believe him. He couldn't have any motive to dump Markos.

Ah, Francis, are YOU working for Hillary still?

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I couldn't care less what his motive is. His motive motivates him to contribute his work to an effort that is important to me, and that's what I care about.

As for Hillary, I post about the election daily, so you can read what I've written for yourself.

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Constructive Feedback said...

This Democratic intramural battle has me tickled. It is interesting to see the same tactics that are applied to Black folks WHO ARE NOT DEMOCRATS (and no I am not a Republican) applied to a brother Democrat simply because he does not support one's chosen Democratic candidate in the primary. While I never took it personally and indeed I also realize that much of it lacked substance - this gives me hope that in hearing the previously unspeakable criticism of the Clinton Administration and of the Congressional Black Caucus that those who prefer their party membership and or their ideological loyalties over measurable racial progress are indeed not as blind as they sometimes appear to be. "Honest"? Well that's an entirely different story.

I figure that once this intramural battle is over "The Daily Kos" and "The Huffington Post" will become "journals of record" for the Democrat who is Black because they will once again turn their guns to non-Democratic adversaries.

Erik said...

Hi Mr. Holland, please start cross-posting at , you (any member of the public) can post Diaries and also submit original articles which get widely disseminated, incl. picked up by Google News. They get 600,000 visitors/mo. and growing, due to their democratic approach to media.

Plus, Kos has a diary over there

Erik said...

HI Mr. Holland,

"Fourteen Points" Media Visibility Update 4/21/08

I used my comment on my unemployment to post 3 links to this site. What do you think about

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

This letter has just been published in The Open Civil Engineering Journal, a mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific engineering journal; this is significant because the authors are known for hypothesizing that on 9/11 WTC 1, 2 & 7 were destroyed by controlled demolition. In their letter they seek to reach agreement on grounds for “productive discussion” on the subject of the destruction of WTC 1, 2 & 7, based on the 14 points outlined in the letter Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction , which are based on assertions of fact already made by NIST and FEMA.

Given that the authors agree with the NIST and FEMA reports on all 14 points listed in the article, what’s the issue? The issue is that the NIST and FEMA reports appear to be grossly inadequate, contradicting both their own conclusions and established facts. Read and see for yourself whether or not you agree; now that this has been published, the scientific community will be debating it.

Thanks again

Erik said...

whoops, here's the link to the journal article

Christopher King said...

Kos and his cronies are absolute tools for the most part.

But the honest ones like the ones below get shouted out in a tyranny of the majority and I was banned from Kos.

Now that I've been to his blog and watched
some of the video tapes, I have to agree that this is a very interesting blog. It's also funny as hell. And Mr. King, Esq. is great to watch in action. Thanks for posting all this and I wish you luck on your case. But who is the guy that follows you around and videos everything? This really is such a perfect use of the new technology of video, internet, and broadband.
-Daily Kos.
Mr. King, lawyers like you drive other lawyers crazy. You're obsessive; you believe in truth and you aren't going to let the other side get away with anything. I mean this from the bottom of my heart -- I hope I never am forced to litigate against you (the greatest compliment I know).

Your Interrogatory responses (and your motion) is perhaps one of the funniest things I have ever read in my life. Its brilliant; its vicious; it appears also to be correct as a matter of law. While I wouldn't adopt your style -- I'm more blue blood and understated in my approach, what youy no doubt would call boring -- your case actually makes me smile every time I read it.
-Daily Kos.
Hey, there. Looks like you have your hands full.

Isn't it odd that you go into law school thinking that the system is part of the solution, when in fact it's part of the problem - a big part.

Best of luck to you. Keep up the good fight. And great video clip on the other site!
Lawyer grswave comment to this blawg entry.
"We talk about fighting corrupt cops who spy on citizens and wonder how to fight them. Well, you're doing it and showing us how! Thank you. I recommended your diary and I hope others take the time to read it. Please, if you have the time, include some blockquoted passages from the relevant newspaper articles in the body of your diary."


So your point is a far more powerful statement of history than empty boosterism. It is a more convincing argument that any strides we make in protecting civil rights for all are precious, sacred and worth preserving.
Daily Kos.


"I answered your question before i thanked you...

I am a 60 year old white woman who grew up in the segregated south - and hated it!

The inequities are enormous - but it only takes one person at a time to make a difference. look at dr. king. look at gandhi. look at rosa parks. look in the mirror! You understand the truth of the power of one person - and for that, you are truly blessed! the "haters" don't get it and never will. they will never understand the satisfaction of having an 18 year old child of the ghetto come up and throw her arms around your neck and say through the tears "you changed my life!"

These experiences are worth more than all the money in the world, aren't they! you know the truth - it is beyond description if people don't try to find it!

Congrats and carry on! sir!!"
Daily Kos:

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Thanks, Christopher!