Monday, January 28, 2008

MAMZ Family Continues Building on Endangered Salvadoran Estuary


While Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga tells the American people that he is a "radical" "leftist" and "progressive", his "family business" in El Salvador continues cutting down trees and building massive residential projects on the bounds of an estuary that is internationally recognized to be endangered by other projects the of same greedy real estate development and tourism family.

One would think that as the owners of the Jaltepeque Hotel Suites and the Club Joya del Pacifico, they would be wealthy enough that they could stop destroying endangered beach front and leeching effluents (sewage and other runoff) into this endangered estuary. But, when you are talking about Salvadoran oligarch capitalist developers who act with the support of the US Government and the Salvadoran Government, and especially when their other family business activities are supported by development dollars from US Government's the Overseas Private Investment Council, greed just knows no bounds.

Now, the goal - as anyone can see at this site if they register for free and log in - is to build skyscrapers along the Jaltepeque Estuary. Will any poor people live in those skyscrapers when a months rent exceeds a year of poor people's income?

It must gall Salvadoran peasants that the same family that gobbles up ocean front land in El Salvador has a kid in the United States pretending to be a leader of the progressive Left! They must conclude that Americans are more gullible than toddlers, dumb as rocks, and I guess some of us still are.

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